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Valkyria Chronicles 4: details on new characters and leveling system, Welkin DLC

Posted on December 19, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch

The upcoming issue of Famitsu features an article on Valkyria Chronicles 4. We will have more details once we get our hands on the full issue of the magazine tomorrow, but for now here’s what we learned from the preview of the article on Famitsu’s website (thanks to Siliconera for the translation):

First up, some details on the game’s leveling system. You don’t actually level up each character individually, but rather the classes as a whole. After you reach a certain experience threshold, you can upgrade the units belonging to that class.

Famitsu also revealed some new characters. Angelica Farnaby (voiced by Ayana Sakura) is a civilian who lost her memories. She’s cheerful, selfless and popular with the soldiers.

Karen Stewart (voiced by Yuka Saito) is one of your medics. A rather quiet type, she was raised in a household full of men and thus gets along well with the male soldiers.

Ragnarok a dog who’s also one of your squad’s medics.

Minerva Victor (voiced by Saori Hayami) the commanding officer of Squad F. A calm person, she values chivalry and gets along well with the members of her squad.

Finally, one piece of downloadable content will reunite players with Welkin Gunther, the protagonist of the first Valkyria Chronicles game, for a joint operation with Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia.

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