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Valkyria Chronicles 4

SEGA has released another new Japanese trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4. This one shows off various terrain and stage hazards like mines and weather conditions:

SEGA has narrowed down the release window for Valkyria Chronicles 4 in the west slightly. Though we previously knew it was planned for this year, we can now say it’s coming this fall. That applies to both North America and Europe.

Retailers have started listing Valkyria Chronicles 4 for October 16. However, we don’t believe there’s much merit as that’s just a placeholder data.

You can access Valkyria Chronicles 4’s new English website here.

SEGA published another Valkyria Chronicles 4 trailer today. This one is about the Centurion, a giant snow cruiser battleship that not only has story relevance, but can actually be used in combat as well. Watch the trailer below:


SEGA published another (Japanese) trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4 today. This one gives an overview of the game’s combat system:

During a preview event for Valkyria Chronicles 4 in Japan this weekend, SEGA shared new details about the game. The team talked how long the game has been in development, the decision to give a heavy focus to snowy maps, and more. You can find a full roundup of information below.

IGN Japan posted a new Valkyria Chronicles 4 video containing 18 minutes of footage. You can watch all of the gameplay below.

SEGA has released another character trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4, featuring more characters from the Federation, specifically Angelica Farnaby, Minerva Victor, Karen Stewart, Miles Abegg, Ronald Albee, Dan Bentley and several characters from the Edinburgh Navy. Watch the trailer below:

Squad E has two more soilders to show off being Viola the shocktrooper and Connor the grenadier. You can see both down below.

SEGA has shared a new character trailer and artwork (seen above) from the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4. The footage highlights captain of Squad F, Minerva Viktor. You can watch the video from the tweet below:

Following the trailer last week that introduced some of the main playable characters, SEGA released a new trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4 today that showcases some of the game’s antagonists, specifically the Imperial Army members Crymaria Levinc, Klaus Walz, Forseti, Heinrich Belgar, Nikola Graf and Chiara Rocino. Watch the trailer below:

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