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Wargroove introduces new units: Ballista, Giant, Balloon

Posted on September 2, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

As development on Wargroove continues, Chucklefish has been adding new content to the game. In recent streams, the studio has some off some new units – specifically Ballista, Giant, Balloon.

A blog post introduced this week introduces all three of these units. Get the lowdown on each one below.

This is the Ballista. Like the Trebuchet, it is a big vehicle that cannot move and fire in the same turn, but boasts a huge range to make up for it. Air units can be extremely deadly in the right situation, but every air unit is extremely vulnerable to the Ballista’s bolts. Strategic placement of Ballistae can create entire zones of the map that are too risky for air units to enter alone. Keep in mind, however, that they can’t counter attack!

This is a Giant – in particular, the Cherrystone Kingdom’s Golem. This mighty construct towers over footsoldiers, and deals one of the most powerful attacks a unit can deliver. For obvious reasons, it is the most expensive land unit to purchase. That said, it does lack the superior mobility that the Knight possesses – so if covering distance is a priority for you then maybe bigger isn’t always better.

Give a warm welcome to the Balloon! This unit acts like a Wagon for the air, picking up units and transporting them without having to worry about that pesky terrain getting in the way. Just, uh, look out for those Ballistae, though!


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