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Wargroove 1 + 2 physical

Wargroove is set to receive a new physical release on Switch, which will package together both games in the series.

4,000 copies will be made in total. Each unit includes the game on a cartridge, reversible cover, a full-color manual, an exclusive sticker, and trading card pack.

Wargroove first came to Switch in February 2019. It was followed by the sequel last October. We have information about both titles below.

Rivals of Aether will have a bit of an unexpected bonus when it launches on Switch tomorrow. The fighter has added Caeser as a new buddy from Wargroove, Dan Fornace and Chucklefish have revealed.

Here’s a trailer:

Last week, Wargroove received a new 2.1.7 update on Switch. Chucklefish implemented a couple of features/adjustments, along with a few bug fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

Wargroove has updated on Switch to version 2.1.0. It includes gameplay balancing, bug fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Both Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble and Wargroove are games that are heavily inspired by the Advance Wars series. As such, it’s perhaps not a huge surprise to see a collaboration between the two of them. DELiGHTWORKS, the Japanese publisher of Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble announced today that Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble would be getting Wargroove collaboration DLC. There will be a free DLC map available to everyone  which sees you use Wargroove’s Caesar as your commander. There will also be paid DLC called “Will of the Shogun” that features a total of 39 maps. It will be priced at 400 Yen in Japan. Both the free and the paid DLC maps will be available on March 12.


Wargroove’s latest update is out now on Switch. With version 2.0.3, Chucklefish is looking to address some issues introduced with Double Trouble.

Below are the full patch notes:

Chucklefish has shared a release date for Wargroove: Double Trouble, the new DLC for its turn-based strategy game. Players can get their hands on all of the latest content starting February 6.

Here’s an overview of Wargroove: Double Trouble:

Recently, Chucklefish announced free Double Trouble DLC for Wargroove containing a new story campaign with three new Outlaw Commanders and more. View some of the first footage from a live stream recording below.

Chucklefish unveiled new Double Trouble DLC for Wargroove today. The update, which will be entirely free, will contain a trio of new Commanders, a new co-op campaign, and new units. A bunch of rebalancing is also planned plus new editor tool updates and more.

Chucklefish shared the following information today:

Following last week’s news about the new Wulfar Commander, Chucklefish is introducing more of the elements that will be included in Wargroove’s DLC. Today’s reveal is for the Thief and Rifleman units.

Here’s an overview of each one:

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