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Wildfrost “A Better Adventure” update out now, patch notes

Posted on August 30, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Wildfrost "A Better Adventure" update

Wildfrost has gone live with a new update dubbed “A Better Adventure”.

The patch includes a new leader selection system, more rewards, an overhaul of the enemy wave system, and target preview for enemies. That’s on top of bug fixes and some other aspects.

Here’s the full rundown:

Wildfrost “A Better Adventure” update patch notes


  • New Leader screen:
    – Before starting a run, there’s now the option to choose a tribe, then be presented with a choice of 3 leaders from that tribe.
    – Adjusted and added some leader effects
    – Overhauled graphics
  • New Sun Vault reward after defeating a boss: Choose 2 rewards from a randomized collection of sun bells, charms and a crown.
  • New Sun Bells
    – Sun Bell of Health – Leader health +6
    – Sun Bell of Time – Enemy Wave Bell Counter +1
    – Sun Bell of Recall – Recalling a Companion will count down the Redraw Bell by 2
    – Sun Bell of Charge – Start each Battle with the Redraw Bell fully Charged
    – Sun Bell of Fellowship companion limit increase to +2
  • New Enemy wave bell:
    – Enemy waves no longer automatically deploy.
    – Wave Bell can be hit to call the next wave of enemies early. This can be useful for setting up bigger combos, hitting more enemies with things like Pombomb, I.C.G.M, keeping Shroom on the board with the Fungo Blaster, etc.
  • Crowns in shops get more expensive each time you buy one
  • Enemies drop more blings & Kill Combos give less blings
  • Gnome Traveller event changes:
    – Can now contain cards from ALL Tribes
    – Only 2 of the 3 cards from the Gnome Traveller will come with Junk
    – Now shows which cards come with Junk
  • New Injured Companion event: gain an injured companion from your previous run
  • Positive effects removed from Frost Bells (this is a temporary change as the next update will include a whole new Frost Bell system)
  • Unit targets: when hovered over, cards active in battle now show a target of where they would attack. This can be toggled on and off in the settings.
  • Charm Changes:
    – Cards now show which charms they hold when inspected
    – Enemies can no longer hold 2 of the same charm in a battle
    – Added more charm options for enemies
    – Bite Charm now gives 3 Teeth instead of 4
  • Cards now show a flag of the tribe pool they belong to when inspected
  • Mega Mimik now only triggers when ally in row attacks
  • Snobble Health increased from 3 to 5
  • Peppereaper Spice increased from 3 to 4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Van Jun’s useless effect as an enemy
  • Fixed Monch + Soulbound issue
  • Fixed issue with applying zero Haze


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