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Wizard of Legend getting second anniversary update soon on Switch (version 1.22), patch notes

Posted on May 24, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Wizard of Legend, the fast-paced dungeon-crawler, is now two years old. To celebrate, developer Contingent99 has prepared a major update that will soon be live on Switch.

The update adds loadouts, over a dozen new arcana, and new cursed relics. That’s on top of quality of life improvements, adjustments, bug fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

New Features

  • New NPC added at home that will allow you to save up to 3 custom loadouts
  • Run history added at home which records the best runs for the Chaos Trials, Boss Rush, and Endless Mode (walk up to and face new shelf on right hallway)
  • Party Chests added which spawn at a low chance and include predefined sets of relics and arcana
  • Added relic and arcana vendors before the final boss along with a short run up encounter
  • Following relics received headgear visuals: Chaos Visor, Shark Mask, Elven Ears, Jade’s Tiara, Berserk’s Helm, Gilded Helm, Graduation Cap
  • 14 new standard arcana, including 4 new standard chaos arcana
  • 12 new cursed relics
  • 2 new combine relics


  • Enemies in the Chaos PvP Arena now level up with time
  • Disabled the ability to evade while hurt
  • Lowered Cyclops laser duration when player is hit
  • Summoner enemies now have a longer cooldown on their minion revive ability
  • Added an area of effect indicator to the Thunder Zoner enemies

Quality of Life

  • Boss Rush mode now also unlocks Chaos Arcana
  • Loadout NPC added to Versus mode
  • All stores now offer 1 more item in the line up. Health Potions in the relic store moved to the side to accommodate for the change
  • Savile now takes less HP when upgrading your outfit during runs
  • Chaos Arcana have a chance of appearing in the arcana store starting from loop 3 and above
  • Various price adjustments

Relic Adjustments

  • Bewitching Glue now lowers player’s movespeed and increases their stun duration when hurt
  • Ebon Wolf’s Cloak now lowers your damage for anything other than fire and lightning arcana instead of increasing your damage received.
  • Megalodon Tooth now adds a chance to not expend your signature charge when used
  • Shark Mask now causes signature arcana to take longer to charge but always results in a critical hit
  • Armor of Resolve now grants a bit more armor when activated
  • Whimsical Explodium’s chance to activate increased greatly and the radius of effect slightly lowered
  • Special Snowflake’s chance to activate increased greatly
  • Elven Ear’s chance to resist status effects increased
  • Greased Boots now enhances your dash arcana and lowers its cooldown
  • Bach’s Escape Key changed to resist death. Each subsequent chance is reduced on successful attempts
  • Hardcover Textbook increases HP of summoned minions instead of adding an extra minion
  • Soccer Cleats adds slightly more damage to movement arcana
  • Jumper Cables now significantly reduces more cooldowns on movement arcana
  • Yuna’s Storybook now significantly increases the duration of minion summon time
  • Adorable Mimic now counts itself in calculations

Arcana Adjustments

  • Gust volley shot speed increased
  • Severing Slash now works properly with Flak Gauntlets
  • Earth Stomp Agent now has less delay during their jump
  • Ion Spike’s enhanced version now spawns a trio of extra orbs
  • Vortex Dash now places a trap where you land that pushes enemies to where your dash originated

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where minimap could disappear in certain situations
  • Fixed issue in co-op where one player could affect the other player’s equipment or outfit menu
  • Fixed edge case with Abhorrent Deck that occurred when no arcana had been unlocked


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