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Wizard of Legend update incoming, patch notes

Posted on May 23, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Wizard of Legend

Update: Following fan feedback, Contingent99 is revering “the majority of tuning changes” for the latest patch. The developer explained:

We heard your concerns loud and clear. We’re working on reverting the majority of tuning changes done in the previous patch and will take a more cautious approach going forward. It was our intention to show the community that we are flexible and wanted to make efforts to balance things in a timely manner, but it looks like we were off the mark.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on resolving outstanding issues, implementing quality of life improvements to controls, usability, and focusing on player feedback. It’s been a very hectic week for us as we spent the most of it trying to track down bugs. We’ve seen a few issues pointed out here that slipped through our radar and we’ll try our best to get things listed and prioritized.

Thank you everyone for letting us know your thoughts. The reaction to the changes were very informative and it’s clear to us that the community cares about the game. We have a lot more flexibility with how quickly we can push changes to the PC/Mac/Linux versions so it was our intention to get early feedback on the patch before pushing them to consoles. In the future, we hope that we can work together like today to gather feedback on changes before they hit other platforms.

Contingent99 has announced a new patch for the popular eShop game Wizard of Legend. It’s live on Steam right now, but the studio confirmed that it will roll out on consoles as soon as possible.

The new update implements quite a number of gameplay changes, tunings, and bug fixes. We have the full patch notes below. Though they are for the Steam version, most should also apply to Switch.

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a failsafe to prevent getting stuck in walls
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused invisible walls in levels
  • Fixed improper colliders for some spike hazards
  • Fixed a bug with picking up combine items when inventory is full
  • Fixed issue with incorrect icon showing up for dropped relics in minimap
  • Fixed issue where Taffy could be easily defeated using the Cobalt Firestone
  • Fixed store pricing issue where some spells cost 0 gold

New Features:

  • Added an additional portal the the mini boss room that leads to the start area

Gameplay Changes:

  • Taffy now drops only enhanced arcana
  • Signature arcana dropped by boss reward chests now swap out the current signature instead of granting an enhanced version
  • Locked elemental treasure chests no longer drop arcana and only drop relics
  • Ice Queen Freiya’s attack timings adjusted to better reflect that of other council members
  • Final Boss attack timings slightly adjusted
  • Mid-fight health crystal moved to beginning of final encounter
  • Max difficulty mini boss rooms will now spawn appropriate class of enemies instead of ghouls
  • Health orbs now recover a flat value of 25 hp
  • Mini boss healing increased from 10 to 15 per tick
  • Counter Rogues and Grand Summoners now only heal after summoning additional minions
  • Burst Mage heal skill removed

Arcana Tunings:

  • Bouncing Blaze max travel distance decreased slightly
  • Ice Dagger’s speed slightly decreased
  • Spark Contact now adds a burst on last hit with the standard version and the enhanced version now shocks enemies
  • Spike Track length increased for enhanced version
  • Wave Front travel distance reduced
  • Explosive Charge lowered to 2 uses. Damage and range increased
  • Evading Zephyr active duration lowered
  • Scales of Babylon grants slightly less cooldown reduction
  • Storm Draft now works a bit more reliably against walls
  • Breaking Twister active duration lowered
  • Shattering Strike’s initial hit’s knockback reduced for more consistent burst damage
  • Earthen Aegis active duration and radius reduced
  • Grasping Earth damage intervals sped up and final hit damage reduced
  • Lightning Aspect active duration lowered, cooldown lowered, shock level reduced
  • Arc Sphere activation time reduced and forward momentum on startup removed
  • Magsphere active duration lowered
  • Volt Pinball cooldown increased and enhanced version’s active duration reduced
  • Creeping Tendrils speed increased and damage slightly reduced
  • Cardice Prime active duration slightly reduced
  • Distortion Beam damage lowered
  • Phantom Brigade’s standard version now honors Pop-up Primer’s effects
  • Absolute Finale’s cooldown reduced

Relic Tunings:

  • Neve’s relic effect values normalized across all versions
  • Thesis on Defense max page count lowered to 600
  • Bracers of the Beast now gives a flat amount of signature charge and activates a bit more reliably in certain edge cases
  • Mirror Shield cooldown increased
  • Lei’s Drum cooldown increased, stun time and damage increased
  • Reactive Vinemail cooldown increased
  • Charming Teddy Bear activation chance increased
  • Vampire’s Eyeglasses now heals max 5 hp per second
  • Stygian Turtle Shell now takes an additional hit to activate but grants longer immunity
  • Tozy’s Pocket Watch grants slightly less cooldown reduction
  • Boots of Frenzy now stays active longer once activated
  • Freezing Sprite Naya’s freeze duration lowered slightly
  • Absorbtion Coil’s signature gain to damage taken ratio changed to 1:1
  • Bladed Buckler now grants a flat amount of signature charge
  • Raffle Ticket success chance slightly lowered
  • Tiny Crocodile Heart’s max health increase lowered
  • Spiked Emergency Kit now kicks in at a lower HP threshold
  • Silver Spinning Top’s attack speed increase slightly lowered
  • Elven Ears now reduces the cooldown of the first used acrcana out of stealth by half


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