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A look at EDGE’s Super Mario Odyssey covers for the latest issue

Posted on October 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

As we heard yesterday, Super Mario Odyssey is featured on the cover of EDGE’s latest issue. The magazine delivered the first verdict for the game in which it handed out a perfect score of 10.

EDGE ended up preparing two separate covers. The first, pictured above, is for subscribers. We also have a look at the standard version below.


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  • MagcargoMan

    That first one looks great. Would make a really fine poster.

  • Blanco8x8

    “Adventure is out there!”

  • Tlink7

    Makes me miss my Nintendo mags…

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    I ll buy both covers if i can , Love edge mag

  • Actually, dont like both. Thou I didnt like botw cover too.

  • LB

    i like the first one, but the tone’s a bit too dark. dont get me wrong, i love it – i just dont think it really reflects on what mario odyssey is from what ive seen.

    • PRIMUS

      The first one should be the next Mario RPG.

  • Constantinos Lapiotis

    Both are wondeful

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