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Super Mario Odyssey

Zelda Breath of the Wild Game of the Year

During their latest podcast, former Nintendo of America staffers Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang (known for the long-running Nintendo Minute show on Nintendo’s YouTube channel) shared insight into the Big N’s presence at The Game Awards 2017, including how there was some internal concerns that the company wouldn’t win the coveted Game of the Year prize.

2017 was a massive year for Nintendo. The Switch itself launched in March, and a bunch of big games released, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. In the end, it was Zelda that won Game of the Year.

Original (10/31): Super Mario Odyssey is once again a featured game for Nintendo Switch Online user icons. The first time this happened was in March, and the title popped up once again with new designs around July.

To kick off November, Seaside Kingdom icons are up for grabs. These include NPCs, shirtless Mario, and more. All icons cost either 5 Platinum Points or 10 Platinum Points on My Nintendo. Also, once again, you need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member.

nintendo switch online mario odyssey icons july 2022

When the icons feature for Nintendo Switch Online kicked off a few months ago, Super Mario Odyssey was one of the earliest featured games. We’re now in July, and for this month, Nintendo has again decided to revisit the title rather than going with a brand new one.

While that’ll be disappointing to some, we’ll at least be seeing some new designs this time around. The first batch just went live and features Mario, Peach, and Bowser in wedding attire, 8-bit icons, and more. Icon elements will be rotated on a weekly basis each Monday until August 1.

We’ve put together a new list covering the top ten games we feel have the best graphics on Switch.

Switch often comes under fire for its specs and graphical capability as compared to other current-gen consoles. Obviously it is not capable of running games such as the recent Unreal Engine 5 Matrix demo, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of great looking games. Switch has its own library of beautiful-looking titles, and those that love playing to admire great graphics shouldn’t write off the console.

So what are the games that look amazing and can only be played on Switch? Well, we’ve got you covered with a list of the top ten that personally stand out to us. These are games that are exclusive to Switch, which means there will be a lot of Nintendo developed and published titles on here. Setting it up this way provides reasons to own the system and to play them on it specifically.

In a posting on Nintendo’s Japanese recruitment site, Super Mario Odyssey VFX lead artist Junki Ikeuchi delved into the game’s visual effects.

The team sought to create cohesion between the effects and the different art styles. Ikeuchi spoke about how “ideas were taken from both themes and blended together.”

Here’s our full translation of Ikeuchi’s piece:

Switch Super Mario Odyssey Lake Lamode icons

Nintendo Switch Online has added in its last batch of user icons for Super Mario Odyssey. This time around, subscribers can spent their My Nintendo Platinum Points on Lake Lamode designs. Characters, borders, and more are available from the Lake Kingdom.

This marks the fourth round of Switch user icons for Super Mario Odyssey. A few weeks ago, things kicked off with designs based on Bonneton. After that, we saw icons for Fossil Falls, Tostarena, and Steam Gardens.

super mario odyssey icons Steam Gardens

There’s another batch of Switch user icons up for grabs based on Super Mario Odyssey. As part of this week’s rotation, Nintendo has new designs available for Steam Gardens. Characters, borders, and more are available from the Wooded Kingdom.

When the icons feature started earlier this month, the icons focused on Bonneton. It was then followed by designs for Fossil Falls and Tostarena.

switch online super mario odyssey icons third wave

More profile icons are now available based on Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Online members. This time around, Tostarena gets the focus. There are photos for characters, borders, and more. The second wave featured Cascade Kingdom.

The custom Switch icons feature was added in earlier this month. My Nintendo members can now spend their Platinum Points on these images, though they need to be an active subscriber of Nintendo Switch Online as well.

The selection of user icons has been updated on Nintendo Switch Online, adding a new set of designs based on Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo just made this feature available last week. My Nintendo members can spend points on various icons, with the Super Mario Odyssey set comprised of characters, enemies, backgrounds, and frames. Icons currently cost either 5 or 10 Platinum Points.

Switch Pro Controller with Super Mario Odyssey bundle

Walmart has a pretty good Switch deal at the moment. For $69, you can get a Switch Pro Controller with a download code for Super Mario Odyssey.

The controller price varies a bit, but Super Mario Odyssey alone often goes to $59.99. If you ever intended to buy both of these products, you can save a significant amount of cash with the bundle.

Walmart is accepting orders here.

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