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Super Mario Odyssey

Earlier today we wrote a post that the Luigi’s Balloon World update for Super Mario Odyssey would be out later this week. Well wait no longer because it is out now to download!

Below we have also included the patch notes that Nintendo put out on the new Super Mario Odyssey update.


Luigi’s Balloon World was announced for Super Mario Odyssey in January. When it was revealed, Nintendo mentioned that the feature would be added through a free update this month. February is almost over, but it looks like Nintendo will be holding true to its promise.

Nintendo Australia has a new post on its website dated for February 23, indicating that the update is now live. Obviously that isn’t the case as that day has yet to actually pass. Still, this should mean the update will be out before the end of the week.

Aside from Luigi’s Balloon World, the patch will include Sunshine, Musician, and Knight Armor outfits that will be available soon after players complete the main story. Coin and Neon are also the only new Snapshot Mode filters. You can see this below.


A few Nintendo-published games have seen DLC over the past year. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Fire Emblem Warriors are among the titles that have received new content following release.

One game not included in that is Super Mario Odyssey. The game is getting a free update, but actual paid DLC has not yet been announced. Nintendo isn’t against the idea, however.

Two more updates were added to the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account this week.

First, we have a new piece of concept art below featuring the Jaxi. Prior to finishing the design, Nintendo says that it determined its movable and non-removable parts in order to emphasize its movements.

Another piece of concept art has been added to the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account. The latest image, featuring ruins of Tostarena, can be seen above.


Nintendo released a new video interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi, the producer of Super Mario Odyssey. Koizumi answered all of the fans’ important questions, such as why Mario has nipples in the game but no belly button and whether Toad’s head is a hat or a head. You can watch the full interview below (possible spoiler warning for those who haven’t completed the game).

Random Talking Bush, someone known for picking apart games, has started digging through the files and code for Super Mario Odyssey. Among what was discovered, the game appears to have cut / unused content.

The first interesting find concerns unused 2D coins:

Another piece of concept art has been added to the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account. The latest image, featuring various Moe-Eye sketches, can be seen above.


One of the big announcements from this month’s Nintendo Direct was news about a February update for Super Mario Odyssey. This is highlighted by the addition of the new Balloon World mini-game.

Once you complete the main story, Luigi will appear in the different kingdoms and you can partake in “Hide It” and “Find It” modes. These two let you hide and find balloons, of course.

In “Hide It”, ratings are given for:

– Amount of obtained coins
– Times you have played with the balloons

And in “Find It”, ratings are given for:

– Amount of obtained coins
– Total amount of discovered balloons
– Streak number for balloons discovered in short time

While playing Balloon World, each kingdom may have weather or time changes. For example, as shown in the Nintendo Direct Mini, New Donk City may have rain or Tostarena may have a sunset.

Balloon World isn’t the only aspect of the update, as Nintendo is introducing new outfits and Snapshot Mode filters as well. One interesting thing Nintendo states is that more costumes are planned to be added in February and beyond, so it looks like we can look forward to even more in the future.


Two more pieces of Super Mario Odyssey concept art have been added to the official Japanese Twitter account. Above, we have a look at Mario in one of his special outfits. The piece below offers a look at the town of Tostarena.


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