A-Train 3D details

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February 1, 2014 by (@NE_Brian)

New details about Artdink’s A-Train 3D have come in. You can find a roundup of information below. Also be sure to check out a new 5-minute video here.

– Players are the new boss in charge of transport
– Keep the cities, towns, outlying villages running their transport systems smoothly
– Buy and place rails, roads, transportation pieces to run on them
– Balance your budget of costs/profits from transporting folks around
– Contribute to the cities you build in by buying buildings to be placed
– This then aids in your own transportation profits
– Running the game can last a long time
– Game can show the passage of time and innovation from the Heisei and Showa eras of Japan
– Can slowly upgrade trams and old steam trains to electric and more if you so choose
– 3D mode: panoramically sweeps around the cities for you to enjoy
– Map-editor mode lets you build and then set scenario requirements to beat


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  • Purple3DSXL

    The description makes this even more appealing. I wouldn’t mind getting this game if it ever showed up on the US eShop at a good price.