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Alex Ward tweets about problems releasing Need for Speed: Most Wanted U

Posted on March 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U




Earlier today we shared a few tweets from Alex Ward. A message published the former Criterion co-founder suggested that he has no interest in supporting Wii U having just created his new company, Three Fields Entertainment.

Additional notes located on Ward’s Twitter account go into detail about the trouble launching Need for Speed: Most Wanted U back when he was with EA. As an example, Ward mentioned that the team working on the game flew to Nintendo “to personally demo a bid” in order to gain marketing support. “There was none,” he said. There were other issues as well, such as EA’s decision not to make Wanted U available in Europe at retail initially.

You’ll find all of the new relevant tweets above.

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  • ronin4life


    Why go to Nintendo? They COULDNT do anything unless EA LET THEM, and EA wasn’t willing or they wouldn’t have felt the need to go to Nintendo.

    Now that they are free, Nintendo would most likely be glad to help out based on their recent Super supportive behavior.

    • D2K

      Well, it’s a case of “Open Mouth – Insert Foot.” I doubt that would happen. Who’s to say after EA got their panties all twisted about the deal going bad with Nintendo that they purposefully did not market the game? You know? Not exactly unbelievable all things considered.

  • sonicfan1373

    Well, the somewhat unprofessional tone aside, I do believe that his anger towards EA and Nintendo is justified. He is right in that they are all only devs after all, and in this industry devs often work the hardest yet get the least amount of credit. I do believe that Nintendo should contact them just as they do with other indies and tell them what they offer, that has in the past turned previously skeptical devs into believers again.

    • TheAquacharger

      His anger isn’t justified. THE GAME WAS FEATURED IN A NINTENDO DIRECT! That is huge marketing and is how I found out about the game.

      • TheAquacharger

        33:39 seconds. Right when NFSMWU gets showscased and hyped up. Problem was it was after MH3U so no one cared about a late bad racing game.

        • Fabrício Mendonça

          Actually, NFSMWU is pretty good, uses the Game Pad very well and it’s a port based on the PC main version.

          I believe is both Nintendo, EA and this guy’s fault.

          • TheAquacharger

            I got bored of it in 20 minutes. It was a purchase I regretted basically as soon as I opened it.

  • Douglas Siano

    This guy is a grade-A idiot. It is not Nintendo’s job to market 3rd-party games, it is up to their publishers.

    I almost want to sign up on Twitter just to tell him this.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      It isn’t their job but its benefical to them to help third parties. Microsoft and Sony are the go to place for third parties for a reason. Both of them market third party games heavily and market a wide variety of them. You’re right, it isn’t Ninty’s job per say but it would get them so much more third party support if they would do it more often. I mean it wasn’t Apple’s job to help market albums/bands back when iTunes was still sorta new but they marketed a bunch and boom. Now big bands release their stuff digitally on iTunes before retail. I doubt if Nintendo came to EA and said, “Hey the Criterion guys asked us to throw their game in some trailers and ads and we agreed that would be a good idea, can we get your permission to do that?” that EA would refuse.

      • D2K

        “It isn’t their job but its beneficial to them to help third parties.”

        Same argument can be made that it is “beneficial” for 3rd parties to put ALL their multiplats on the Wii U. And not gimped-versions ported over from the 360, but ground-up installments. I don’t see any 3rd parties jumping to do that. They give the Wii U table scraps IF they give the Wii U anything at all.

        Let’s keep things in perspective here. This isn’t about a favor Nintendo could or could not have done. This guy outright ATTACKED Nintendo as if Nintendo was guilty of some type of breach of contract when if that was even the case that would apply to EA, not Nintendo. As I stated before Nintendo doesn’t even market their own games and you are gonna throw a hissy-fit that they aren’t marketing your project? Gimme a break.

        Bashing EA doesn’t grab headlines, but bashing the Wii U does because everybody does it and it’s popular to do it. Kinda interesting how this story comes out right when he is promoting the launch of his indie studio. Must be studying from the Peter Molyneux handbook.

      • ronin4life

        I bet EA would have refused.

        “Back off our property, studios and IP”

  • D2K

    At the end of the day he basically is upset someone didn’t do their job FOR them, but that is a common theme these days. Not just in gaming, but society overall. Could Nintendo and or EA have done it? If the publisher (EA) isn’t even going to promote the game, why should Nintendo?

    Hey may not have realized this in his tirade, but he basically put EA on blast that they don’t even market their own material. These 3rd parties are unbelievable. Thank God for the indie scene. We really need to support them to get all the bureaucratic BS out of here so we can get back to gaming.

    It’s really time for these old dinosaurs to die out and let some new blood come in with some fresh, new ideas and a true hunger to innovate, create, and entertain and than ‘just’ make money.

    • Yeah, EA screwed them and Ninty didn’t bail them out. I sympathize with the fact that they spent a lot of time on the game yet no one tried to advertise it. I’m sure it’s a bad mark on all their resumes that the game didn’t sell.

      • TheAquacharger

        Nintendo did. It was on a Nintendo Direct. That was Nintendo’s marketing at the time.

    • Thomas_NE

      His job is developing a good game, he did his job.

  • I bought the game and I still don’t get the hype.

    I found it unplayable and the UI was bizarre. By default, you couldn’t drive with the gamepad in single player. You had to pair a wiimote, start the game as two player, then go into the options to take advantage of gamepad controls. However, the options were decent, you could actually assign any action to any button (unlike most modern games where you’re stuck with the dev’s choice).

    It was impossible to maintain a cruising speed because of the lack of analog triggers. Unfortunately I only heard that you could assign the gas to the right analog stick after I sold it. Not sure why this wasn’t the default. Pressing digital buttons to accelerate makes a little sense on a race course, but it was completely useless on city streets. You had to keep tapping the button to keep from accelerating into a building.

    It looked great, but I found all the fancy cars boring.

    • TheAquacharger

      Yeah it overall was a bad game and I found my self bored of it in less then 20 minutes.

  • Rowdy

    Wow, talk about a rant, huh? Ok, I guess I see where he (Alex Ward) is coming from. But, I don’t know why he is holding Nintendo to such a level of responsibility regarding marketing of the game. NFSMWU was a launch-window game, and during that time Nintendo barely marketed the Wii U and first party games. Nintendo seems to rely much more on word-of-mouth, certain hands-on events, and now Nintendo Directs as their preferred marketing tools. Only recently is when I have started to see Nintendo TV commercials advertising the Wii U. So yeah, my point is I do not know why Mr. Ward is so upset that Nintendo did not help with the marketing of his game, when Nintendo didn’t even properly market the Wii U. In fact, before the Wii U launched, the only game that had a demo to play at GameStop and Best Buy was Rayman Legends. New Super Mario Bros U did not even have a playable demo, nor did Lego City: Undercover, nor did Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, nor did Nintendo Land, nor did ZombiU, etc.
    Also, IF Nintendo were to conduct some marketing for third party games, guess what, that will set a precedent with third parties: you helped market one third party game, now all third parties will want Nintendo to help out with marketing their games. Nintendo is not out there producing commercials or marketing stunts to get people to buy indie games, and those games are doing well on the eShop (both on 3DS and on Wii U). The reason NFSMWU did not sell well is because EA (the publisher) did not support it with marketing, and it was a full-priced late port (albeit, granted, it was adapted to take advantage of the Wii U).
    Again, I appreciate his points, and understand his anger. But it seems that he took it personally, but does not realize that no other game got (during the launch window) the treatment that he hoped he would get for his game. I do hope that his new company, Three Fields Entertainment, is successful, and hope that he can put his anger behind him and realize that Nintendo was not out to screw him over.

    • TalesOfBS

      If i remember it correctly, Nintendo already marketed and published some games for third party developers on the Gamecube and Wii. And what happened?
      When they sold good, these same devs got other third party publishers to publish better versions of them on the PS2/Xbox/Xbox360/PS3.

    • TheAquacharger

      But NFSMWU was on a Nintendo Direct. That was Nintendo’s marketing at the time.

      • Rowdy

        Yep! And that is what Nintendo did for all games during the launch window. I don’t know what this guy (Alex Ward) was expecting…

  • TalesOfBS

    >That final rant.

    Am i the only one who noticed he fell into a trap? No nintendo fan would use those nicks.

    • D2K

      Yep. One of those.

    • Fabrício Mendonça

      I assure you that EA ALWAYS hated Nintendo SINCE THE NES ERA. Nintendo used to destroy all the perspectives of the EA founder, Trip Hawkins. Disliking Nintendo is such an internal culture inside EA.

      The line about “not being able to feed your family if he screw up” made me concluide that he works with games only because of money and not because of liking of what he does. I cannot see a quality game coming out from this guy.

  • wiiu4life

    Does anyone remember the Gamecube and Wii Era when developers would make money and use it to make games on other systems?

    This has been a issue forever.
    But what I want to know is why not yell at everybody such as game stop, Walmart, Target?
    All Nintendo has to do is offer a platform with which to put their games on. They should be mad at EA and EA only that’s who they worked for.

    I think it’s pretty redundant for these developers and publishers to blame everyone but themselves for putting out garbage.

    • D2K

      Well, NFS:MWU was actually a very good-quality game. It’s just that this Alex character either does not fully understand or has unrealistic expectations on how marketing works.

      • Rowdy

        Agree 100%

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