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Approval ratings of Nintendo Directors rise at recent shareholder’s meeting

Posted on June 30, 2015 by (@OnePunchMaz) in General Nintendo, News

Last week Nintendo held their 75th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. No major news came out of it and the election of the company’s 10 Directors was no surprise either as all 10 current Directors were re-elected. Today, Nintendo released some supplementary info about the meeting, including the exact numbers of said vote. Compared to last year’s vote, approval ratings are higher across the board, especially for Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto. Looks like shareholders were pleased with Nintendo’s performance this past year, which isn’t a huge surprise given that the company had a profitable fiscal year. Check out the approval ratings below (last year’s numbers in parentheses):

– Satoru Iwata: 83.45% (80.64%)
– Genyo Takeda: 92.07% (86.80%)
– Shigeru Miyamoto: 92.08% (86.81%)
– Tatsumi Kimishima: 92.60% (89.11%)
– Shigeyuki Takahashi: 94.46% (93.32%)
– Satoshi Yamato: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Susumu Tanaka: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Shinya Takahashi: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Hirokazu Shinshi: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Naoki Mizutani: 94.52% (94.03%)


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