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Batman: Arkham Origins cuts down on GamePad features, but apparently runs best on Wii U

Posted on October 27, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Warner Bros. never managed to share any concrete details about the GamePad features implemented for Batman: Arkham Origins’ Wii U release. It wasn’t until players started getting their hands on the title over the past couple of days that we started to learn how Origins takes advantage the controller.

As it turns out, there are fewer GamePad features compared to last year’s Batman release on Wii U, Arkham City. It’s mainly limited to map usage and communications with Alfred. Origins doesn’t support weapon select and leveling up on the GamePad, and the same goes for decryption sequences previously present in Arkham City.

Perhaps the dip in GamePad functionality was worth it, though. Reports relayed through player experiences indicate Batman: Arkham Origins runs the best on Wii U with fewer framerate drops than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. There’s also no screen tearing, fewer glitches, and apparently better lighting as well.

Batman: Arkham Origins may not be as fully-featured as Arkham City from a GamePad perspective, but it sounds like it turned out rather well on Wii U. Although you won’t get the multiplayer mode found in the other versions, it’s $10 less, supports off-TV play, and even allows for achievement posts to be distributed through Miiverse.

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  • sonicfan1373

    I will look into picking it up, I am also thinking of gett Arkham City.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      you haven’t played Arkham City yet? What’s wrong with you?!

  • Map usage works well. But the sound coming from the Gamepad is way too low. I have to hold the Gamepad to my ear to hear Alfred, thugs’ conversations, crimes in progress, etc. So far, is my only complaint about the game. Aside from several glitches known to the series by now. lol

    • Hinscher

      Have to agree. The sound in Lego City Undercover is much better coming from gamepad. I triple checked the volume on the gamepad cause thought I somehow had it not turned up.

      • And Arkham City had no speaker problems. I don’t know what happened. Was this game even tested before release?

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    this is good news =)
    Its lacking multiplayer but its 10 less, so, that seems fair to me

  • Michael Sweeten

    it is more expensive on the Wii U in the UK than 360/ps3 version 🙁

  • Mizzah Tee

    I miss the Gamepad features FOOS 🙁

  • Fuzunga

    You’re not missing anything with the multiplayer. It’s worth saving the $10.

  • Abort Mission