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Battle Chasers dev “hit a few issues” with the Switch version, may or may not be delayed

Posted on August 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

THQ Nordic sent out the opening animation for Battle Chasers: Nightwar last week. At the end of the video, a message appears stating that the Switch version of the game will be launching “slightly later”.

So here’s something interesting. Airship Syndicate posted an update about the Switch version on Kickstarter, and suggested that there may not actually be a delay. While the team has “hit a few issues that are slowing things down,” a delay is not officially set in stone. And if it does happen, the Switch version likely won’t be pushed back too significantly. The Kickstarter post adds “we’re doing everything in our power to make the October 3rd launch date”.

The Switch wasn’t on the list of originally supported platforms, but we were excited to make it available after partnering with THQ Nordic. Because it’s a brand-new system, we’ve hit a few issues that are slowing things down, which should be addressed in a forthcoming update to Unity (the game engine Nightwar is built on). This has caused a potential delay in the Switch release. However, if this happens, we don’t think the delay will be significant.

As soon as we have more info about the engine update, we’ll provide a more concrete timeframe. We know you’re excited that the game is coming to Switch in addition to the promised platforms, so rest assured we’re doing everything in our power to make the October 3rd launch date!

This gives a little bit hope that Battle Chasers won’t be delayed on Switch after all. No matter what happens, we’ll keep you informed about the situation.


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  • Pepperkeet

    There’s already a “switch tax” on this game, they’re simply not helping their case at this point.

  • Roto Prime

    I really hope they fix this so the game can come out same day as other systems, it looks really good…..I wish you the best of luck Airship Syndicate!!! We Nintendo Switch owners want to play your game!!!!!

  • GoldenTriforce

    I am honestly not that surprised if the issues are on the Unity side, the engine is not known for reliability.

  • Felipe M.

    I’ve got this on pre-order but might cancel. Starting to lose interest, a lot of interest to the point of not caring anymore.

  • robotmaster

    the switch is half assed console that struggles to play new games what else is new.

    • Roto Prime

      Um….The Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon might be a massive open world version of Kanto…that is something new….

    • nemo37

      LOL…so you are blaming a software issue on a third-party engine (and one that is about to get fixed) on the hardware. Then again, you’ve been spending the past few months railing on against the Switch and predicting its demise (my favourite prediction of yours was last month where you said the release of DQ would lead to 3DS and PS4 blowing Switch’s sales out of the water, of course that did not happen) , so I’m frankly not really surprised.

      • Gregory Weagle

        Even worse; robotmaster is doing all this despite Airship Syndicate admitting that Switch was originally not on the list of platforms to put the game on. It was added as a platform after the fact and they got caught off-guard with the new hardware. Join the club AS, even Nintendo was caught off guard by their own machine getting over with the audience.

      • Busterblade

        If anything, the opposite is very well possible (Switch blowing 3DS/PS4 sales out of the water) given enough stock to Japan, and a strong showing in the West. I’ve not bought a DQ game myself besides the one on Wii, but I’ll probably endeavour to pick this one up, since it’s on Switch and not 3DS.

        • Gregory Weagle

          And depending on which tracker you believe, Switch at least outsold PS4 on Dragon Quest XI’s debut and was a step below 3DS. Then Switch outsold both a week later and increased even more the week after.

          • Busterblade

            You mean the console itself? I mean DQ XI’s Switch version (which as far as I know, isn’t out yet)

          • Gregory Weagle

            Yes; I meant console. Sorry for muddying the waters there.

            I honestly don’t know what the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI is going to look like. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was based on both the 3DS and PS4 editions with the 3DS graphics enhanced and the PS4 graphics downgraded (similar to the situation with Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS).

            I’m also almost certain that the mobile versions of Dragon Quest I-III will be ported onto Switch when DQ XI for Switch is released as well, similar to the situation with 3DS.

            I’m also interested to see how they localize Dragon Quest XI in North America, because if the 3DS version comes out, there is a portion of the game where they literally use the original Dragon Quest sprites from the Famicom version; and they are very different from the Dragon Warrior game that made it here to the US.

          • Reggie

            Pretty sure they would just use the Famicom sprites in that case. There isn’t much point to using the localized NES sprites. It’s such a small thing.

          • Gregory Weagle

            You’re probably right. Personally; I think they won’t do anything with them since none of the sprites are problematic anyway.

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