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Bayonetta 2 amiibo support on Switch lets you immediately unlock Nintendo-themed costumes

Posted on January 7, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

When the first two Bayonetta games were announced for Switch at The Game Awards, we heard that some new features are planned for Bayonetta 2. Tag Climax will now let you play locally (in addition to online), and amiibo will be supported.

Nintendo UK’s website reveals how amiibo functionality will be incorporated into Bayonetta 2. Tapping a compatible amiibo will “instantly unlock a number of Nintendo-themed costumes for Bayonetta to wear, weapons to use and more”. Costumes can still be unlocked normally as you progress through the game.

PlatinumGames originally created these Nintendo costumes for the Wii U release. You can unlock outfits based on Link, Princess Peach, Daisy, Samus, and Fox McCloud.

Thanks to Christopher for the tip.


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  • Logical Q

    R34 don’t fail me now

    • Zeebor

      Where the hell have you been?! There’s been “Peach Bayonetta” “art” since the exclusivity was announced.

    • JasonBall

      Surely you’re joking. This stuff is 4 years old.

  • Jacob Groves

    Day one buy for Bayonetta 2 then BAYONETTA 3!!!! Hurrah!!! Love you Platinum Games with Nintendo and I fall in love with Switch. Brilliant home console alongside with PS4. Xbox One is super ewwwww and make me sick on how this system is plus no games for age (exclusives wise)….. at least for me. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Norma

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    • Eugenia

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  • Exposer

    I think that the Bayo costumes should return for the third entry, for example i heard about they wanted to add a Ayumi Tachibana costume, but there was no time, that sounds cool.

    • Vinicius

      I hope they add a Wonderful 101 costume, I’m fine with Wonder Bayonetta or Wonder Pink.

      • Exposer

        That would be perfect too, the possibilites are infinite…except for Pokemon, altought a Selene, Serena or Rosa costume could fit, but Pokemon Co. wont allow it.

  • TDude73

    Once I get the Switch, I’m gonna buy Bayonetta 2 and steal a MicroSD card for the original Bayonetta.

    • Puffdaddy

      Why would you steal a MicroSD card when you could just buy one? 😉

      • Tlink7

        Maybe he can’t buy one due to money constraints, due to a certain… thing 😀

      • R.Z.

        Yeah, he should steal some money instead !

    • jimmy

      Why not steal both? ……not that I’m encouraging theft or anything

    • Vio Lent

      dont steal lolz

    • Petri

      I got a good 256gb card with my phone, which is in the Switch now.

  • Adrian Brown

    I hope they add new costumes.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Petri

      Kirby costume.

      • Tlink7

        Wario costume

        • Petri

          Wii Fit Trainer.

          • andrewsqual

            Rob the Robot.

          • Adrian Brown


  • Aline Piroutek

    “Costumes can still be unlocked normally as you progress through the game.”
    OH YEAH, enough amiibo locked content, amiibo can be a good shorcut to certain funcionality/itens but locking content is BLASPHEMY.

    • Aline Piroutek


    • DonSerrot

      Yeah, I really like when they use amiibo to unlock stuff early instead of at all. Mario Odyssey being a prime example of how to do it right.

    • Vigilante_blade

      Yeah, it is essentially on disk DLC.

  • TruExtent

    Kinda off topic but I remember awhile ago seeing a guy on this site arguing that adults shouldn’t be buying amiibo for Smash because they were for little kids or something. I remember joining in and going on about how Bayonetta was now a kids toy. 😛

    • Aline Piroutek

      Amiibos aren’t toys. They don’t do anything(well, the Metroid one does). McDonald’s toys are toys because they have actions.

  • Julio Garcia

    I’m so happy they did this, when I saw the Nintendo costumes were added in Bayo I really thought they were gonna patch an amiibo unlock for that character since the amiibo at that time are costumes in Bayo, minus Daisy.

  • hope it will be the same for first Bayonetta, i would love to play as Link from the start

    • Petri

      Link costume unlocks sword as well, so that is nice.

  • Paddy Alfan

    Donkeykong outfit.

  • Don Zaloog

    I’m hyped for more people to be exposed to this masterpiece of a game.

  • Justin McQuillen

    I just got kinda nostalgic for this game already. Best action game I ever played. Wii U 4 lyfe.

  • andrewsqual

    Sort of crazy when THIS is always the biggest thing when a 3rd party exclusive comes to a Nintendo console. For example, back when Tekken Tag 2 was coming to Wii U, the most biggest talked about thing were the Mario costumes for characters.

    Why is this almost always a thing with Nintendo? It would be like Persona 5 full of Sackboy or Kratos related stuff or Hellblade stuffed with pointless Uncharted or Ratchet and Clank accessories.

    • Jack Red

      System exclusive things are a bit common. Look back at Soul Calibur 2. You had a character exclusive to the console version. Like Heihachi Mishima for the PS version, Spawn for the Xbox Version, and Link for the Gamecube version.

  • Hey, the Daisy amiibo does multiple somethings now