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Bayonetta 2 director draws new art as Switch speculation ensues

Posted on July 3, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Switch

PlatinumGames has opened a brand new Twitter account for its Japanese fans. To celebrate, Yusuke Hashimoto drew new Bayonetta art. Hashimoto is not only the director of Bayonetta 2, but also the producer on the series’ first game.

Based on the art and activity on the Twitter page, fans are speculating about Platinum’s potential plans for Switch. Some believe that the red and blue colors are a reference to the Joy-Con controllers. Platinum liked a tweet about the connection… and some other messages about Bayonetta and Switch.

Of course, this could very well amount to nothing. We do know though that Platinum is involved with Switch in some fashion.


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  • Exposer

    Remmember that Bayo 1’s color is Red and 2’s is blue.

    • Was thinking the same. I get people like to jump on any hint and theory, but sometimes things just are what they are. Not to say they couldn’t take advantage of the color schemes and their convenience, but still.

      • Exposer

        I mean they have a point PG is acting very weird lately about hinting games, but we need to keep calm.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        I’d normally agree, but there are a couple more telling signs than just the colours.
        *cue Game Theory theme*

        The positioning for example. The Bayo 2 image is at the top despite being, y’know, the second game. The Blue Joycon is usually in the first slot on the Switch. Then you have the Bayo 1 image being upside down, like how the red joycon has it’s button/stick configuration flipped in regards to the blue.

        Add to that them liking posts that speculate this having a Switch connection, or the fact that this image exists at all… there’s really only one conclusion that makes sense.

        I mean, it COULD be nothing, or it could be a really odd way to celebrate the Bayo amiibo finally being released… three weeks before it’s actually released. But while the internet likes to make wild guesses based on paper thin evidence (see: any given Smash character speculation), I couldn’t blame them if they happened to be wrong this time.

        And it’d be pretty messed up of PG to tease like this lol

        • I considered the positioning. I also just figured 2 was on top because it’s more recent. That wink bit is cute though. I don’t know if it works for me, but it would be a cute touch if intentional.

          The likes are a bit of a sign though, definitely~.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Aww, I was actually proud of noticing the wink…

            A little skepticism is always healthy, can’t blame you for that. I suppose we’ll find out pretty soon if anything comes of this…

          • It would be great if it was ports of the two games. Or even a new game. I guess what is the real sign to me is the Twitter activity itself, but I feel bad if people look at the colors and take that and run with it. They’re convenient, but they’re not a sure-fire sign on their own.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            True, either would be great. I want to play through Bayo 2 again, but I can’t be bothered to swap in my Wii U on my TV lol.

            It might sound a tad hypocritical coming from me, but yeah, just the image on it’s own is still more optimistic than anything… Even the elements of the image only mean as much as you’re willing to allow. Even I oly really feel validated because of their subsequent behavior on twitter :p

          • I feel it! It’s surprisingly tedious to be reaching around the TV to switch things over. x’D I had to borrow Bayo 2 from someone and never finished it, so I would love the chance to.

            When I saw the image, the first thought that did cross my mind were the joy-cons; but I had to concede that I see the joycons in everything they can match now, lol. And I also promptly remembered the color scheme. But certainly, their Twitter behavior is validation; they better not be teasing!

    • NeptuniasBeard

      You’re right about the colors, but really, what else could it be? Literally the only other Bayo thing happening is the release of the amiibo, and they’d have no obligation or reason to be coy about that.

      Given the positioning of the Bayo’s, the timing of the tweet and them liking posts about people with Switch speculations, there’s not really any other options it could be aside from “for the lols”

  • TDude73

    Kimishima-san better throw millions of dollars for PlatinumGames to port Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the Switch!

    • LordDisco

      Nintendo actually partially owns Bayonetta 2 because they saved it and heavily funded it. SEGA owns the brand and the first game, though. If Nintendo wants Bayonetta 2 on the Switch, they can do that no problem. If they want the double-pack from the Wii U, then yes, they’ll need another deal with SEGA, which I’m sure wouldn’t be a big deal.

      Bayonetta 2 definitely deserves another chance at some more sales.

      • TDude73

        Your comment is most definitely on point. I can see these happening from the three respected companies.

    • Justin McQuillen

      This is what it will be.

  • theFooFighter

    Bayonetta 1&2, XCX, TMS and pikmin 3 for switch please

  • Flying Carpet

    oh, another wii u port

    • Aline Piroutek

      I want it free for WiiU users(haha, never)

    • garf02

      and this is bad cause….?

    • bugman83


    • Justin McQuillen

      Ah yes, Wii U. The console which has the best games this generation. I gotta say, I love Wii U. It’s hot, it even has BOTW.

  • Francesco Gentile

    3 gun holes, joy-con colours: Bayo3 as Switch exclusive confirmed! XD Being more serious since i was not be able to get first 2 on Wii U i hope we will get 1, 2 & 3 on Switch. Of course if 3 is really coming

    • Behemoth

      Why wouldn’t it be? Kamiya himself has said that he has plenty of ideas for Bayonetta 3 and has also said “Why should we stop at 2?” Kamiya has given the impression that both he and his team at PG are hyped to get working on it, which is good news. That means the game will have that feeling of love and care and polish put into it. I’m really looking forward to 3.

      • Francesco Gentile

        I did not say there will not be. I was just joking

  • Petri


  • Smith Kevin

    I had so much fun playing Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Wii U. The only thing I see now that’s really saving the Switch is the several Wii U ports. I’ll just continue waiting for some unique and original games on Switch. Along with a good price drop and hopefully many third party titles.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    2 player Bayonetta. We’ve already had Bayonettas from 2 different time periods so yeah. maybe it doesn’t even have to be a main series game.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I doubt this means anything substantial at all. Bayonetta color scheme was always Red Bayo1 and Blue Bayo2. People reaching at straws here.

    • TDude73

      I disagree with you. There is a very strong possibility that Nintendo and PlatinumGames join forces once again and port Bayonetta 1 and 2 (a Nintendo exclusive) for the Nintendo Switch.

    • Indielink

      I mean, yeah just the colours wouldn’t mean much on their own, but P* is also going around liking all of the Bayonetta Switch comments. Like specifically those comments.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      It’s not just the colors, but the the way the image is drawn is pretty suspect as well. There’s also what Indielink pointed out.

  • Tlink7
    I mean, what else could these two bright colours possibly be? xD
    Nintendo is the reason Bayonetta 2 happened as well…

  • Kikiki899

    Yes please! and Vanquish!

  • Aline Piroutek

    “Yusuke Hashimoto drew new Bayonetta art. Hashimoto is not only the director of Bayonetta 2, but also the producer on the series’ first game.”

    Wow, a producer/director who draws very well. Nice job.

  • metalpants

    Nah I’m good. I’d prefer that spin-off of Wonder Blue that Kamiya mentioned a while back.

  • _17chan

    I don’t really dig the multiple Wii U ports. I don’t think the argument that people who missed it on Wii U will get it this time around. That’s the case for a boat load of games. Obviously you can disagree with me all you want, I won’t disrespect your views. I just really don’t like it and if the switch is a portable Wii U in terms of the titles it houses, I don’t think I’d be too pleased.

  • R.Z.

    If they got both games on one cartridge, I’d definitely buy again.

  • masterjedi

    This is actually one of the more intriguing “find the hidden meaning” theories I’ve seen concerning a video game. Personally I would be fine with Bayonetta 2 making its way to the Switch, but I already bought the WiiU version so there’s no need for me to buy the two games a second time. However, I would be ECSTATIC if this gets ported to the Switch and that opens the door for Bayonetta 3 because I really enjoy the franchise.

  • Limit Break

    Here’s hoping Bayo 3 is not a Nintendo exclusive. In a world where Devil May Cry has been absent for almost a decade I’m kinda getting desperate, but not desperate enough to get a Switch. And before you blame me for being cheap lemme welcome you to live and work in Ukraine. Yeah, good boys.

    • TDude73

      You’re full of crap. Bayonetta 3 WILL be a Nintendo exclusive. Let’s not forget the fact that Nintendo is the only video game company funding Bayonetta 2 exclusively for Wii U while other companies refuse the offer. If it weren’t for Nintendo, there wouldn’t be a sequel or the entire Bayonetta franchise.

      • Limit Break

        You don’t know that yet. And please refrain from petty insults, they make you less of a man.
        Please, Nintendo fans, keep yourself in check, okay ?)
        All I said is that I won’t buy Switch no matter what ends up happening, I don’t have thar kinda money and you attack me for hoping ?))) What are you, a savage ?)))
        Either way, I’ll probably end up emulating the third game if it actually ends up a Nintendo exclusive on my PC) Love doing it to Nintendo platforms, because I am genuinely afraid that buying one of them will turn me into agressive brutes like your kind. Arrividerci.

        CEMU for the win)

  • Jacob Groves


  • GoldenTriforce

    I still remember a Scalebound where a Microsoft employee asked Kamiya if they are making Bayonetta 3. Obviously if you are asking him that in an interview you are not planning on funding it yourself.

    Though now I don’t think the two companies will be working together for a decent chunk of time.