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Blaster Master Zero update 1.1 now live, adds Pro Controller support

Posted on March 15, 2017 by in News, Switch eShop

Blaster Master Zero was reportedly going to receive an update on March 16. Well, it’s already tomorrow in Japan and version 1.1 is now live.

The only relevant note about this update is that it adds support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. To receive this patch you just need to launch the game while being connected to the Internet. And of course, you can check which version of Blaster Master Zero are you playing by looking below the game title in the title screen.


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  • JasonBall

    “it’s already tomorrow” never gets old.

  • Kelly Feige

    how are you doing

  • SolarPonyDjango

    Speaking of Pro controller support I know the KWings have heard a rumour that the Wii U pro controller will work on the switch. Anyone know if there’s any validity to this rumor? I’m not even sure where they got the rumor.

    • Felipe M.

      Nintendo said something about possibly making it compatible with the Switch. Don’t expect too much from it. The Wii U Pro Controller would be a very bare bones controller compared to the Switch Pro Controller / Joy-Cons.

      • But it’d be a great second controller with a proper d-pad that’s comfortable for long (co-op/multiplayer) play sessions

  • Felipe M.

    This is great news. It should have been there since day one.

    A physical release would be really cool and I’d for sure pre-order it, but since it’s digital-only I’ll consider buying an eShop card at discount.

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