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Brawlout surpasses 50,000 players on Switch in its first two weeks

Posted on January 2, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Brawlout has reached a major milestone on Switch. As announced by Angry Mob Games on Twitter, the game has surpassed 50,000 players on Switch. That was done in the game’s first two weeks.

Here’s the official tweet:


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  • moviereviewrsports

    Cause their is nothing on this system to play on beside Zelda and Mario. That’s why indie games like steamworld dig 2 and other indies getting high downloads because Switch gamers are starving for new games.

    Nintendo fanboys logic :

    Wii u have no 3rd party games only indies = Drought
    Switch have no really AAA games beside ports only indies = Best system ever

    • carlos holguin holguin

      are we still arguing over this?

      • moviereviewrsports

        Yes I am. I like the switch but let’s be honest here. Beside indies and Nintendo first party games what does the switch have?

        I like indie games. I bought a lot of indie games on the wii u and support other devs like freedom planet. But Indies don’t sell consoles. We need more AAA 3rd part games. Give switch owners 3rd party exclusives like the original wii did. Games like House of the dead overkill, Resident Evil Darkside chronicles, MadWorld, Endless Ocean 1 and 2, Truma center (imaging a new Truma center for the switch). No more indie ports. Don’t really care about most of these trash games that you idoits are hyping up. If this direct don’t give us new and great games than the switch is basically psp vita 2.

        • carlos holguin holguin

          indie games (most of them) are not trash, dont put your personal opinion over facts, wait for a direct or something before making assumptions.. and if you want more AAA games, you can always have a ps4 or a xbox even a pc

          • moviereviewrsports

            “indie games (most of them) are not trash” Yes they are most of them are trash

            Mr. Shifty
            Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
            and more

            ” and if you want more AAA games, you can always have a ps4 or a xbox even a pc”

            Okay so that basically what happen to the Wii U. Wii U never have a lot of AAA 3rd party games but its made up with indie games support. But mostly of you Nintendo fanboys keep saying wii u have no game and droughts of software( a system have 700+ games in 4 years). Your getting the same indie games that also on the wii u.

            PS Even some indie devs are still porting games on the wii u. Like

            AckkStudios – yiikrpg
            World to west
            Shovel Knight last DLC
            IEL Indo European Languages
            Battle Princess Madelyn by Causal Bit Games

          • Jacob Groves

            You are moaning, moaning old man. Just be happy or go play your PUBG trash. 😀

          • moviereviewrsports

            I dont play PUBG. Also I am telling the truth. Look I like switch but they need more new games

          • Jacob Groves

            Just be patience kid.

          • moviereviewrsports

            I am game developer proof Right now I am porting one of games to the wii u and switch. Its called IEL Indo European Languages. Now the game is coming to PC this Spring. The wii u and Switch verison coming the summer. Also right now I have multiple projects in works. Pitching something to a company to get approve to make a game for them. I am going to support the Switch. But we need more games not ports

            Sorry my grammar. I am typing fast and I got go right now

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            -aaaand which of those two guys are you? Probably neither. Provide actual proof of your creds, or GTFO.

          • What games does Xbox have oh wait nothing

          • moviereviewrsports

            Better third party support than the switch

          • ECM

            You’re still living in a world where indies are sub-standard or half-assed–that day is dead. I have more hours into Enter the Gungeon and Has-Been Heroes than any other Switch game not named Zelda, and I’ve owned it since day one.

            (Seriously: this “indies aren’t real games but AAA are” mentality is so tired.)

          • Felipe M.

            Um, congrats. What an achievement you’ve made out of your life by playing Has Been Heroes.

          • ECM

            Oh, look! Another troll! Huzzah!

          • HBH averages 53% on Metacritic, my dude.

          • ECM

            Oh good, Metacritic, the arbiter of all that is good (and bad!) in life.

            Pro-tip: how about playing it yourself, then reaching a conclusion?

          • “The quality of a product can in no way be determined by dozens of professional nor amateur critiques. Buying everything is the only way to know anything.”

          • ECM

            That’s a neat-o strawman (a logical fallacy) and also an appeal to authority (another logical fallacy).

            The fact is, those reviews are taken from a range of scores and averaged to get a consensus score with certain reviews weighted more heavily than others.

            So to formulate this an language you’ll understand:

            “The quality of a product can in no way be determined by dozens of professional nor amateur critiques, hand-picked, curated, averaged, and weighted by a third party.”

            At the end of the day, the only way to be certain is by sampling said product yourself.

          • Force

            The problem there, is that you’re throwing your money at it unless it has a demo. So regardless of whether it’s good, your purchase is already made, kinda defeating the purpose of it all.

          • ECM

            The purpose of what? Metacritic? There isn’t one. You should find one or two sites–or writers–you trust and use them as a guide.

            Hell, you can find one or two critics that disagree w/ you on everything and it’ll be just as useful for gaging–but not guaranteeing–whether you like something or not. As I said above, at the end of the day, only you can know for sure if you try something yourself (or have you never played a ‘bad’ game, seen a ‘bad’ movie, etc. only to find out it was actually good?).

            Metacritic, as a tool for determining quality, is little more than a way for fanboys to club other fanboys.

          • Force

            I’m not talking about metacritic, I’m talking about a buyer’s guide overall. If someone wants impressions of a game before buying, then they’re looking for a buyer’s guide. That’s what reviews are for, are they not?

          • Don’t even go there, lol. Since my argument is about opinions, and I have gathered more opinions than you, than I win by default. Your fallacy would be pretending that opinions are meaningless in an argument of opinions.
            None are weighted differently. Do the math yourself if you have doubts.

          • ECM

            You don’t appear to know what a logical fallacy is, which is probably why you keep offering them as arguments.


            P.S. You just doubled-down on a strawman, among others.

          • >> strawmans that I implied Metacritic is arbiter of good/bad
            >> reiterates HBH as a good game despites dozens of opposing professional opinions, while asserting that an individual can only determine likely good from likely bad by experiencing it individually (how can you tell murder is bad if you’ve never been murdered?! CHECKMATE)
            >> re-strawmans my argument twice
            >> invents easily-disproved conspiracies
            >> reiterates self as sole arbiter of good/bad
            >> refuses to answer and deflects to “No, you” tactics

          • ECM

            No, that was *not* the strawman–try harder.

            A strawman is when you attack an argument someone isn’t making and pretend that is the argument the person is making.

            At some point you’ll work this out.

            (But probably not!.)

          • ECM

            Also, super genius:


            That would be Metacritic explaining how they weight their scores.

            Say it w/ me again: Metacritic curates and weights their scores. Nobody is precisely sure how they weight them, but it’s a safe guess that the more popular a site is, the more weight it’s given (and I have to explain to you why this is problematic, well, we should both just give up now*).

            So guess what? Instead of merely asserting that the math was OK (when it clearly wasn’t), you might want to actually just type “metacritic weighting” into a search engine, that way you won’t look like you have no idea–as is the case with fallacious arguments–what it is you’re talking about.

            *Psst, it’s another logical fallacy, this one known as “argument ad populum”.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            You play game base on your opinion or everyone’s opinion?

          • Often, yes. Especially if negative. Do you not see films based on other’s opinions, eat at certain restaurants you hear about, or do things you otherwise wouldn’t due to recommendation?

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Foods, yeah. Films and games, nope, I decide by my own taste. In fact, there are several times many people hate it but i love it

            2018-01-04 5:00 GMT+07:00 Disqus :

          • Ardisan

            “”indie games (most of them) are not trash” Yes they are most of them are trash”

            That really ****ing pissed me off. Gj man, its really easy to tell from a fool when they just pick out a bunch of average indecisive games to backup their jaded arguments. Why don’t you waste more of your time telling us the “and more” because what you gave us was clearly not enough. I’ve been watching indie games get on this system since it first got announced and its been getting good indie games daily and you say most of them are trash? Hey maybe you’re possibly a troll that loves to get random people on the internet mad because oh boy sir you know how to do it.

          • Dumdum

            The funny thing is that you say indie games are trash mostly, but you do nothing as a developer to change that by making good indie games. I’ve looked at your site, and what you make are far worse than any of the indie games you say are trash.

            That said, I don’t think your position that the Switch needs more third-party support is wrong, only that you chose a poor frame of reference to highlight your point. Any game platform would love to have more quality games on their library, but that’s hardly a new and unique idea.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Wii U have 700+ game in 4 years, Switch have over 570 games in 9 months and it contain Doom, Skyrim, LA Noire, almost all Wii U good games except some Yeah, same

        • nemo37

          Sorry but as a Vita owner, the Switch’s first year has already brought more must play titles than Vita got in its entire life.

          Also Vita got COD, FIFA, and Assassin’s Creed and none of them helped the console.

          Nintendo’s first party library, Indies, some Japaenese ports and exclusives, along with some Western ports should be more than enough.

          Finally, as Sony atested to this point, many Switch owners have other systems. People are not buying these games because they are starving for content, they are buying these games to enjoy them.

          • moviereviewrsports

            Yes the vita have no western AAA games but it have a lot of AAA Japanese games.

            “the Switch’s first year has already brought more must play titles than Vita got in its entire life.” LOL like what LA Noire, Doom come on man these games are ports. Vita have more indie supports and more AAA japanese games.

            Also Vita got COD, FIFA, and Assassin’s Creed and none of them helped the console.
            Same as the wii u but Vita and Wii U have many indie support but of course they have droughts lol

            Nintendo’s first party library, Indies, some Japaenese ports and exclusives, along with some Western ports should be more than enough.

            Okay no the reason why the switch is selling because of hype and Nintendo finally advertise the console

          • nemo37

            “Okay no the reason why the switch is selling because of hype and Nintendo finally advertise the console”

            If that was the only reason, people would not be buying games for the system.

            Also I like how you take a year that had Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, ARMS, Mario and Rabbits, Doom, Skyrim, Minecraft, Sonic Mania, and so much more and conclude the system has no games.

          • moviereviewrsports

            But the wii u have games at launch good games like AC games, Rayman, COD games and etc.Why the wii u did not sell because lack of Advertisement. Switch is advertise better than the wii u. People who brought a switch only play Zelda and Mario Odyssey, and nintendo games.

          • Jacob Groves

            There lots people plays Skyrim, Doom, Rocket League etc…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Jack Bankhead

            He’s right about some things, indies don’t push consoles. It is getting high sales because there aren’t any announcements of the big Switch hitters. As much as I love indies, I don’t think I’d be buying them as much if there was more AAA games I liked.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            AAA japanese games on vita? Outside arguable Gravity Rush, what JP game are AAA on vita?

          • Christian Iván

            I used to buy every ‘popular’ indie for steam, but I never have time for them. I’m often conflicted at buying a game I already own in a different platform, but I’m glad I re-bought some of them for switch, now I can play them @ my gf house, at work, etc. That’s the magic.

          • Felipe M.

            This is the comment of a desperate fanboy. Muh titles r gud!

          • nemo37

            LOL…okay. So when I counter someone who says a system has no games by pointing out some of the games it has I become a desperate fanboy.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            You’re making yourself look stupid, man. Calling someone a desperate fanboy doesn’t earn you points. It just makes you look like a s#*$head.

          • KCMOTO

            As a owner of the Switch and Vita owner since Day 1 (Feb 2012), I call BS on Switch’s “first year… more ‘must play’ titles than Vita in its entire life”. Wow…. opinions are free, so I’ma have to drop mine here for the fellow readers, as I am also a Vita/Switch owner.

            Also, ‘must play’ titles? In your opinion maybe. I only own BotW (bc it was the only thing worth buying, imo, at initial release) and XC2 (bc its the only game I was waiting for amongst all the other nonsense). I’m looking forward to Lost Sphere. I would have bought Setsuna, but I already had that for PS4. Not a fan of most of Nin 1st party stuff cept for BotW bc it’s like playing Skyrim on a Nintendo device (before Skyrim released on it, obviously). Just a difference of game genre flavor. However, saying such blasphemy, especially as a fellow Vita owner, is just like… your opinion, man.

          • nemo37

            I should have put the ever so important IMO, but you are correct that it is only my opinion and it will not translate to everyone. For me the big Vita games that I thoroughly enjoyed were Tearaway,Persona 4 Golden, YS:MC, YS VII, The Legend of Heroes I & II, DQ Builders, and Gravity Rush but of course others might have enjoyed other games on the system; I was just a bit disappointed that Vita did not end up getting the same level of support as PSP, particularly from Sony themselves.

          • KCMOTO

            I totally agree with ya on that PSP love/support. I wish I had kept my PSPgo (yes, I liked the form factor). But alas, here we are. I still rock my Vita all the time (Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness is free as of today w/PS+; <3 <3 <3 ). However, I really like the Switch and its form… I just hope more games, to my liking, come out this year. I'm hopeful ^^.

      • Thomas_NE

        Stop feeding the troll

    • Mr Ninty

      and games that are 3 party are always better then indies because of why?

      And the only game xbox got exclusivly last year was an indie game

      • moviereviewrsports

        “and games that are 3 party are always better then indies because of why?” I don’t understand but yes some indie games are better than 3rd party games.

        “And the only game xbox got exclusivly last year was an indie game”
        First of all that false, Xbox have AAA first party franchises like Forza 7, Halo wars 2, and crackdown 3, State of decay 2, Sea of theives and etc. Also Xbox one have better 3rd party games and better 3rd party support that are not coming to the switch

        Dragon Ball FighterZ
        Monster Hunter: World
        Dynasty Warriors 9
        Devil May Cry HD Collection
        A Way Out
        Far Cry 5
        We Happy Few
        Code Vein
        Conan Exiles
        Darksiders III
        Soulcalibur VI

        and many more

    • nemo37

      “Wii u have no 3rd party games only indies = Drought”

      No we called it a drought because Nintendo was not releasing first-party content during long stretches of time because they were opting to focus on 3DS.

      • Tlink7

        There weren’t any major third-party games either though. It was awful

        • moviereviewrsports

          But the Wii u have indie games

          • Tlink7

            Yeah, but I didn’t buy my Wii U to play indie games

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            The number of those game? 700+ in 4 years? Pathetic

      • Even that’s half wrong remember the Wii U was Nintendo’s 1st foray into HD Game development they underestimated how long it would initially take that’s why there were long stretch.

    • kurodo

      I have physical: Nights of Azure 2, skyrim, puyo puyo tetris, Disgaea 5, I am Setsuna, Troll and I, and digital like sonic Mania, spelunker party, Romancing SaGa 2. Anything is indie.

      So I have 4 Nintnedo games and a couple of indie.

      But switch have Just indie. Ok

    • russlxx2

      Nice try you dumb f*****g worthless piece of s*** troll, but games like these sell so well because they’re solid experiences that serve an increasingly massive subset of Switch owners eager–not starving–for any and all new ways to play. Beyond Zelda and Mario there are countless incredible Switch games from all aspects–Splatoon, Xenoblade, FEW, ARMs, M+R, and so much more from first party, SF, Doom, PPT, Skyrim, DBZX2, L.A Noire, and more from 3rd party, and countless incredible indies like this, Enter the Gungeon, NeuroVoider, Stardew Valley, Rocket League, Golf Story, etc.

      It doesn’t have the same 3rd party support as other systems yet because people were obviously hesitant to support considering the failure of Wii U, but with Switch’s insane sales it’s only going ot get more support in that area, and its first-party and indie support is already the absolute best in the business. It’s plentiful FP are all AAA, and being on that scale doesn’t even immediately equate to quality anyway. Worthless f***t***d s*** stains like yourself would naturally spout such idiocy on account of your laughable lack of sense and misguided perception what constitutes quality games, but that doesn’t make anything you say any less of a load of utter bull****. Switch is the best system ever for these reasons and so many others, and the only “idiots” here are dumb f****g worthless pieces of s*** like yourself who–as you’ve proven–have spouted nothing but ignorant bile in a thoroughly futile attempt at slighting this flawless handheld and its incredible line-up and future prospect. Go f*** your s*** b**** mother, contract her countless stds and die dips***, do us all a favor. permaleaving and reading no replies

    • Peter

      First of all there’s plenty to play on Switch and going by your statement it’s obvious you don’t even own one. Just take a look on the e-shop and you’ll see, for the first 9 months the system has been out the amount of games available for it is very impressive.

      Second it’s there is nor their is.

      Get it right next time.

  • Jacob Groves

    Moviereviewrsports is troll. So don’t feed him please. I realize he is another troll here.

  • Lance Devon

    Sounds appeasible. But does it please Melee fans or will we see Brawlout M?

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      or Meleeout

  • Felipe M.

    Duh. It’s a good Smash clone.

  • Mark

    I think that most people here – especially this year, after games like Star Wars Battlefront II, Destiny 2, Need For Speed Payback, Mass Effect Andromeda, and more – understand that a good Indie game can trump a AAA game. Not to mention, a low-budget or double-A game can also trump a AAA game. The more money is spent on a game, the more important it is for that game to not only not flop, but make a greater return on investment. The argument that “there’s nothing to play other than Mario and Zelda” is nothing but bait.

    There is, though, a kernel of truth in what the troll is saying. As long as Nintendo doesn’t regularly get the same major third-party releases that the other platforms get, they’ll always be the second-tier system. Because if you’re a gamer who really enjoys any major third-party franchise, you don’t know if it’ll ever come to Switch.

    I was a die-hard Nintendo fan in the late 90s, but I had to get a PlayStation because that’s where Square Enix went. Same with the PS2. And in the late aughts, I bought a 360 essentially for the Elder Scrolls.

    And I mean, heck – if it wasn’t for the fact that I watched and loved the first announcements of “Zelda U”, I might not have bought a Wii U, and stuck with my 3DS.

    We buy systems for the games we’re excited for and want to play. And while we love Indies, they’re not system-sellers, for the sheer fact that they’re usually on as many systems as the indie company can manage.

    Oh, and congrats to the developers of Brawlout. It looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

    • Force

      “There is, though, a kernel of truth in what the troll is saying. As
      long as Nintendo doesn’t regularly get the same major third-party
      releases that the other platforms get, they’ll always be the second-tier
      system.” Wouldn’t that require more power at some point? To render all the effects and the likes? The Switch already has trouble running XC2 properly at times.

      “We buy systems for the games we’re excited for and want to play.” If I’m to believe what I read, then most Switch gamers will buy a system for portability. Sure, the right games have to be on, but portability is forefront and centre. In fact, games that don’t run well will be excused as long as it’s portable, and yes I’ve already seen such excuses.

      • Mark

        1) Yup, it does. Right now, tech is at a place where Switch can play *some* games that also go to XBO/PS4 with minor to moderate graphical compromises. It can’t play all. In a generation or so, that gap will be smaller, so it might be possible to have some level of parity between system releases. But even if Switch is the undisputed sales leader in the next five years, I don’t expect consumers to feel secure that the next new game in the franchise they love will come out on Switch.

        2) The portability is a factor, but people still buy the Switch for the games on it. That’s the same reason why the Vita didn’t sell well. Not that it *doesn’t* get good games, but that the games are fewer and more niche.

        In short, I feel like the graphical difference is a bar for what games can come to the system, but not a bar to what games consumers will purchase on it. You will always have people who don’t care about portability and want the best output, and that’s fine. But when the downgrades are only really noticeable and bothersome to the more serious videophile, your average consumer may very well prefer to have the convenience to play on a plane/in bed/under a tree than to have the sharper, smoother graphics.

        • Force

          If the Switch reaches that point where it doesn’t compromise on home-console for handheld, I shall happily call it a hybrid and stop complaining overall. But we’re not there yet, and the compromises are plain for all to see, which I find to be a shame. If not enough people care about docked now, then Nintendo will never see reason to improve that part of it.

          Nintendo has always been behind the curve power wise, or well, ever since Gamecube didn’t work out at any rate. So what guarantee do we have that they’ll finally step up and make sure that the Switch will indeed have equal power through speed of technological progress? Even if it’s there, it’s no use if it isn’t used, and I just don’t see Nintendo use it, due to how they always want to differentiate through means other than power. Is the Switch’s concept enough differentiation for them to improve upon that concept in that way?

          • Mark

            You know, that’s perfectly fine if you personally don’t see the system as a ‘true hybrid’ unless it matches completely with the other systems. You seem to be the kind of videophile that I’m speaking of – and I don’t mean that negatively. In the same way that an audiophile looks at CDs and MP3s as inferior and purchases vinyl for the full and complete audio experience, you look at what the Switch puts on a TV and can’t help but notice framerate skips or drops in resolution. What was graphically amazing five years ago just doesn’t cut it today, and what the PS5/XB∞ will one day put out will likely make this generation unplayable. No?

            I don’t think that’s too big of an assumption. Most people don’t spend a ton of time following the industry, comparing video output, noticing all the detail and pointing out the graphical deficiencies of the Switch. That’s kind of specialized in one direction. What you spend your time on, and what you focus on talking about, demonstrate what you care about.

            I’m assuming, by the way, your console of choice for multiplats is either the PC of XB1X, and you’re a 4Ker?

            Again, that’s perfectly fine; I’m not trying to degrade you for what you get enjoyment out of. However, I do think that you’re taking your own personal feelings, as a person who focuses specifically on graphical output and high-res high-framerate visuals, and just assuming that everyone feels the way that you do – that the graphical differences and deficiencies are “plain and obvious” to anyone, and that no one in their right mind would play a Switch game on the TV. I don’t think that you’re thinking either of the average consumer, or even of the average gamer. You suggest that Nintendo thinks no one uses the dock and plays on their TV, while Nintendo released data last fall showing that roughly 70% of Switch users used the Dock either often or exclusively. Even if those numbers are completely skewed and you’re right that most people are like me (which is a big ask), Nintendo believes that people care about playing on the TV and treat it as a hybrid. So it’ll impact how they treat the console both now and in the future.

          • Force

            Actually, if my emulator wasn’t so janky, I’d still enjoy Digimon World 2, so no, graphics don’t matter as much to me as you’d think. That said, when frames start dropping, I’ll be raising an eyebrow.

          • Mark

            So is it mostly just dropped frames that are the defining factor? That a system that drops frames is more of a handheld, and smooth constant FPS is a defining mark of the console?

          • Force

            Oh I see what you’re getting at. Listen, the Switch compromised on home-console to be as portable as possible. That’s what irks me about it, and considering that if Nintendo put more effort into the dock, the issues handheld people would experience shouldn’t have to hit those playing home-console.

            Tell me, does my experience have to be affected by yours due to you wanting handheld and it being tied to the same system that I play at home?

            I go by logic when it comes to games and an offering. Tell me, why would I buy a multiplat that doesn’t offer me anything more on Switch vs on PC on Switch, when it’s A. probably more expensive and B. will have less options C. might have issues due to the devs having to compromise to get it on Switch? That’s just not logical to me. Do you go to the store to specifically seek out a more expensive product that’s not as good as what you’ve tried before?

          • Mark

            Ahh, totally get you now. Because with current tech there is still a noticeable difference between the output that a stationary device can make and what you can cram into a tablet, you have to deal with lesser graphical power due to a ‘feature’ you don’t care for and won’t use. Right?

            I will state this – the Switch isn’t a really great handheld, either. It’s big and bulky, and doesn’t fold on itself to protect the sticks or screen. You can’t just easily slip it in a pocket. People buy hard-shell cases just to protect their system. Trust me – as a 3DS-only gamer for the past several years, it’s a bother to lug the thing around all the time. I have a mini-backpack JUST so that I can look a little more socially acceptable when carrying the thing.

            The Switch is a hybrid because it’s a system full of compromises. Decent, but not excellent, graphical power. Decent, but not convenient, portability. Jack of all trades; master of none.

            I hear your frustration. It’s the same that so many people who wished Nintendo would go third party express – they love the software; they’re not fans of the hardware, and wish Nintendo would take advantage of current tech the way their competitors would.

            In the end, it’s not about my preferences over yours, or yours over mine. It’s about Nintendo’s over all of ours, and they’re going to stick their games on the system they make. And that system is always, always going to be just a bit wonky.

          • Force

            True, but all of ours, as in the majority of those who buy their product, is a group they CANNOT afford to ignore, lest they wish to risk financial disaster. What does the majority of these people want? So far I’ve gathered, they want quality console games on the go, and most of them use the docked mode as the side-mode, albeit they probably wouldn’t admit to that.

            I’m vouching for equality in this case, a home-console mode that can stand on it’s own, a dock that adds a meaningful contribution, Nintendo emphasizing (when the time comes) that previously handheld games are now on the big screen. Do you think they’ll do that? I highly doubt it myself. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Game Freak locks features to handheld mode for Pokemon Switch.

            I’m not looking for Nintendo to have the strongest system, not anymore at least. I just want my experience on the TV to look and play as well/better than on handheld, after all, playing handheld is the treat in and of itself, right? One mode shouldn’t have to suffer for the other.

            As for the form-factor and bulkiness, I get that. But then if it was smaller, then it’d literally be only 50% if not far less strong than a base PS4/Xbox One and couldn’t hope to offer console quality games.

          • Mark

            A dock that adds a meaningful contribution? Yes, please. I know that there are games that increase resolution on the dock, but at the same time there are games that actually perform a little worse when docked. Even though I don’t use my dock, I think it’s wasted potential. PC games usually have settings where you can increase or decrease the graphical settings based on your personal setup; it would be nice if the dock actually did anything much meaningful other than charging the system and kinda-sorta improving graphical quality maybe by overclocking it. Especially if Nintendo’s charging $90 for the thing.

          • Force

            Exactly, that’s what I’ve been meaning to convey when I mention that it doesn’t feel like a hybrid. The dock feels like a side-accessory when, really, it doesn’t have to be! Most of the plastic shell is empty!

            It might relate to them being apprehensive of it due to something as silly as this though:

            I just want the dock to be a legitimate part of the selling point, something that’s worth talking about, worth saying it’s a part of the Switch with. Right now though, you can arguably strip that tech out, put it in a small cube and strap that to the back of your Switch via a holder like this:

    • Lance Devon

      You also got to note several AAA companies are crapping their beds pretty openly where it’s probably making indie devs a bit more humble looking and appealing.

      No way pre-DRM would a game like Thimbleweed Park would get such praise.

    • moviereviewrsports

      Not true at all.

      The n64 did not get Japanese 3rd party support but it still managed to get most of the western 3rd party support

      The game cube have better 3rd party games since she’s. Game Cube have all the ubisoft, EA, and most 3rd party support

      The wii same thing with the Wii but also have 3rd party exclusive game

      • Nhat Anh Hoang

        Where is Tales of the Abyss on GameCube? Where is Final Fantasy X – XII? Where are Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry on GC? Where is GTA?


    Thankfully, I have a PS4 and a Switch. Like both systems. Also, thankfully, on PS4 there is a game called Brawlhalla…. and its free. So, that’s why I personally haven’t been interested in this game. Looks good for the Switch (bc there’s nothing like it available as of yet), but I have other options (and for free).

    What I do miss, though. . . (sigh) . . is PSASBR. Yes, I said it. Loved that game so very very much.

  • Peter

    I see that russlxx2 is still ranting and raving at people on every discussion he participates in if that’s what you want to call it.

    Where are the site admins? or do they even exist here anymore?

  • janco tianno

    Switch had a nice Fifa 18 port. Even with haters, it is good.
    NBA 2k18 also was a good port.
    That’s not the case of WWE 2k18. Unfortunately.
    Doom – nice.
    L.A. Noire – Nice
    Skyrim – Nice
    Street Fighter 2 – Bad, but sales were good.
    And many many cases with direct comparisons with PS4 version
    (Lego games, Cars, Fate Extella, RE Revelations 2, Worms, Sonic Mania).
    Collaborations: Mario and Rabbids, Xenoblade Chronicles 2…
    Then exclusives: Zelda BOTW (amazing game to show the console capabilities), Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, ARMS…

    All of this in less than a year. No, for WiiU the unprecedent partnership was not even close to this.

    And if switch only had Zelda BOTW and Mario Odyssey, eventually it would flop, but it has a great lineup.

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a exclusive, monolith soft is owned by Nintendo