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CoroCoro leaks reveal new Pokemon and Alola Forms for Sun/Moon

Posted on August 9, 2016 by in 3DS, Images, News

The upcoming issue of CoroCoro features more information and Pokemon from Sun and Moon, and the pages have leaked early. In it, we can see a few new Pokemon and Alola forms. You can view the pages below the summary of the content, translated by Serebii. [Note: While the new Pokemon and characters are given names, these will most likely be different for localized versions of the games.]

First up is a Water-type fish Pokemon called Yowashi. There is also a larger, monstrous fish pictured, which is made up of many tiny fish, though this seems to be an actual school of Yowashi, and not necessarily an evolved form. Second are two Pokemon based on sandcastles, with the first (Sunabaa), resembling a small mound with a shovel sticking out of it, while its evolved form, Sunadeshiro, is a full castle. Both of these are Ghost/Ground type. Finally (at least for brand-new Pokemon), Bewear has a pre-evolved form, which is a small cub, called Nuikoguma. Like Bewear, it is Normal/Fighting.

However, the new reveals don’t end there; there are two new Alola forms revealed as well, for Marowak and Meowth. Alolan Marowak is a Ghost/Fire type, and it appears to be based off a fire dancer. Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type.

Furthermore, there is a tease of the antagonists of the game, Team Skull. They are featured at the bottom of the page with Rockruff, although little is detailed about them. The boss’s name is Guzuma, and the woman is Burumeri.

Finally, next month’s issue of CoroCoro will feature an evolution for Rockruff. Hopefully, when more information on the games drops later in the week, we’ll have better reveals for all of this new information.


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