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Creative director says Doom is a good reference point for Wolfenstein II on Switch

Posted on October 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Bethesda confirmed two new games for Switch during the most recent Nintendo Direct. Along with Doom, the publisher is also bringing Wolfenstein II to the console.

We haven’t heard too much about what we can expect from Wolfenstein II. That isn’t too surprising, however. Doom is on track for this holiday while Wolfenstein II has a general “2018” launch window.

GameSpot did manage to get a few words out of creative director Jens Matthies in a recent interview. The site first asked about the Switch version in general, to which Matthies stated:

“We just want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play the game. So any platform that can run the game, we want to be on. And it seems intriguing to me to have it portable and all that stuff. But the experience itself, it doesn’t really matter what kind of platform you’re on, it’s still the same game.”

GameSpot followed up by asking what sort of experience we can expect from Wolfenstein II on Switch. Matthies said in response:

“I think a good reference point would be Doom. Because it’s the same engine. It will be whatever Doom is capable of, that is what Wolfenstein is capable of.”


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  • Michael C

    Washed out graphics, and missing a feature thats in the 3 main version of the game (PC/X1/PS4)? But hey, its portable.

    • you must really want a Nintendo Switch considering youre always lurking every nintendo post trolling as much as you can xD

      • nemo37

        This guy has been trolling around since 2011 at least (back then he used to attack Wii U and PS3); he has three different account names (Michael Clanton, the Truth-Her, and now Michael C). I don’t think he likes the Switch, PS4, or gaming PCs. He just doesn’t want any console to threaten his favourite system, the Xbox One. Just look through his comment history, the vast majority of it involves him going onto Sony and Nintendo fan sites and either rehashing talking points (often time in a hypocritical manner; where those talking points also apply to his own console of choice; for example, here he is complaining about the graphics quality on Switch, but he has always dismissed criticisms of the Xbox One’s graphics whenever there were direct comparisons with the PS4) or just outright making up lies.

        BTW, it is not exclusive to consoles. He does the same thing with Android phones (because he has an iPhone), Android Wear devices (because he has an Apple Watch). I remember seeing him on a tech site calling out the Essential Phone as being vapourware and lying about how the phone will never be released, yet here we are and its on the market.

    • Jeff Moreira

      Wow, the only 3x things you say on all your comments about the Switch are:

      – washed out graphics
      – something missing
      – but hey, its mobile

      It’s always the same thing over and over.
      Are you allowed to leave your basement?

    • nemo37

      It’s really cute how on Nintendo fan sites you pretend to like the PS4 and how on Playstation fan sites you pretend to like the Switch.

      Also, yes the portability is the key feature here. In portable mode, when the game runs at the full resolution of the Switch’s built-in display the graphics do not look washed out (frame rate is still lower than the other versions, but then again, the other versions cannot be played on the go; so its a fair trade off for people that want to play it on the go).

      BTW, I look forward to seeing you soon on Playstation Lifestyle or Dual Shockers, where I am sure, like in the past, you will make up some lies about PS4 and how there is a conspiracy against the XOne in the media. Those are always a pleasure to read (and cringeworthy at the same time).

    • Simtopia23

      Washed out graphics -> all the comparisons so far are made with off-screen footages, so not reliable. Although from what we’ve seen the port looks actually incredibly well made. (in contrast with years of crappy unplayable ports on the PS Vita)

      Missing feature -> The editor isn’t a big deal on an handheld device.

      Portability wins over an higher resolution, at least for me.

      • Paul Barnes

        The nintendo switch is the ps vita done right.A true console experience on the go something the ps vita failed to achieve.

    • Ninty Kad

      Hey look, A spambot! don’t bother, guys. He won’t say anything back so you guys shouldn’t say anything to him or give him the time of day

      • nemo37

        I managed to get him to aggressively respond to me once on this site a few months back. I think it was on a Bomberman sales post or something. It was rather funny.

    • Mark

      Yes, that’s essentially the promise with Switch multiplats- the visuals might take a small dip, and there could be some features that don’t make it, but you’re getting essentially the same game, only portably.

      If the shinier graphics are important to you and you only game on your couch, then there’s plenty of other places to play it.

    • ShonenJump

      I recently started blocking people. You are now one of them. Good luck with your useless comments

      • Paul Barnes

        Well said ignore the switch haters!!!

        • ShonenJump

          He is a hater and one annoying guy. I usually don’t judge peoples profile pic but his looks like he is brought to a mental hospital and making a selfie while laughing. Saying that felt good 🙂

          • JoyConBoyz

            Yeah don’t listen to this monkey, he needs to go back to finding his banana.

    • Ummm………hey idiot…….I don’t play graphics, I play GAMES and yes, having the option of playing this game however I like is a big deal. You can pixel count and worry about teraflops all you want but I’ll be too busy enjoying a what looks like a great FPS. Keep on hating and the Switch’s fanbase keeps accumulating

    • Paul Barnes

      Washed out graphics lol are you blind?

  • Stuart O’Quin

    Glad to be getting the games and portability makes all the diffrench to me. I can really only game on my TV about 40% of the time that I can squeeze in gaming. The Switch really expands my ability to get time in with titles I become invested in. It’s the best thing to happen to gaming for me in a long time.

  • Tlink7

    Nice, gameplay experience is all that matters in the end. I like you, mister DOOM man