Darksiders lead designer pretty much confirms series’ end

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February 9, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Sadly, Darksiders is pretty much dead. The IP was one of the few assets that THQ was unable to successfully sell off.

Crytek did pick up a good majority of Vigil staffers – responsible for the Darksiders games – but left the series behind.

Rovio creative director Patrick Liu tweeted earlier this week: “No more Darksiders! :( Whyyyyy Crytek…”. Responding to this, Darksiders’ lead designer Haydn Dalton wrote:

“Tis true Pat…sometimes good things come to an end. That’s why you’ve gotta enjoy them while you can.”

And thus Dalton confirms what we all expected at this point: Darksiders is gone.


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