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David Jaffe suggests Nintendo should try selling the company to Disney, wants them to do something new

Posted on October 23, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

David Jaffe has a suggestion for Nintendo: try selling the company to Disney. He believes “they clearly understand marketing, they clearly understand their audience.”

Now, Jaffe’s words shouldn’t be taken as him looking to openly blast Nintendo. While speaking with HipHopGamer, Jaffe acknowledged his respect and admiration for the company. The thing is, he wants them to do something new.

Jaffe labeled Shigeru Miyamoto’s contributions to gaming as “industry-altering and super important”. However, he feels “some new blood getting in there” could only improve Nintendo.

Jaffe’s comments in full:

I say this with love as a fan of Nintendo. But if I was Nintendo, I’d be sitting my a** down trying to figure out how to sell my company to Walt Disney, because if you look at sort of what they have done sort of the reverence they’ve had towards Marvel, if you look at what seems to be happening with Star Wars and the Lucas brand they’ve acquired, they clearly understand marketing, they clearly understand their audience. To imagine going to a Disney Land park and having an entire land – like not just like Tomorrow Land but others like Nintendo Land – and sort of integrating that into that world, doing more with those brands.

You know end of the day, we’re all standing gratefully if you’re lucky in the shadows, the very long and powerful shadows of Miyamoto. But ultimately, he said himself he’s setting up younger developers to step in, he’s talking about retirement. I’m not a big Pikmin fan, I don’t think he’s making a game that really has spoken to me as a gamer in awhile. But what he has done has been industry-altering and super important and his characters live on and they should. But I think the idea of, you know, some new blood getting in there appreciating what they’ve got and doing more with it would be awesome…

…I’m a big Nintendo fan, but I just think it’s time to bring in some new blood that really is going to appreciate what they’ve got and bring it to a new generation and do some new s***. Never lose that essence, never lose that core, but for the love of f****** God, do some new s***.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

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  • Vorlik Blade

    How about no…seriously it’s hard to believe that someone who calls himself a “Big Nintendo fan” could suggest they sell their company, they would stop being Nintendo the moment something like that happens. Only upside would be the Nintendo Land part 😀
    But just no.

  • Austin

    Ah, he’s just bein’ a silly billy. No worries.

  • Interesting words from a guy who has spent the bulk of his career making Twisted Metal games.

    How about you do something new first…?

    • Edgarska

      You forgot God of War, there’s only 7 of those.
      And 3 collections.

  • Austin

    FYI watch the language you decide to use in this thread. Personal attacks will not be tolerated by the staff here. And by that I mean I’ll delete your comment.

  • Man why do you guys post stuff like this? Nintendo should sell itself to KitchenAid so we can get Mario-themed blenders

  • SecretX

    who is this guy? obvious he isn’t famous enough to give out his opinion to a company that brought gaming back to the world. In my opinion Disney is becoming an evil company.

    • eh

      Becoming? Disney sold their soul a long time ago.

      • ayobro

        It’d be just like the axis of evil all over again

  • Hoggy110

    The idiocracy…IT BURNS!!!

  • Gus Duenes

    oh no. nintnedo stays up on its own or it goes down on it’s own

  • ronin4life

    Everyone seems to have business advice for Nintendo… while they themselves are the ones falling into relative obscurity and failed businessess.

    Why should a successful company sell themselves away…

    Also, HHG? Uh, okay. ¬.¬

  • Guymelef

    if only for Nintendoland? really? Nintendo can always partner up with Disney or Universal Studios to have a Nintendo-themed park, without the need to sell their soul.

  • I am Error.

    I do think he has a point at Nintendo not always seeming to appreciate what they have, at least in the States. While mediocre Mario collectibles are pretty easy to find in America you have to shop overseas for anything cool Zelda, Metroid, StarFox-related, etc. Okay, I do find Angry Birds merchandise tiresome and lame, but the biggest problem I have with it is that it’s easier for me to locate collectibles for that franchise than it is for something culturally relevant like Zelda.

    • Seriously? You’d rather have a cheap Zelda game from Disney Interactive or something like that just to have Zelda merch?

  • If Nintendo is sold to Disney it will happen the exact same thing it happened to Rare when bought by Microsoft. It will stop producing quality. Look at Disney Interactive. Why should a high quality company be bought by a low quality company (in the gaming division, of course.) Disney have never produced even one game considered a industry great. And… who is this guy again? To be giving THE Nintendo business advice!?

    • Yeah, Disney’s good at making movies, tv, and merch. Marvel and Star Wars become part of that fairly easily. Disney are the guys who closed LucasArts. Does anyone really want to see what EA will do with Zelda?

      //can’t believe we’re taking this argument seriously

      • PattonFiend

        They are good at making Star Wars, huh?

        Speak for yourself, lol…

    • Pat | Lady Gaga

      If Disney did buy Nintendo most likely Nintendo would still have the same leadership and remain unchanged (except they would have more funding and probably more movies based on Nintendo characters) Marvel is the same and it is owned by Disney…. So is Star Wars. Nintendo games would most likely stay the same. Hey and we could have a Nintendo Land and Zelda movie!

  • Andy Samson

    Dude’s an idiot. Spent too much time at Sony’s camp.

  • Jumwa

    Why would handing your company over to some corporate bean counters encourage new blood in your company? I guess when they start laying off employees and hiring on newer, less experienced designers for cheap that’ll get the new blood.

    Nintendo is doing fine, on a profitability level they do better than the other console makers, while producing more games and more new games in the process. Why you would mess with that success is beyond me. I’ll leave those fantasies to the armchair executives.

    • PattonFiend

      I believe that you are correct. Nintendo is only expanding yet companies like Sony are literally liquidating almost ALL of their assets just to break even. The Vita really, really hurt them and the PS4 being so cheap isn’t going to help them either… I feel bad for Sony… They are the ones who need Disney before they collapse into non-existence.


      They even had to do it with the PS3 as well:


      • Jumwa

        Great info. Meanwhile Microsoft has sunk massive amounts of money to little effect into the Xbox line for years.

        This is all while ignoring the silly idea of Nintendo not making any new games. Disregarding the fact they do make new IPs, (they’ve released several on the eShop lately just off the top of my head) and support other developers in making new IP, (such as Wonderful 101) if you even compare some of their similar games in the same franchise…

        If you were to release Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land with a different coat of paint on either one (change Mario to be some other character) and say it was made by a different company, you’d find no end of accolades for how brilliantly different they are. And those are both 3D Mario platformer titles.

        Most of Nintendo’s games are gameplay focused, and the IP they use to coat it is just paint. It’s the gameplay where they shine and show their creativity and uniqueness.

        • Agreed. Mario Party could have been a whole new IP. Same goes for Mario Kart since they have a gameplay so different from the main Mario series. But yet, they kept known faces with new ideas. Is just clever. Now about IPs, people forget very easily. Brain Age, Pushmo, Last Story, Nintendogs, Pandora’s Tower, Mii games. These are all new series. Target at different audiences of course. Some to hardcore, some to casual. The thing is the so called “hardcore gamers” only want games made for them.

      • Yeah. I don’t get from where these people get that Nintendo is doing bad. Wii U is doing bad. That doesn’t mean the company is. At least not on the level of selling their company. Nintendo has more money than most people think.

  • The Disney idea is horrible, the rest I agree with.

  • JJ

    Disney = Miley Cirus

    • After this, expect Hanna Montana for Smash Bros. lol

  • PattonFiend

    I have an extremely tough time believing that people like this even stand a chance at holding a job in this industry… Blows my mind…

  • oh-so-windy

    I think forcing brilliant designers to work under Disney’s tyranny would only make them quit.

  • Hunter French

    LucasArts is advising Nintendo to not listen to this guy.

  • Softballumpire

    I find it very funny they want Nintendo to do something new when the other companies have done the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over.

  • Megami Sama

    David Jaffe can go suck a big one.