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Detective Pikachu confirmed for the west, amiibo revealed

Posted on January 12, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Update: Detective Pikachu also launches March 23 in the west. The “special limited-edition” Detective Pikachu amiibo is larger than the standard figures we’ve seen in the past and can unlock short videos that may contain helpful hints.

Original: Detective Pikachu is finally coming west, The Pokemon Company has revealed. A new amiibo will also be released.

Today’s news ties in with Japan, as Detective Pikachu is heading to retail in the country. A physical package will be sold with the amiibo on March 23.

Here’s a trailer promoting the release:

As for the west, Detective Pikachu has now popped up on The Pokemon Company’s press site along with an image of the amiibo above and character art from the game. We’re now waiting on more specifics, so stay tuned.

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  • Kamiyouni


    • wombat


  • GoldenTriforce

    This didn’t make the Direct because???

    • Exposer

      Because its Pokemon and Pokemon are “too cool” for Directs…Also this is 3DS.

      • GoldenTriforce

        On one hand I get it being 3DS but on the other hand Wii U games have appeared in 3DS Directs, and this was a major lost marketing opportunity

    • Jesús T. “chusetto”

      Because is TPCi

      • Someone get’s it :O

    • Mark

      The Pokemon Company is a fifteen-year-old with his family on a trip to Disney World. He’s coming along; he’s secretly enjoying it. But he is not going to be seen walking around with his goofy parents and baby brother wearing Mickey Mouse ears. He’ll be following along, a few steps behind, trying unsuccessfully to look like some cool kid who decided to go to “It’s a Small World” for the irony of it all.

      • MagcargoMan

        The Pokemon Company doesn’t like fun though. See Mario Maker’s Pokemon costumes and the lack of Pokemon Mii outfits in Mario Kart 8.

        I’d say The Pokemon Company is more like that kid who has everything yet refuses to share.

        • Or how Pokémon amiibo are all from other games and have zero function in the core series when implementing them and making more would be free money.

          • MagcargoMan

            I don’t really see that as a problem given how there’s only six Pokemon amiibos meaning whatever themed bonus they’d give in Pokemon games would only benefit/reference a minority of the Pokemon available.

  • UK Pokémon News

    Sauce on it coming to the West?

  • Rafael Bueno

    Finally geez
    what took you so long?

  • Mark

    Oh my god, I want that Amiibo.

  • Exposer

    Okay this is what I think the game was delayed because when it was launched the first episode Kalos was the current gen, but now you can see Alola-ish background and a Mimikyu, so probably the flesh out the story to be a full game and add 7th gen stuff.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I feel like this game would have been better for the Switch

    • Mark

      That’s how I’ve been feeling about everything.

    • MagcargoMan

      Maybe when they make the rest of the episodes they can make a HD port that has all the episodes together.

  • TheGoomba

    Japan and Europe get a yellow box. America gets white. Why?

  • Carlos

    Finally! It’s probably too late now though. I think they lost a lot of sales by waiting until after the Switch was out.

  • Fan Bao

    Some more information.
    This version of the game contains the previous download game, which is only the beginning of the story. So may be this time the story will complete (or will it?). There is a chapter 0 book as pre-order bonus from Japanese Pokémon Center, hope Amazon or GameStop could have that as well. Japanese website shows that it contains 2 voice languages and 8 text languages, and hope that’s same for all versions.

  • Auragar

    Finally with more content and a physical release heck yeah. The amiibo is kind of cool! Too but eh…

  • Leah Weisgarber

    Say What