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Disable 3DS’ region lock with new workaround

Posted on January 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Podcast Stories

If you happen to have a 3DS with v4.5 firmware or older, you might just be able to avoid the system’s region lock. Some folks over at GBAtemp have created a workaround that allows for games in different regions to be successfully booted.

All you need is a DS or 3DS flashcard, which runs a special patched launcher file. The code modifies your system to load cartridges from other regions. Once completed, more recent firmware can be installed to play imported games that require it.

Keep in mind that this method is not at related to piracy. Users can only play retail games – not ROMs – that have been purchased legally.

You can find more information about the workaround here.

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  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    *_* I hope my firmware is compatible!!!!
    Attack on Titans, here I come!

    • ShilaquilOneal

      This story got it wrong.

      It only works with 3DS handhelds with firmware 4.1 up to 4.5

      It will not work with 3DS systems that are beyond 4.5

  • James Fox

    Sounds iffy, need to see video for proof of it working

    • Duo8

      Oh just try it. It’s not gonna hurt.

      • James Fox

        One problem, Flash carts (for DS and 3DS respectively) are now hard to come by (just like traditional light bulbs) because they are considered unlawful
        Not to mention those whom sell them are forced to go offline for good

        • No they’re not. A simple search will find you sites that sell them. It’s not as if they were ever on Gamestop shelves. They are only illegal in Japan.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            “They are only illegal in Japan”


            Here are the other nations that consider flash cards illegal: Germany, Italy, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium & France.

            In the US, the ESA cracks down on retailers who sell flash cards. That’s why GameStop, Wal-Mart or Target won’t ever sell them.

            So they’re practically “illegal” in the US as well. Like pot.

          • Was completely unaware of Belgium’s ban

        • Reiswindy

          Here in South America it’s very common to find shops selling these.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            And that is why videogame companies ignore South America.

          • Reiswindy

            Sony’s strong presence here says otherwise.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            Strong presence? There is no such thing in terms of their videogame business. They have no offices there to speak off either. If anything, they have offices that deal mainly with their other unrelated products.

            Fact is, Sony and the other companies have done their research about venturing into LA. And it has been revealed that unless they build factories to make the consoles over there, they aren’t going to be able to sell product that is usually sold at 3-4 times as much as in the US.

            Piracy and the illegal black market reigns in South America. That is why, as you said it yourself:

            “Here in South America it’s very common to find shops selling these”

            And that is why you get the table-scraps from these companies. So keep supporting the pirates and the black market. I am sure that they’ll provide you with all you need.

  • Maxo

    Goddamit whats with the 4.5 firmware curse that makes it so abusable to find stuff like this, hopefully there are people already working on this with the current firmware as well, i dont expect them to find any workarounds soon though ;_;

    • Duo8

      Hope it’s not the PS3 all over again…