Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze art

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4 months ago by (@NE_Brian)

  • Purple3DSXL

    Crap, I like that Polar Bear! I think I may get my first DK game :).

  • Tracy Bowersox

    I loved DKCR, but the tikis were completely devoid of personality. I like these guys a lot more.

    • L.A.C.

      I know what you’re saying. The Tiki’s design was very poor and uninteresting. They paled in comparison to the K. Rool and his Kremling Crew. But these new viking villains are much more interesting visually-wise. I would say in the level of the Kremling Krew.

      • Thomas_NE

        I thought their actual design, copying musical instruments, was very cool. They just didn’t get a single chance to show off their personality, because all the cutscenes featured the bosses they were controlling instead.

        • L.A.C.

          The leaders were interesting to some extent, but the whole army was dull. Almost all of them looking too alike. To me, the final boss was the most disappointing. Hopefully Tropical Freeze improved upon this.

    • Lolo

      Yeah I completely agree with you. When I looked at it, it wasn’t really interesting how the kongs enemy were just tikis. But these Vikings are lot more interesting. For example, I love how the big Penguin with a spear sometimes cowers in fear when the Kongs get close, thats too funny.

  • L.A.C.

    That walrus, which is obviously the leader and main villain, looks menacing. I was sure the leader of this vikings would be a Polar Bear.

    • Lolo

      I was going to laugh hard if the head honcho was a Giant Penguin. Looks like the walrus’ huge horn is his main weapon…this will be a very interesting final battle.

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