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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze makes the GamePad go dark while playing on TV

Posted on December 18, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Like many Wii U games, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze supports off-TV play. But if you happen to be playing regularly – on TV that is – the controller will go dark. Retro implemented the functionality in order to “save battery.”

While we’re on the topic of controllers, Tropical Freeze will support a whole bunch of them. You can use the GamePad, Pro Controller, Wiimote and nunchuck combo, or Wiimote by itself (sideways).


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  • I am Error.

    About time! I wish more titles that don’t utilize the touch screen would let the screen go dark until tapped.

    • JCman7

      I agree it annoys the heck out of me especially when I play laying down and I have too stare at two exactly the same screens.

  • Wii U games should get an update for this. I mean, it looks so retarded to have two screens displaying the exact same image. It is worst when you’re not even playing with the Gamepad and worst of all we are loosing hours of the battery life just because the geniuses at Nintendo decided that was nothing to be concerned about. Thank you Retro, for showing the people at Japan how it’s done.

    • guest#3643

      You just have to press the home button while you’re playing with a controller that isn’t the gamepad and selcet “gamepad options”. There you can switch off the gamepad screen.
      But when you click any button on the gamepad, the screen will turn on again. So you can use this option when you are playing witch a Wii remote or a Wii U pro controller. 🙂

      • That is what I do. Since I have no other option. But the Gamepad is still on and draining battery life. Even when I play with another controller, the Gamepad is there wasting battery. I love the Gamepad, but one of the worst things the Wii U have it’s it’s dependency on the Gamepad.

  • Mr. Foogy

    They seriously need to be making the two screens to use, or otherwise it’s just a big clunky controller.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care if they put a HUD or a dancing monkey. Do _something_ with it

    • Skarnet

      they’ll use it for off-tv, where i play 100% of my singleplayer wii u games, so i’m glad there’s no gimmicks that would make it off-tv incompatible! and it’s nice that they are saving the battery if i should try the co-op on the big screen. And no light distractions from a similar image on the gamepad in that situation. Retro doing everything right here 🙂

      • I use off tv mode a lot as well. It feels like a more natural way of playing. Doesn’t mean it cant be used for features though. Games like Trine 2, mario 3d world and rayman legends all support touch screen functionality on the lower screen when in off tv mode.

        As for the gamepads comfort. Aside from the shoulder buttons I find it very ergonomic and an ideal weight. I wish more gamepad were bigger and more spread out. I don’t really see why I would bother picking up my pro controller, but it supports pro controller and wii motes so the choice is yours..

  • Jamar Moore

    They go from Innovatively using the gamepad with Nintendo Land, duplicating the screen with 3D World, and now it’s just gonna go black to “save power.” Being a casual gamer, I don’t play long enough for the battery to even start dying, and besides, we JUST GOT A NEW BATTERY! There are alot more Wii U owners since launch (880,000 to 5 million.) and none of them are able to use the gamepad as it SHOULD be used! You gave us a controller with a screen, and while we use off-tv play alot, we were PROMISED other features! USE WHAT YOU GAVE US!

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