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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze sold through 35% of initial shipment in Japan

Posted on February 21, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze sold 36,000 units (give or take) in its first week on the Japanese market. This we know. Media Create, however, has shared a few extra bits about the game’s sales.

Perhaps most significant, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze only sold through 35.28 percent of its initial shipment. Media Create mentions that the series is seeing a downward trend in sales. As previously mentioned, Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii sold 163,000 units in its first week while the 3DS port sold another 104,000 units.

Aside from the Wii U’s lower installed base, why are gamers seemingly less interested? Media Create speculates that people aren’t being enticed by the new layers within Tropical Freeze. The sales tracker also cautions people to consider the heavy snow last weekend, especially in places like Tohoku and Kanto areas.

And of course, we can’t forget about what kind of title Donkey Kong is. Media Create points out that more sales will come over a longer period of time due to its evergreen nature.

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  • ronin4life

    As much as we would all like to blame the snow and the post holiday Market(and as powerful as these arguments are…)

    DQ wasn’t too terribly hurt. I doubt the PS4 will be either. I won’t doubt the snow had an effect(DQ sales *were* also rather small comparatively) but until we can say 100% that such an event could have this powerful an effect it shouldn’t be considered a strong factor.

  • superphillip32

    Pretty much all series on the Wii U are seeing a downward trend. It seems like few Wii U owners, not just in Japan but worldwide, just don’t buy software.

    • PattonFiend

      I posted this a few days ago.

      That is how you support the Wii U. 25 retail discs, 15 indies and 6 VC so far in one years time… Not…Too…Shabby.

      • bigshynepo

        How many did you buy used?
        Serious question.

        I had over 100 PS3 games but worked at best buy where used games cost us the price of their trade in value. Still bought lots new tho.
        Blu-ray was the real killer, buying 2-5 titles a week during the format wars in the hopes our format would “survive”…. my wallet isn’t reminiscing.

        • PattonFiend

          ZombiU and NintendoLand are my two used games. Bought them both off of ebay the week I got the console. All of the rest have been bought new, most on sale, and some of those up there in the picture are still in their cellophane wrap.

      • Eh, I’m fine playing the games I like and not worrying about sales figures or “supporting” anyone. They’re a billion dollar business and can figure it out themselves.

      • superphillip32

        Nice collection. I have 22 retail discs myself. We’re in the minority unfortunately. :/

      • Douglas Siano

        You don’t support it by buying retail disks. You support it buy buying it as a digital download! That said, I have 11 disks and 4 full-size digital downloads.

        • PattonFiend

          Dude, I bought 15 indie games… and what kind of mentality is that? 25 disc games is a LOT of support…

      • Johann Stein

        wow nice cllection! if only i had the money yo buy that much games… by now i have 8 WiiU titles…

  • Nocturne

    i feel like this game is more for the west but many fans loved dkcr still this series is missing something that sets it apart from the snes days

  • GenkiJAM

    I think what’s not being considered here are DIGITAL SALES. This game is available at retail as well as on the eShop. Perhaps more Wii-U owners opted for digital over physical.

    • ronin4life

      That wouldn’t help explain why they shipped so many Physical Copies.

      That sell-through rate is a bigger issue than the sales total of Physical + Digital right now.

      • GenkiJAM

        Isn’t it possible, though, that they just over-estimated the number of physical copies they needed for shipping? Isn’t it possible that more owners opted for digital? Hell, isn’t it possible that people decided to save their money because they were getting PS4s?

    • TalesOfBS

      Even if they count digital sales, it did bad. Also, Nintendo is missing the point that most of games today need a girl a main character or boobs as plot to sell in japan.
      Same for the West, just replace girl and boobs with violence and guns.

  • Jack Saat

    The true is that this one once again not let you play with diddy in single player mode like the Snes version allowed you too! Also what set this apart of the DKCr title apart of new characters and HD graphics and underwater levels? It needed something amazing to stand out more humor for example that was lagging from DKCr as well sure they had some fun on screen stuff but nowhere near the humor of the snes titles! However like a big fan of Donkey Kong County I sure will get my copy but the problem is that I will have to buy one Wii-U for it… hope they release one 3ds version soon :S

  • stealth20k

    It will sell fine in the long run

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