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Doom for Switch will have all updates / DLC except level editor, physical version needs update for multiplayer

Posted on September 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Bethesda has shared more information about Doom for Switch, which was one of the more surprising announcements during today’s Nintendo Direct.

First, almost all updates and DLC will be included. The only exception is the SnapMap level editor.

Bethesda also says that the physical version will only include the single-player campaign because of size constraints. A separate downloadable update will be needed for online multiplayer.


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  • MrCafecito

    The best way to approach this, really.
    In fact, if I don’t want the multiplayer I can just not download it right? And this way the game fits on a smaller card leading to cheaper game!

  • bdp

    I wonder if the download version would even fit on a standard Switch.

    • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

      Who knows, NBA2K18 was supposed to be like 25gigs but the download for the switch is like 6.8gigs so who knows what kinda crazy compression will be in place to get to that magic 8gigs or less size

      • Melatelo

        Honestly the compression-whilst great in principal..can severely impact the game in all kinds of fields. Especially of that magnitude, its going to have its fair share of repercussions.

        • kearnel

          agreed, rayman legends has the longest loading times of any system on the switch due to compression, digital foundry timed them

        • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

          Turns out the 6.8gb is just the download for the physical version! The digital is still around 23gigs so yea…

          • Melatelo

            Lol so they did cheap on with the cartridges then. Why else would 2K put a whole extra 17GB for a day 1 patch. Crazy.

  • Roto Prime

    perfect, I will never pay for Nintendo online, so this is great, would be nice if they could add a offline multiplayer option with ADHOC <3

  • awng782

    It’s a shame the whole game isn’t on the cart. Hope the online multiplayer portion doesn’t require an SD card.

    • Blackbishop

      Most likely it will. I guess it would be like a +30GB download for the MP component.

      • given that the assets will be scaled down, it’s doubtful that the size would be comparable to THE PS4/XONE versions.

  • Aiddon

    Doesn’t Doom’s multiplayer kinda suck too?

    • theFooFighter

      It’s not terrible, if anything it’s decent but the single player is clearly the focus

      • Raziel

        It’s very arena-esque, but not fully arena due to things like loadouts. Basically, it sucks if you’re big into arcade shooters like CoD and later Halo games, but it’s honestly the closest thing old-school arena shooter fans have to a live multiplayer community.

        Basically, it sucks if you hated shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, but it’s not exactly the best thing in the world if you loved games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, but outside of games with extremely low player counts like LawBreakers and Quake Champions, Doom is really the only current-gen go-to for that kind of online shooter unless you want to deal with being part of a community where 200 concurrent players online globally is considered noteworthy

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    Good thing I only plan on playing the single player. 🙂

  • Airsh Bornely

    Wow. I sure wish I had this option on the Xbox One… It forces you to update which I hate. I don’t care about the mutiplayer, even if they’re giving it out the dlc for free now. I guess I’ll wait for the Switch version.

    • Exy

      Every version to date forces you to download 60 GB for an online component you may never use. If performance is up to other versions, this might be the best console version because it forces you to go out of your way to download the multiplayer game.

  • Leonel

    My wallet and bank account will be empty before the year ends. A lot of great stuff coming out and I’m very excited this could be my replacement for resident evil

  • Reggie

    Works for me. I don’t play multiplayer. Shame about there being no level editor though. On the plus side, all DLC included is great.

  • Melatelo

    Nintendo really need to sort out this cart situation problem it’s facing. The whole point of cartridges is that there are no installs (apart from patches ofc), yet since 32GB is the biggest option (and clearly pricey for devs) we get a situation like this. I hope Nintendo create bigger carts and the cost to produce those carts go down. This is kind of essential looking ahead.

    • subpopz

      The point of cartridges is that they are small (portable), that they are faster than optical, more durable than optical (portable), don’t skip when bumped (portable), don’t have the moving parts and laser that optical does (again, for portable) and easier on the battery (portable). Not having installs is not the point of cartridges at all. Just slap an SD card in your Switch already.

      • they are only faster if devs don’t compress the crap out of it (looking at you Rayman Legends)

  • Tlink7

    Nice, looking forward to this one

  • A slight tech downgrade is a worthwhile sacrifice imo to be able to take a game like this (where the primary focus is single-player) on the go. As long as it runs smoothly, since the game flow in this one is so fast. I hope it’ll be the first of many similar ports. (Wish they’d include Doom I and II though…)

  • I’ve heard Doom 64 was surprisingly good, let’s see it on Virtual Console maybe

  • Raymond

    If Gundam SD for psvita can come with two cartridge that one extra cartridge is using to patch the game so that you can install it without wasting too much internet, surely Nintendo can come up with this kind of approach to fix limited cartridge capabilities, give us two cartridges, one for the game one for the patches…