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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on Switch – full details

Posted on May 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, News, Switch

News leaked out from V Jump earlier today that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 launches for Switch in Japan this fall. Courtesy of Gematsu, we have the following overview in full detail:

New Systems

  • Ad-Hoc Co-Op Play – A first for the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, using ad-hoc correspondence, you can play with up to six nearby players.
  • Ultimate Techniques with the Motion Sensor – For example, by using the Joy-Cons with both hands, you can trigger a “Kamehameha.”
  • Two-Player Joy-Con Battles – Battle against a friend on the same Switch using the two Joy-Con controllers.


  • Limited Time Bonus – Experience the “Time Patrol” main story from the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • For Early Buyers – A code to unlock the characters from the main story early. By using this code, you will have access to more than 70 characters from the start.

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  • Kenshin0011

    YES! Now we just need the exact same in the USA! I’m so excited!!!! HUGE Dragon Ball fan!

    • Felipe M.

      The cover looks great but they could have left out “For Nintendo Switch”. On the plus side, it looks fitting.

  • hi v3.0

    Love Bandai Namco’s suppport on Switch

  • Khaaaaan

    Why not now? I need the game now!

  • makine

    Limited Time Bonus – Experience the “Time Patrol” main story from the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


  • SM

    so does it come with the DLc or not

    • Felipe M.

      Unfortunately the DLC packs appear all to be paid-content.

  • ForeVision

    Looking forward to it. I’ve missed DBZ on Nintendo consoles/hybrids for a while now, ever since my disk for Tenkaichi 2 went missing 😛

  • SpectralDynamite

    Is there a full English option?

    • Felipe M.

      The game’s got two dubs English and Japanese.

      • SpectralDynamite


        • Felipe M.

          The English dub is pretty amazing these days but I have a few nitpicks with it. It’s become tradition to always pick Japanese audio for the DB games I play.

          Btw, I love that they’re including Time Patrol so it makes Xenoverse 2 on the Switch as “Xenoverse 1+2 for the Nintendo Switch”. : D

          • Fore

            If there is one Japanese series/game that I want dubs in, it’s Dragonball. Goku and Vegeta in particular, sound TONS better in English to me. But thankfully for both of us, there be options.

          • SpectralDynamite

            So even if some DLC’s not included, it’s basically both games in one package, like they did for Bayonetta on the Wii U, right?

  • Johnathan Lenig-Lopez

    Limited time bonus? I’m curious what that means. Also, will experiencing the first game’s story mean we can remake are characters from the original? I would prefer this on the Switch over the PS4, but I really want to keep my character as the future Warrior.

    • Felipe M.

      Means it’s an incentive for customers who pre-order it.

  • Super has me wanting to get into the DB universe. This is tempting.

    Kind of funny how the Switch has its little shonen thing going on now too though. One Piece, Dragon Ball.

    Now give us the Sailor Moon RPG or beat-em-up we deserve for some shojo love~!

  • Rose Supreme

    Wow… Xenoverse 1’s story for XV2?
    Is this for Switch only? If so, damn… that is some totally rad exclusive content. ON A NINTENDO CONSOLE.

    • Felipe M.

      Yeah, that’s pretty cool, I’d say.

      Give us FighterZ next, Bandai. 🙂

  • Felipe M.

    So it’s basically Xenoverse 1 + 2 for the Switch. I’ve already pre-ordered/pre-paid so can’t wait to receive it.

    I never got around to fully play Xenoverse 1 on my 360.