Dragon Quest XI sold through 76% of its initial shipment in Japan, gave 3DS a huge boost - Nintendo Everything

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Dragon Quest XI sold through 76% of its initial shipment in Japan, gave 3DS a huge boost

Posted on August 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch

Japan just had one of its best weeks in a long while in terms of gaming sales. Dragon Quest XI finally launched to huge success, and Nintendo shipping out a steady supply of Switch units also helped.

Console-wise, the sales of all 3DS systems combined sold 417.62 percent more than last week. Again, part of this was due to the release of Dragon Quest XI. Square Enix also put out a special Liquid Metal Slime New 2DS XL design, which was no doubt purchased by many consumers.

As for software, Dragon Quest XI on 3DS sold 1.149 million units with a sell-through rate of 75.63 percent. However, even when combined with the sales of the PS4 version (950,000 copies, for a combined total of 2.099 million), it doesn’t match up to Dragon Quest IX. That game came out only on DS and sold 2.319 million copies in its first week. The same goes for Dragon Quest VIII, which sold 2.167 million copies in its first week.

Media Create also says that based on how the ratio for digital sales has been increasing over the past few years, perhaps the game would have about the same numbers as Dragon Quest VIII when both physical and digital sales are combined. It’ll be interesting to see how the game does over the long haul, and how much of an impact is made by the Switch version.

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  • Reggie

    Lmao, this is hilarious. This game was supposed to give a huge boost to the PS4, and instead it is the 3DS that did.

    • There are so many salty Sony fans that are bitter about the general performance of the 3DS version. It’s kind of hilarious, but so unnecessary.

      I didn’t expect the 3DS family to see such a boost, regardless of how much the game was going to sell, but I’m glad~.

      • Reggie

        And oh how I love me some salt.

        • Same~. I am sick and tired of console wars, but this feels pretty good.

      • Fore

        They are? Huh, goes to show how strong the console wars still burns. I wonder how Sony themselves are about that, since I’d love to know the truth behind the rising rumours of them doing deals to try and dial back/halt Nintendo’s momentum of late.

        • Yeah. I knew a few would be, but some are. . . well, I had some good laughs. I think Sony is a mixed bag. If I went off of gut feeling, I think they do respect and admire Nintendo; but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also a bit begrudging and they take their success harsher than they feel they need to. Like trying to steal things away from Nintendo for feeling threatened.

          It’s not fair. But I think even those won’t go how they think. At what point does their deal cost them more than the success of the sales? And many of the deals they’ve tried for so far are very timed exclusive. It’s like a desperate struggle, really.

          • Fore

            Timed exclusive aye, but the question therein is: How much does time matter? People tend to be impatient and want their games now, although perhaps that too is shifting. I’m willing to wait for games on my Switch, I’ve time aplenty and won’t let such deals get to me.

            It’s the nature of the whole affair, even if they’re not exactly mentioning each-other and saying how they’re better than they used to, they’re still fighting over the same thing: Our patronage.

            That said, if Sony is truly making such deals, I’d have pegged them higher than keeping quiet. I mean MS didn’t with the Tomb-Raider affair, so why are they?

          • It depends, I think. Some series have legs, so time doesn’t mean much. But if you have only one console anyway, you do have to wait. Hehe. Hence, it is very individual.

            True. And while that does apply most strong to them as far as hardware in gaming goes, that’s the nature of business~. Technically, they’re also competing with other media as well.

            If they keep quiet, they won’t look s bad.

          • Fore

            But the rumours and negative press will stack up, and people will believe it regardless. I’d say the damage to Sony’s reputation is done at this point, not that the Sony Tribe would care.

            I actually respect MS for simply saying what the plan was, instead of acting sneaky and back-handed. If you’ve got such a deal, then out with it. It’s part of the whole business after all.

            Time always means something, since again, many people aren’t willing to wait. They want to play the game at that moment, and the longer you wait, the cheaper the other games will be in comparison. Which is the Switch’s overall situation right now with ports, isn’t it?

          • I agree. But there is letting people say things, and admitting to them. Heh, but yeah, it’s funny because Sony still has prominence, but they’re basically riding on the idea of graphics and power. Which are important, but will not carry a console. (Especially clear in the case of DQ11.)

            MS gets pretty crooked and conniving and I think how they attempted to start this gen set them up for the position they’re in now. Sony came out looking way better and they’re still riding on that. Although MS making some bad decisions doesn’t help, but they’re also making an effort in other ways (like the Minecraft cross-play and even hosting it for Nintendo players).

            Kind of. But notice how well some of these ports are doing? If anything, the wait has been beneficial for devs/publishers and consumers. Switch versions of some of the JP games are like definitive versions (all of the gameplay, previous DLC and some exclusive bonuses). And they’ve done better. That won’t always be the case of course, and we are getting some releases at the same time now (DQ Builders, Nights of Azure, etc.) .

            When it comes to hush hush, it depends on the company and title. I actually think Nintendo is keeping DQ11 hush-hush, and when you think about it, it makes sense for them to wait since they don’t want the game competing with their own bigger titles. But some of the other stuff? I actually think some of it is Sony, and some of it is the nature of publishers.

          • Fore

            I don’t see why DQ couldn’t release during Pokken, honestly.

            And I get what your saying with definitive editions, but then I say: People will have played it already. How many of them will shell out again for the same game? I’ve done so with MK8, but only because it has battle-mode, AND I didn’t get any DLC for it.

            These days, it seems to become more and more important to wait with your game purchases due to what else comes down the line.

          • I could see that one, but maybe it’ll even be a worldwide release for the Switch version.

            I don’t know. But not everyone with a Switch owns another home console. And some people don’t mind double-dipping. And the nice thing is, some exclusive DLC and features adds things that people might really like or want. Not surprised on MK though, lol.

            That’s true. A number of series now are renown for doing that. Heck, even the Atelier series got into the pattern of Plus versions releasing up to a year behind; to the frustration of many, especially in one of those cases where they released what was kind of a bad game and screwed over a lot of us.

            Indeed, it would be nice to see Iwata Asks continued. I think Sakurai would be kind of good for it since he already does something similar anyway at Famitsu or Dengeki, but I could see Koizumi being great for it.

            Extella did not, for sure. And Disgaea basically did as bad on the Switch as it did on the PS4 in Japan. Don’t remember if NPD said anything about it, but we’ll know for Extella in the West in a while.

          • Fore

            I know Extella was fairly high on the charts at my retailer, though of course that doesn’t say too much. I’ve got good hopes that it did well.

            Again, I’m not sure if the double dipping thing/exclusive content will make enough of a difference than being released at the same time. Only time can tell that.

          • Well, it has helped some titles. We’ll see if it makes any difference with DQ11, but since Disgaea 5 has benefitted (and I’ll bet Extella will benefit a bit in the West), I can see it not being damaging.

          • Fore

            Yeah but Didsgaea and Extella are older games, DQ is still quite fresh. I guess the situation would be the same as Dragonball Xenoverse 2 right now, since that came out Oktober 2016.

            I will have a good laugh if XV2 sells more on Switch than anywhere else.

          • Fore

            A little off-topic, but I saw you say you like financial tidbits about companies, so this may be of interest to you: http://www.bandainamco.co.jp/cgi-bin/releases/index.cgi/file/view/5854?entry_id=5332

          • Thanks~. I enjoy collecting Bamco data as well, as I get to compare their total groups (gaming, toys/hobby, etc). It’ll be interesting to line and compare their OP numbers to Toei’s.

          • Fore

            YW. Personally when I look at that, I go cross-eyed 😛

            I’m just hoping third-parties find their games to sell satisfactory on Switch.

  • Yay, DQ! XI is doing well, given how things are in Japan right now. I’m glad for the game and Horii and co.

    I can’t wait for the Switch version~. I’m very curious about which versions we’ll see in the West.

  • Blackbishop

    As expected, this just demonstrates why people says the 3DS is already dead and why no one should create games for it ever…

  • geri911

    What if the Engliah version turns out to be a Switch exclusive? Not that its possible because ita highly unlikely. If Nintendo was able to pull that i’ll be freaking stoked. Imagine the Salt that would pour out. Lol