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EA “exploring other products” for Switch, has to consider “player differences”

Posted on June 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

As of now, EA has just a single game lined up for Switch – that being FIFA 18. A big question going forward is how much the publisher will end up supporting Nintendo’s console.

EA executive VP of global publishing Laura Miele commented on bringing FIFA 18 to Switch and EA’s plans in general while speaking with GamesIndustry. EA is said to be “exploring other products” and “are looking at other IP and what the technology connections need to be for that.”

Miele mentioned:

“FIFA is the largest game in the business, so the offering and expansive footprint FIFA has around the globe will help connect Switch hardware to gamers as well. So I think it’s a strong mutual partnership with Nintendo. We love the mobility of the Switch and I think the content they’ve put out is really strong on it so far. We’re going to continue to watch how the hardware does. We are exploring other products. We are looking at other IP and what the technology connections need to be for that.”

Miele added that EA’s Switch support isn’t at all related to the technology within Switch. Although there are “technical differences” compared to other platforms, apparently the bigger thing to consider “are player differences.”

“There are technical differences, yes, but I think most importantly there are player differences. When you have a game you’re playing on the go, it’s a different interface, different experience, different features, and different flow I think, then it would be if you’re playing on the sticks in your living room on a TV. So that design consideration always has to be taking place for our players.

“We never want to do just a direct port of something; we want to have a meaningful experience on the hardware. So it’s tech and design and user flow that we’re considering as we’re looking at future titles.”


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  • JJ

    Just bring frikkin’ Star Wars to Switch already.

    • amak11


  • SM

    How will you know these “player differences” if you never release the games to see if they stand a chance

    • Lance Devon

      It’s more on the costs of development weighed against purchased console market and its personal attachment rate.

      If it takes 5 million units sold per console to break even (which is a norm for AAA devs currently), then releasing it on a system with only estimated 3 million with a 90% attach ratio isn’t going to mean money for EA. And EA only talks money.

      • amak11

        But that 5 million is not just for 1 console it’s for all consoles combined

        • Guest

          Not all 5 million Switch owners are gonna buy the game if it was put on the console. People have tastes, the installed base needs to be much higher if triple A games are to come to the Switch. Otherwise you’re wasting money; it costs money to develop a port to a console. Nintendo needs to up its production asap and get its installed base to 20 million. It all rests on Nintendo on resolving its supply issues.

  • GoldenTriforce

    At least they bring up that power isn’t the issue.

  • metalpants

    That second paragraph is garbage. I’ll say what everybody is thinking…

    Pretty much every gamer wants full-blown AAA third party games on the go.

    There. I said it.

    The problem is they love that money that comes in through Sony, MS and PC too much and they’ve gotten too comfortable there. Switch is still in its starting stages so unless it blows up to numbers that at least get close to those other consoles, they won’t really go all out with it. That’s business. It’s all about cold, hard numbers.

    Also, if the Switch gets too much attention and caters to both home and mobile gamers, then obviously that’ll take business away from Sony and MS, and they are close business partners (and they make too many exclusivity deals) with them, so… put simply, focusing on Nintendo might take down some of their biggest and established income sources.

    But like I said… most people don’t care about “specialized” experiences… Nintendo’s goal with the Switch has always been to take home console games on the go. 3rd party devs need to embrace that and just adapt their software to the Switch’s hardware. It’s that simple.

  • Fore

    “When you have a game you’re playing on the go, it’s a different
    interface, different experience, different features, and different flow I
    ” And that’s where you’re better off to stop thinking, and start embracing the Switch for what it is: home-console games on the go with the freedom to choose between them at leisure. All you need to worry your heads over, EA, is making said games.

  • Captain N

    Such a generic garbage response. All you need to do is bring all your games to the Nintendo Switch and make sure they arent gimped,missing features and launch at the same time…the end !!

    And if you are so adamant about giving Switch owners something tailored to them heres all you have to do …..HD Rumble and Amiibo support…rocket science, I know 🙂

    • amak11

      Then someone needs to get on DICE about porting Frostbite to Switch

  • awng781

    At least EA has confirmed the Need for Speed developer’s statement that tech isn’t really the big issue preventing some EA games from being brought over to the Switch.

    At the very least, EA should bring over their other EA Sports games (Madden, NHL, PGA, UFC, NBA Live) to the Switch. Even if EA still doesn’t want to bring the Frostbite engine to the Switch, they could simply use the same custom FIFA Switch engine when developing Switch versions of their other EA Sports games.

    Doing that would help take care of issues regarding “different interface, different experience, different features, and different flow” that EA claims they may run into during Switch game development

    • amak11

      yeah, their issue is Frostbite… EAs own tech is the problem

      • awng781

        The lack of Frostbit will prevent non-EA Sports games from being brought onto the Switch.

        But first, EA should bring their EA Sports games over to the Switch.

  • Imparcial

    More incomplete games

  • theFooFighter

    I really don’t know what I want from ea since I don’t care about most of their stuff so ummm just give us some quick dirty ports of some old star wars stuff and the mass effect trilogy

  • Why does it have to be different? Just put it on the Switch, just like the other consoles.. Off topic, but it’s getting annoying that people are acting like the Switch is as strong as a GC. People forget that the PS3 could run games like GTA 5. And the Switch is stronger than the PS3. It can definitely run FIFA…

  • Sinara Centeno

    Bla, bla, bla…
    EA don’t like Nintendo, because the consumers of Nintendo systems always have something more interesting to play, so EA games don’t sell enough. Its simple like that.

  • Mohammad Yasin

    whenever we get it we get it I’m patient

  • R.Z.

    “We don’t want to just do lazy ports, so instead we do nothing at all”.

  • Kinda dissapoint it, they could bring easly Tittanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and maybe Anthem.

    • Vive

      Titanfall, after what Alavi said about Nintendo and the Switch? No thanks.

      • I don’t care much, is his opinion, in the other hand he won’t bring any game into Switch. Sad indeed

        • Vive

          Who cares? i mean a guy who think Nintendo is for kids would probably make a crappy port of his game, so i pass on that.

          EA could make better games for this system: for example we know Simcity is now very successfull on smartphones and tablet but it’s meant to be for casual players, they could do an hardcore Simcity for the Switch.

          • I respect your opinion. like I said is his opinion if he thinks Switch is for kids is his problem. In my opinion Tittanfall 2 is an amazing game PS4/Xbox One.

            But yeah I highly doubt he will do anything for Switch. Again, could be excellent EA could bring Battlefield 1 and Anthem for Switch, or like you said SimCity.

  • Vive

    I think the Switch is proving the opposite: the convenience to play
    every game on the go is intangible, and these games still look great on
    that 6.2 inch (e.g. Thumper on Switch is great) screen so the time of ugly looking games “specifically made” for handheld is over.

  • Zeebor

    I’d actually love the Pop Cap IPs to be on Switch. Garden Warfare was way more fun than it had any right to be.

    Hell, EA dig deep into their IP well and dredge up B.O.B., an old school Shooter/Platformer.

  • Dudrap1

    Random Fact: “Largest Game in the Business” isnt true. Many franchises are larger and have sold more than Fifa: Super Mario, Mario Kart, GTA, Call of Duty, Pokemon, Minecraft to name a few.

  • Bojan Babic

    I would be ok with Madden and MySims(aside from FIFA, that actually looks pretty good knowing how they treated wiiu). Would be cool some exclusive new stuff, some “indie” maybe, maybe that new prison game too and some good old ports would be cool, I would love to play Mirror’s Edge on the SWITCH but I don’t think they’ll do it.