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Eiji Aonuma on the more interesting aspects of Zelda

Posted on July 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Eiji Aonuma

The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma sounded off about a variety of topics relating to the franchise in a recent feature published on Nintendo’s Japanese website.

Speaking about the types of things that are interesting in Zelda, Aonuma said:

It is said that one of the interesting things about “Zelda” is the “nazotoki” (nazotoki literally means “solving a puzzle or riddle”). Whenever I think “solving a puzzle”, I just want it to not be too difficult or overly complicated. It would be better to use a “gimmick” or “trick”. That might be better. Various gimmicks are hiding in the world of Link’s adventures, so getting to discover it yourself and thinking about things such as “Can I use this?” or “I wonder if this can be used,” and you also think when you see a certain reaction in the world. We love this kind of continuous discovery, and we find it very fun.

We also recently translated a few quotes from Aonuma in which he discussed the joy in finding treasure. You can find those comments right here.


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  • MadCrain

    I prefer simple difficulty, something Ittle Dew did amazingly.

  • Napoleon Tascon

    I want puzzle that would make me think for a bit, not just “Oh this is how you do it.”

    • Dampf


  • Dampf

    I will leave this here.

    “I just want it to not be too difficult or overly complicated”

    Oh no… so again easy puzzles and linear dungeon structures? Please no. One of the things I love about Zelda is to get stuck in a dungeon and to think how can I solve this puzzle or which way should I go, is it the right one? And if I was right, I get a very rewarding feeling. But in newer Zeldas (PH, ST, SS and ALBW) I’ve sadly never had one of these moments I just breeze through the dungeons which is really sad for me… And it seems he will make the puzzles easy and the dungeons linear again, sigh. I don’t like this 🙁

    • Andy24

      IMO few Zelda games have had smart puzzles all the way through, they’ve never been that challenging. Some are solid but for the most part they are kinda gimmicky, at first I didn’t mind. The thing is ever since I’ve played SS I got fed up of those stupid puzzles, at least ALBW allowed you to explore and the few puzzles while easy were creative. It seems Aonuma is reversing by once again following the trend of modern zelda games, more gimmicky puzzles. Hopefully the other game elements will compensate for the lack of challenging puzzles.

  • Andy24

    Are you serious Aonuma? Sigh… I value his work and he really seems to be a cool dude but I truly don’t understand his design philosophy neither his design choices. They’re just so pampered because it seems he wants to appeal to a broad audience that doesn’t want a challenge but a game that gives you ‘epic’ moments. That’s why other puzzle adventure games completely outdo most of the puzzles you find in Zelda. Why can’t we get more puzzles like the one before battling puppet ganon or even 2 puzzles in SS that I thought were smart: Sky Keep and the one before the entrance of the tower where you learn the songs that take you to the silent realm. If the Zelda series is going to stick with puzzles, then at least make them entertaining and fun. I’m tired of gimmicky puzzles.

  • jimmy

    Light the torch, puch the block, play the flute, love the classics. One of my favorites was closing the ds to copy the map on Phantom Hourglass, I hope they dont deviate from the formula too much