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Etrian Odyssey V details – character creation, job change, facilities, Master Skills

Posted on May 12, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

This week’s issue of Famitsu once again has a sizable update on Etrian Odyssey V. The magazine goes over character creation, job change, facilities, and Master Skills. We’ve summarized all of the information below.

Character Creation

With this game’s character creation features, first you choose the desired race, then their job and looks. You can customize the hair, eye and skin colors. The ‘jobless’ race illustrations can also be used for the character’s looks.

Job Change

After reaching a certain point in the game, you can change character jobs without changing their looks or stats – only their level will be reduced by five without any stat penalties. You can even change to jobs not originally available to that race, for example a Therian Cestus or a Bronie Necromancer.

City Facilities

Inside Aeolis City, there are facilities like the inn and bar. In Jenetta’s Inn, you can heal, save, store items, and also take care of cows and chickens you’ve caught in dungeons. In the Witch Twilight Bar, you can take on quests which have rewards upon completion, which range from collecting certain materials to beating certain monsters.

Master Skills

You can become a “Master” after reaching certain conditions. By doing so, you can then choose from two titles for each class and learn “Master Skills”, leading to enhanced stats.


1. Adamantine Dragon Trooper (specializes in guarding)

– Soul Guard: Reduces physical damage to an ally lane, and protects against fatal damage with some probability
– Full Guard: Reduces all damage to all allies

2. Gunfire Dragon Trooper (specializes in gunfire)

– Buster Cannon: In the next turn, deal a long range break + fire attack to an enemy (damage increases the closer the distance)
– Rapid Cannon: long range break attack to an enemy, highest priority in the turn it’s used


1. The Death God who Spreads Death (specializes in inflicting status and enhancing attack)

– Cicada Cloth: Temporarily leaves with the Miasma Armament as their double, then returns at end of turn to deal a close range slash attack on an enemy. If the double received fatal damage, that damage will be nullified by sacrificing the Miasma Armament and not attacking
– Scythe of Death: deal a close range slash attack to an enemy, with probability of instant death. The probability is better if the enemy is sleeping

2. The Death God who Keeps Away from Death (Specializes in Supports)

– Chipping Miasma: For three turns, reduce physical and magic defenses of all enemies
– Scythe of Bubble: Removes all weakening statuses on an enemy, converting them to close range slash attacks X times based on how many weakening statuses were on the enemy


1. Shitenichi-Style Warrior (specializes in multi-hit attacks)

– Multi-Sword Technique: Can equip up to four swords. A fixed amount of normal damage will be inflicted X times based on how many swords are equipped
-Flowers Blooming in Profusion: Deals a random amount of close range slash attacks to each enemy, the total amount being equal to number of equipped swords X number of enemies

2. Peerless Warrior with One Blade (specializes in single-hit attacks)

– Triple Hit: Deal a maximum 3-combo hit on an enemy. In each attack there’s a probability to seal head + arm + leg, if the seal is inflicted, the attack ends right there
– Thunder Cut: close range slash + thunder attack on an enemy


1. Herbalist with Deep Compassion (specializes in healing moves)

– Area Herb: Heals all ally HPs (There is also Cure Herb which heals only an ally, and Line Herb which heals an ally lane)
– Lingering Scent: For five turns, at the end of each turn repeat the effect of last herb skill used on all allies

2. The Naive Poison Killer (specializes in inflicting status)

– Smoke Solid: Probability to petrify an enemy being inflicted with effects from a Smoke Skill
– ParalySmoke: Probability to inflict paralysis to an enemy lane, and also lower their resistance to paralysis for 3 turns


1. Monk who Controls Six Elements (learning six elements)

– Alter: At the beginning of the third turn after this is used, deal a long range break attack on an enemy, along with probability to petrify it
– Wind Stream: deals a long range slash attack to all enemies, along with probabilities to seal their arms

2. Ruler of Fire, Ice and Thunder (specializes in three elements)

– Ice Stream: long range ice attack on all enemies
– Explode: long range fire attack on all enemies

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