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Final Fantasy XIV producer once again says a Switch version is a possibility

Posted on June 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Final Fantasy XIV possibly coming to Switch is something that producer Naoki Yoshida has commented on fairly regularly. We’ve heard him weigh in on things as early as August 2015, back when Nintendo’s console was known as NX.

Kotaku once again asked Yoshida about Final Fantasy XIV on Switch in a recent interview. He unsurprisingly said that he’s still very much open the idea. However, he also stressed the importance of having cross-play.

Yoshida’s latest comments are as follows:

Yoshida: I’ve said this on several occasions, but it hasn’t changed. We would love for as many players to be on FFXIV as possible.

Conversations have been had with Mr. Phil Spencer of Microsoft, and the upper management teams of Nintendo. But I have proposed a condition every time I speak with any platform manufacturers. It’s that the game has to have the capability of cross-platform play.

Of course with an MMORPG, once it launches and starts going into live services and operations, there will be a community. No matter how small it dwindles down to, we have to be responsible for taking care of those communities. It would become an obstacle if the first-party or manufacturer changed how patches are being implemented or online regulations. Some of our external parties’ regulations don’t have MMORPGs in mind in terms of how they’re regulating their online activities. Those can become a hurdle when we consider operating FFXIV for an extended period of time, and so when I talk to those first-party companies, I ask them, ‘Do you have the capability to prepare for that, do you have the resolve that you’re going to make sure to take responsibility and take care of those, do you have that willingness?’

If we are able to come to some sort of agreement, a handshake so to speak, or if it does end up being that unfortunately we can’t do a handshake with Final Fantasy XIV, either way we’ll make sure to communicate with our players. But we have been tenacious—we’ve been trying to keep at it and be persistent about our conversations.

We do know that Nintendo is taking a more open stance with cross-play. Last week, Minecraft and Rocket League were announced as two Switch games that will allow for the feature.


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  • Stuart

    So the chances of that happening could be really good now that Nintendo is getting into cross play.

  • Operative

    It’s strange this is still an issue considering MS’s and even Nintendo’s recent open philosophy in regards to cross platform play. Though to be honest, I’m surprised they’re still aiming for a Switch port considering they just dropped PS3 support since they feel it held the game back. Not saying the Switch is not stronger than the PS3, but if they did make it to Switch, it probably wouldn’t be too long before they felt its hardware was holding the game back.

    But, speaking selfishly, it’d be amazing!

    • Indielink

      Switch has more torque to it than the PS3. That’s definitely not the concern here.

      • DeltaPeng

        Hmm, my main concern is that FF14 is an online PC MMORPG right? The text will probably be too small to play portably. Being that you need an internet connection you’d probably want to play docked anyway though.

        Personally, I probably wouldn’t get it as I don’t tend to buy into online games, having a subscription fee also makes it less likely. That said, I haven’t really investigated FF14. Anyone here play it and have anything to say concerning it per gameplay and the like? How’s it compare to other MMORPG’s? As a note I’m not a fan of traditional MMORPG questing for the sake of questing.

        • Princess_Eevee9

          I’ve never played it but follow it somewhat. The community praises this game and the detector comes from humble beginnings as the original was failed title that almost destroyed the Final Fantasy series so I hear? What I do know is you can play the game for free for either a month or up to a certain level.

        • Letrico

          FF14 is MMORPG for PC and PS4. There won’t be a problem with the UI as it will scale with the resolution + can easily be adjusted to fit Switch’s small screen.

          FF14 is atm one of the best MMORPG in the market. While the subscription can turn people off but there are free trials of 2 week + a starter edition + the subscription is only $15 a month so it is not that costly even if you want to subscribe.

      • Operative

        Like I said, I know that, but it’s not as much torque as the PS4 and that seems to be the baseline for something like stormblood.

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    Cross-play??? So sad Playstation gamers are missing out, oh well.

    Anyways count me in!

    • This game is cross play on ps4

  • GoldenTriforce

    So Sony is probably the only thing standing in their way then.

    • Erikarware

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    • Was thinking the same.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Nintendo gamers are willing to pay monthly fees to play Final Fantasy XIV? Wasn’t it a online paid game?

    • Princess_Eevee9

      You mean besides Japan buying Dragon Quest X 3 different times?

      • Aline Piroutek

        Yeah, Dragon Quest X was a failure in sales. But they made the biggest profit ever with the monthly fees.

    • I wanna invite you to my server in discord is designed to be mostly Nintendo players, news, memes, etc. let me know

  • Vive

    I feel like he’s saying all this good things about crossplay because he has to after the shitstorm with Minecraft and Rocket League.

    • Fore

      He actually has a good, solid point beyond that. You want to keep MMO servers filled, so your subscribers have enough other people to play with. PS4 and PC already cross-play, and if a sizeable Switch base is added to that, it will only serve to reinforce those 2.

  • Vigilante_blade

    That explanation was surprisingly honest and reasonable.

    • TDude73

      I agree. I believe we need more games that has cross play support for not only Xbox One and PC… but also for the Nintendo Switch as well.

  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

    Dang it why can nobody get along with Sony

    • Kaiser93

      Cus Microsoft

  • cloud36426

    This needs to happen!

  • Locky Mavo

    Well cross-play doesn’t seem like it’ll be an issue, so long as SE don’t mind excluding Sony from it, since they don’t want to play ball with other consoles, or if they can actually convince them with this game, though I find it highly unlikely.

    • Reggie

      I have doubts about that. SE and Sony share an intimate relationship with each other. I don’t think SE would want to step on their toes, not when Sony supported them when Nintendo gave them the middle finger.

      • Locky Mavo

        These are the only 5 options I can think of,
        1. Convince Sony to cross-play
        2. Ignore only Sony with cross-play, like with Minecraft/Rocket League
        3. Don’t bring FF14 to any other console at all because Sony won’t support cross-play
        4. Don’t have cross-play at all
        5. Consoles cross-play only with PC

        • Reggie

          1. Won’t ever happen.
          2. Risks facing Sony’s wrath, and Sony is too important to them.
          3. FF14 is already on PC and PS4, unless you meant SE abandoning Switch.
          4. A possible compromise, but one I don’t think SE would want.
          5. See response to number 2.

          • Locky Mavo

            Why would cross-play only with PC, like Sony is doing, or cross-play only with those willing to support it, “risk facing Sony’s wrath”? Besides, I don’t see “Sony’s wrath” as much of a threat, Sony need SE more than SE needs Sony imo.

          • Reggie

            Ehh, I guess you have a point there. At either rate, I’m sure Sony will do everything in their power to refuse cross-play like how they did with Minecraft. They might even pay off SE for it, if the rumors about MH are true.

          • Locky Mavo

            Sony can refuse cross-play all they want, but in the end it’s Sony and their gamers that are missing out. I highly doubt Sony will or even can pay off SE to stop it from happening (I simply cannot/will not believe that MH rumour without proof), as this is SE’s deal not Sony’s and SE are the ones already in conversation with Nintendo and MS. If Sony really had that much influence over SE, I highly doubt we would have even seen SE get this far into negotiations with Nintendo and MS.

            And just an addition to the “Sony’s wrath” thing, the last time we saw something like that was with the fallout with Nintendo and SE, and Nintendo came out for worse then, so it would be highly likely that Sony would come out for worse here as well, losing a major chunk of their 3rd party support if things got bad enough. SE would still have Nintendo, MS and PC to work with and people would likely just move on, just like they did before.

      • I actually think that was a case of the two equally giving each other the middle finger; and even that is on the borderline. (Like, some people are still bitter? But some of the involved parties are so chill.)

        They both did what they had to do and made sense for their companies. But yeah, it has left SE and Sony much closer than SE and Nintendo.

        • Reggie

          The thing is, SE’s departure from Nintendo is not an isolated case. Lots of developers were not happy with the Nintendo 64’s continued use of cartridges, which is why many beloved and previously faithful developers jumped ship to Sony, and why the Nintendo 64 had a comparatively smaller library of games compared to previous generations.

          SE’s relationship with Nintendo is improving, but not to the point where they have released core series FF games on their platforms (aside from NES and SNES ports/remakes). And I don’t think SE are going to necessarily want to do that when the porting process is hard and convoluted.

          ….Speaking of, I’m surprised they’re even considering FF14. It is so much harder to port a MMORPG, and a handheld is not exactly the best place for that. Why not FF12 or 13?

          • I think I only remember hearing of one other prominent company where that was the case, but I don’t even remember who. But were they peaceful separations? I don’t think Nintendo, nor the third parties were in the wrong. And I think SE and Sony’s relationship may have grown for it, SE themselves have also been a back and forth mess after the PS2. I think Sakaguchi wasn’t on bad terms with Nintendo and so the company technically wasn’t either, but when he left, what was already a bias out of economics evolved in something kinda odd.

            Frankly, core FF is a mess anymore. It doesn’t sell the way it used to, it isn’t as well-received overall as it used to be and it’s pretty apparent that SE is a mess. I think the Wii/PS3 libraries weren’t so bad; the games Nintendo got from SE were still excellent (and the DS had the main remakes, yeah), and Sony/MS got XIII. Well, which is XIII.

            It’s also key to remember that Square alone is the big mess. Enix had no qualms about keeping their main games (and spin-offs) to Nintendo with the DS and 3DS. And while PS4 is getting love from them too and the PS4 was the original/first version of XI, they aren’t skimping on the 3DS one (because Enix isn’t messy like Square is nowadays).

            There’s more to Square than just a split back in the day. They have problems. They’ve had ongoing internal problems, heck.

            I would love to get the remaaster of XII on Switch, but XIV actually makes sense. If they really bother to go all out, it would be brilliant. It’d be cool if they had an offline party mode (or basically LAN modes).

          • Reggie

            I didn’t say that SE and FF were still great – they’re nowhere near as good as they used to be. They’re definitely a mess. Don’t get me wrong there.

          • Yeah, sadly. And that’s my bad, didn’t mean to imply you were saying anything different. Just that I think Square’s insistence on being so Sony biased kind of ties into what an ongoing mess they are; especially when Enix is not faring the way they are and is perfectly fine getting along with Nintendo. (Even after they spent a period focused on Sony home consoles.)

          • Reggie

            Didn’t Square and Enix merge though? I was under the impression that they both operate under one roof.

          • Yes, and no. If I understand the situation correctly, Enix effectively lets Square people be the CEO and etc, but they’re still doing their own things when it comes to their big franchises. For instance, Square obviously has no bearing on DQ. But it does seem like the heads from Square and top people have a hand in deciding performance expectations of titles that are Enix side (Tomb Raider, Hitman).

            It’s definitely clear how Enix tends to hang back overall, and that it’s a kind of weird relationship, even for most video game mergers. (Just by nature of how it works.)

          • Reggie

            If only Hudson Soft could have been same way when it merged with Konami. Still bitter.

          • I feel like that was an acquisition disguised as a merge. More similar to what happened to Gust. Which I’m still overly bitter about.

  • Reggie

    I would buy this just to support FF on a Nintendo console even if I had no means of actually playing it.

  • Yoshi-P is very on top of things. (Go, Yoshi-P. ♥)

    I think this is more of a possibility now, with cross-play coming up more often (Minecraft, anyone?). I wonder how onboard Sony will be though. . . it’s possible from their end, but how willing are they to let others in.

    Ultimately, I still feel iffy on XIV itself (as fun and good as it looks), but I would adore if XIV and an upscaled XI came to the Switch. Heck, give us offline XI too, with a more built in Trust system.