“Fit Music for Wii U” announced

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November 6, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Today, Oxygene Media announced “Fit Music for Wii U”. The title is due out by the end of the year at retail and on the eShop.

A trailer is posted above. Details from the announcement can be found below

– Visuals “will bring you to be in touch with the personal trainer than ever in a fitness game”
– User interface fully designed for use on the GamePad
– Can check the elapse of time during Training mode or Fit Dance mode
– Based on the musical concept of the BPM (beats per minute)
– Blends pure fitness and music
– Training programs have been designed by the European Champion of Fitness Patrizia Salviato
– Patrizia Salviato is also the personal trainer in the game
– From the beginning the user is followed in a guided tutorial for the creation of the profile through the insertion of some information that will determine the current physical condition and the individual goals
– Game includes a recreational activity devoted to nutrition, made with the advice of Prof. Antonio Giordano of the Human Health Foundation and the known organization S.H.R.O. (Sbarro Health Research Organization) of Philadelphia
– The entire game was supervised by specialists in health and fitness
– Developed by Reward Studios

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  • MisterWhippy

    This looks like a video game that you might pick up in LIDL.

  • SecretX


  • PaulRock

    The Wii U version is completely different than the previous title (Wii), also the developer is another. I don’t really like this debut trailer but I’d like to see a gameplay video… I’m not a fan of fitness games but this title could be interesting.

    • Melatelo

      Holy crap. Check this guy’s post out. All of them have been to do with Fit Music. Praising it and all. He obviously works for O2. What a corrupt business. I hope nobody buys your terrible games.

      • http://gentlerobot.com/ Gentle Robot

        It’s strange how they have time to astroturf but not put out a quality product.