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Reward Studios

After announcing Fit Music for Wii U earlier this week, Oxygene Media has followed up with a second reveal for Nintendo’s console.

The publisher will be releasing the first game based on Luv Me Buddies. Reward Studios is developing the title for release later this year in Europe. In North America and Japan, it’ll be out in the first quarter of 2014.

Here’s the official game overview straight from Oxygene Media:

The product will be a collection of Luv Me Buddies-inspired minigames that is designed for a target age relatively low. The game mechanics will require to the user an easy approach based on the use of the GamePad, but for additional content that will become available in the future the user could be use the Wii Remote to perform a particular minigames in the game.

Each challenge will be focused in a particular context or with a main character, and will require different types of approach in accordance with the objective that the user must reach . In some cases you will be required to use spirit of observation and quick reflexes to identify specific characters or objects that will be presented on the screen. Other times the task will require, besides a good deal of concentration, a large memory usage, which may become necessary to assemble the objects or solve puzzles that will be proposed. There will be also a lot of dynamic challenges that will make the product varied and hectic. Luv Me Buddies: Wonderland represents a gaming sample that expresses itself through enjoyment. The product is aimed at those who do not seek a gaming revolution, but merely a videogame whose validity is achieved through an immediate and progressively more challenging gameplay, which can involve the player for a quick game or for few hours of fun.

You can find some images from Luv Me Buddies above.

Today, Oxygene Media announced “Fit Music for Wii U”. The title is due out by the end of the year at retail and on the eShop.

A trailer is posted above. Details from the announcement can be found below

– Visuals “will bring you to be in touch with the personal trainer than ever in a fitness game”
– User interface fully designed for use on the GamePad
– Can check the elapse of time during Training mode or Fit Dance mode
– Based on the musical concept of the BPM (beats per minute)
– Blends pure fitness and music
– Training programs have been designed by the European Champion of Fitness Patrizia Salviato
– Patrizia Salviato is also the personal trainer in the game
– From the beginning the user is followed in a guided tutorial for the creation of the profile through the insertion of some information that will determine the current physical condition and the individual goals
– Game includes a recreational activity devoted to nutrition, made with the advice of Prof. Antonio Giordano of the Human Health Foundation and the known organization S.H.R.O. (Sbarro Health Research Organization) of Philadelphia
– The entire game was supervised by specialists in health and fitness
– Developed by Reward Studios