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Four developers heap praise on Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Posted on March 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos, Wii U

Game Informer caught up with four developers on its latest podcast to discuss The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Ken Levine (BioShock), Jake Kazdal (Rez and Galak-Z), Jake Rodkin (The Walking Dead and Firewatch), and Aaron Lind (Battleborn and ArenaNet) participated, and spoke very highlight of the new game. Listen to their thoughts below.

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  • Jacob Groves

    They also jealous because they don’t made any masterpiece games their own. Hahahahahaha.

    Battleborn is failed and awful game with game sold badly. Hahahahahahahahaha. πŸ˜€

    • CaptainPleb

      What are you getting at? I don’t hear any jealousy at all, they all sound pretty happy about how this game turned out.

      • Billy Bob Throrton

        what are they going to say though? I mean,they and everyone knows they’ll never make a game that good.
        I feel like non-Yacht Club American devs are clock punchers with no inspiration.

        • I half agree with this. I think there are those that absolutely want to be creative and do something fun, but a lot of the publishing and industry side in the US/NA is just so stifling and. . . narrowly-focused.

          But I also think there’s a culture of encouraging each other to just create the same ol’, and not really care.

        • Burning Gravity

          that’s some heavy stereotyping there, lol

          not everyone is trying to make a masterpiece like BotW, some people are just content making games that other people find fun. there don’t need to be hard feelings or anything because of that. things like jealousy and heated (sometimes mean-spirited, in the case of Jacob Groves above) competition tend to come from over-passionate fans, not devs and publishers, lol

        • Justin McQuillen

          Sonic 2 for Sega Genesis was made in America, aside from that there’s never been a good american-made game I can think of.

          • ok that’s just crazy
            you got big problems

            and sonic 2 is not that good

          • Justin McQuillen

            I’ve got big problems? Like… name one?

          • you’ve got prejudice against video game country of origin

            i’m sorry that’s a massive problem

          • Justin McQuillen

            I just named the good game that was made in America, but somehow I am prejudiced? I didn’t see you name any.

          • because i’m not crazy enough to know which games are made in which country?

            runner 2
            batman arkham asylum
            luigis mansion 2

            but please, enjoy final fantasy 13

          • Justin McQuillen

            luigi’s mansion 2 was good, nice job

            those other 3 though, not really a fan. and i haven’t played FF13

          • stop being this weird

        • Tlink7

          Yes, the thousands of developers in the US are ALL inspirationless idiots… I must have imagined amazing titles like Team Fortress 2 and Oxenfree

    • Bioshock is kind of a masterpiece. x’D

      But the others. . . I know TWD is well-received, but yeah. (And even that has problems in its writing.)

    • Kyle K. Moore

      That’s a pretty lame comment you made there

    • You comment doesn’t make sense at all…..
      All developers are idiots except who made Zelda….

  • Kyle K. Moore

    Ugghhh this was so good, I love this goddamn game

  • It’s great to see these devs praise a great game like BOTW. If this game doesn’t win ” Game Of The Year ” at the VGAs it will be a travesty. Horizon Zero Dawn is a very good game but it isn’t touching BOTW in terms of replay appeal

    • who cares what award it wins

      the game is amazing, just play it

      the awards don’t matter

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  • Nintendofan4000

    I suppose these devs were “paid off” just like the reviewers, right? Right?? Sorry… Just had to vent about the haters.

  • Great!

  • Hope Ken Levine can bring new games to Switch, I would love he speak with 2K bring BioShock collection as well.

  • UltimaLuminaire

    This has easily been my favorite video/podcast related to BotW since its release. Watching the range of expressiveness in their faces/voices was very cathartic. You can really pick apart their passion for everything.

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