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Game Freak searching for staffer who can create models on the level of Wii U and PS Vita

Posted on March 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Pokemon developer Game Freak is currently searching for a motion modeler. The company is trying to find someone who has experience making models on the level of Wii U and PlayStation Vita, and experience with the computer program Maya is required.

Game Freak cites the following as bonuses:

– Experience in deciding character model specifications
– Experience in managing progress of character models
– Experience in producing deformed characters
– Experience in producing monster models

The modeler will be asked to work on creating character models for an unspecified consumer game development project. Among other things, they’ll be asked to produce models of characters, monsters and items, and deformed materials with toon rendering. The position with Game Freak is on a contract basis and can lead up until May 2018.

Before Switch was announced, rumors persisted of a third Pokemon entry to accompany Pokemon Sun/Moon on Nintendo’s system. No announcement has been made, but if it exists, perhaps this job listing could be related.


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  • Dozuken

    if this doesnt confirm a new gen pokemon game then i dont know what else would

    • ibo

      not just a new poekmon game… but a pokemon game for Switch

      • hokutofan21

        Let’s hope it’s something like XD and not a main series game.
        A main series game for a home console is just wrong, it’s not pocket monsters anymore.

        • ibo

          NO ! it better be a main series game for Switch :V

        • nemo37

          But the system is a portable. It is the perfect home for pocket monsters.

  • Ah dang it Maya… >:0

  • nemo37

    So I suspect we will see a new gen Pokemon game by holiday 2018. Hopefully it will be a mainline game.

    • Goma

      Gamefreak only makes mainline Pokémon games, TPC does the others.

      • Tessa Bain

        TPC/i doesn’t make any games, they are just brand management. They’re the ones filing DMCAs against you on YouTube, in other words.

        Other game development companies are the ones doing the other games. Rangers were HAL Lab and, co-owner of TPC/i, Creatures and the Mystery Dungeon’s are done by Spike Chunsoft, for example.

        But indeed, if anything I’d suspect a director’s cut of Sun/Moon for the Switch later this year because it would be easy to do without much additional work while they focus on Gen 8for next year.

        Either that or we get nothing as, by their own schedule, they HAVE to put out a new Gen late 2018/early 2019.

        They’ve been timing the event Pokémon to the movies for several years now and they only have one left meaning if Gen 8 isn’t out by mid-2019, they’ll have no event Pokémon for the 22nd movie.

        • hokutofan21

          Let’s hope it’s something like XD and not a main series game.
          A main series game for a home console just doesn’t feel right, those need to be handheld and the Switch(in it’s current form) just isn’t a good one.

          • nemo37

            I don’t know about that. I primarily use my Switch in handheld form, so far I have not found it to be much different with regards to portability than using my New 3DS XL or my PS Vita. In fact, I’d say it works perfectly fine as a portable handheld device.

          • hokutofan21

            Meanwhile I am suffering from buyers remorse because it’s…actually not very portable at all.
            It doesn’t fit in a pocket well, I’m in no position to carry a bag, and it’s far more expensive than any handheld before it(especially to replace faulty/lost parts).

            This will be a money sink to make portable in the least.

  • hi v3.0

    Yup they’re making Pokemon for Switch

    • ibo

      finally :V lets hope they have something to show at e3

    • hokutofan21

      Let’s just hope it’s something like the Gamecube game, main series should stay on handhelds.

      • Nintendofan4000

        So the fact that the Switch can be taken anywhere was completely lost on your end??

        • Milagroddavis

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      • Brian Herrera

        Idk if you’re slow or just ignorant but THE SWITCH IS A HANDHELD.

      • The Switch IS a handheld (and a console)

        • hokutofan21

          To be a handheld you’d need to be able to take the Switch anywhere.

          As somebody who owns one…this certainly doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t even go half the places my 3DS does.
          Spoiled home gamers are fine because they can carry this around the town and down the road, but us handheld gamers that take it father than a few miles have been left high and dry…

          • Huh? You can’t put the Switch in your bag and go everywhere you want to go? I also have a Switch and a 3DS and I see me rarely play the 3DS anymore. I literally take my Switch everywhere I go. I don’t see a place I couldn’t go with my Switch that I would take a 3DS to. So, to me the Switch is 100% a handheld console. The fact that I can hook it up to a TV is just an added bonus.

  • ForeVision

    I’ll be very curious to see what comes from this.

  • Tlink7

    Inb4 a new Pokémon Ranger or some other spin-off 😛

    • Game Freak only makes mainline Pokémon games so I don’t think it will be a spinoff

      • Tlink7

        I hope so 😀

    • Hexodious

      I want a new Ranger game tho

      • rsanchez1

        I want a new Coliseum/XD.

    • ForeVision

      Pokemon Bowling! Use your Pokemon themed bowling balls to knock over Team Rocket pins! Banish the evil from the world! and so on and so forth.

  • Anthony Chowanec

    so by everyone’s conclusions that it is a new pokemon would it also be appropriate to conclude that said pokemon game will also be in PS vita since they want someone who can also create models on Vita?

    • Goma

      No, the models work at a similar way.

    • Senos

      Not so much. Models for the vita are pretty advanced for a handheld but are not on the same level (polycount) as say PS4 or Xbox one. They are also stored on a cartridge. Finding someone who has experience with creating Vita models would in some regards mean that the person can make rather detailed models with a low polycount.

    • TheJuiciest

      I don’t know how you’d come to that conclusion.

    • Hell no

  • Hidden Flare

    I know why some may assume why a pokemon game could come to another system… But did everyone just forget that elephant game? Game freak could be making another game that isn’t pokemon, shocker I know.

    • Hexodious

      They already made another game, it’s called ‘GIGA WRECKER’ on Steam
      It recently went out of Early Access so they might be working on a new project now

      • Hidden Flare

        Hmm interesting.

    • Izaal Daar

      Well, they are hiring for working on a great rpg famous worlwide… that´s pokemon.

  • halcyon

    finally drill dozer 3

  • ibo

    STARS…. Switch….

  • Mainline Pokémon game incoming for the Switch??? Stars perhaps? It certainly appears to be

    • hokutofan21

      A mainline pokemon game on a home console doesn’t sound very appealing, it’s pocket monsters you should be able to carry it more than a few feet away from hour house.

      • Kalmaro

        You do realize we are talking about the Switch and not the WiiU right?

        • hokutofan21

          Yes. I own a Switch, and it’s best taken to af riend’s house or across town at best. However, I go on long trips and the Switch is not built for this sort of thing.

          It lacks the portability of the 3DS, or even the DS before it, and I cannot see if being something I would take with me. It’s large and isn’t convenient as a good handheld should be, it’s not not in the right price range, and is very fragile.

          I can play my 3DS anywhere, I can play my DS anywhere, but I can only play my Switch in the confines of my own town(At best). Makes me sad that people content with these short distances will probably assume this is handheld enough and we’ll never get a good handheld experience again.

          • Kalmaro

            What are you talking about? You can play your switch anywhere you can play the 3DS. If battery life is bugging you just get an external charger. They come pretty cheap. I find 3 hours to be perfectly fine, considering how great the games look.

          • hokutofan21

            It’s not even the battery life, it’s just not half as convenient in build/size(being very fragile), it’s far more expensive than a 3ds(and has parts that could be lost and cost some 50 dollars to replace *half* of). The battery life is certainly a factor, however.

            Handheld gaming has never been about graphics, it’s been about having solid games you can play anywhere…something the Switch doesn’t have going for it.

            I was promised this would work as a handheld but I can’t even take in cross state on business trips like I could my 3DS. If you’re coming off a WiiU it’s a huge upgrade, essentially a WiiU with more range, but as a handheld gamer? This really offers me nothing and is a straight downgrade. I don’t have the time for a home console, so my Switch has been collecting a lot of dust after my first attempt to take it with me out of the house.

          • I take my Switch literally everywhere. It fits nicely in it’s carry case, you can even take the controllers off and fit it in a large pocket. And the batterylife isn’t worse than the og. 3DS. It might be a bit bigger than a 3DS but it’s still fairly small (compared to tablets or even large smartphones)

          • Kalmaro

            The Switch is not fragile at all. Look at some of the drop videos o. YouTube, it’s absurdly tough.

            I’m not sure how anyone is losing a joycon that easily, unless they just are refusing to use the grips… And that’s their fault.

            It’s better than the 3ds pretty much in every way for me. I can actually fit the Switch in my pocket though only after removing the joy cons. I prefer to have it in my backpack.

            It’s too bad you are having so much trouble with it, remember though, it’s not a hand held, it’s a hybrid.You win either way.

      • nemo37

        Yeah I have taken the Switch to my friends house, to university, and pretty much everywhere else I go (all of which are far more than a few feet away from my house). There is nothing inhibiting it from being used as a portable, in fact this system has replaced my New 3DS XL and Vita as my go to portable.

      • Brian Herrera

        The switch is a handheld…..

        • hokutofan21

          As someone who owns the Switch, tell me how so?
          I’m fairly interested in how somebody could call this a handheld when it’s just a slightly more mobile WiiU.

          • It’s a console you can play while holding it in your hands. Like a PSP, PS Vita, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, DS, 3DS, etc. This makes it a handheld.

        • ForeVision

          It is what people wish of it to be. I have docked my Switch since day one, and have not removed it from said dock since day one. It’s a home-console to me, and what other people do with it, is to their leisure.

    • Bap

      It wouldn’t be stars or even called stars if they just started looking for a 3D modeler now. I find it funny how much people eat up rumors.

      • Hidden Flare

        Ah that is an interesting thing to note, though they could be looking for someone to not only build up on the HD stuff but perhaps teach them how to do so too?

  • JasonBall

    So I guess since its GF themselves it can’t be Pokken or Snap or Stadium sort of game?

    • hokutofan21

      Kind of hoping it is. Another XD/Collo style game especially would be nice.

  • BoredAtWork999

    Really looking forward to a mainline Pokémon game that’s not in 240p.

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    They have to show the game at E3

  • rsanchez1

    I guess the people who worked on Pokémon Battle Revolution aren’t available anymore? I imagine it’s just put higher definition textures on those Pokémon, then adding the new ones. If they really want to knock it out of the park, hire the people who did the Pokken Tournament models to do that for the rest.

  • Victor Hugo

    How to apply? 😀 character artist here 🙂

  • ChaosNocturne

    dont go throwing the failstation garbage in with good systems

    • hokutofan21

      We’re talking about the Switch, though. That seems about even.

  • MagcargoMan

    I’m guessing it’ll be for a Pokemon Stadium/Battle Revolution-style game. Haven’t had one of those in a while.

    • ForeVision

      One of those has been notoriously absent from Wii-U has it not? I do hope they fix the RNG though, flinching 3 times in a row on higher leagues in Battle Revolution is NOT difficulty.