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Gateway flash cards bricking 3DS systems when users modify device’s file

Posted on January 20, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

In a strange turn of events, it would seem that Gateway’s 3DS flash cards are bricking systems when users attempt to modify a particular file on the device. Basically, the piracy-enabling technology is attempting to prevent itself from being pirated. Yep, strange.

There have been plenty of reports about the situation over on the GBATemp forums, which have picked up due to the recent region-lock workaround discovery. 3DS owners who have modified a file within Gateway’s device appear to activate a “kill switch”, corrupting the 3DS’ NAND flash memory and leaving them with a dead handhanld.

Here’s what Gateway is saying about the situation:

“We are investigating the issue about the recent blue screen bootrom error some users have reported, and we have discovered this is caused by memory corruption due to flawed copying or modifications of our official launcher firmware.

“We specifically warn users to avoid clone launcher firmware [companies which sell modified, older versions of Gateway’s code] and avoid the region-free patches made by Normmatt [the user behind the recent region-free discovery].”

“We can reassure our users that our official (unmodified) launcher firmware is free from such memory corruption and is 100 per cent safe to use.

“We feel sorry for the users that are affected by this error, but we have issued warnings in the past about the clone cards for this exact reason. We pride ourselves to do thorough testing before release, the same cannot be said for our so-called ‘competitors’.”

Gateway also provided the following statement to Eurogamer:

“(Gateway’s focus was) to bring the best experience to genuine Gateway users. We can confirm that NO Gateway user had any issue with their console or Gateway.”

“We do not answer rumours, speculations and other tactics from people who are not even real competitors, but simply companies stealing our hard work. It would be just taking away our time from what we owe our customers: bringing them a better and better experience with Gateway new firmware, functions and compatibility.

“If you are not a Gateway customer, please simply contact your product manufacturer. We only offer warranty and support for genuine Gateway card.

“Simply put, we do not care about others.”

And lastly, a few words from Nintendo:

“Piracy continues to be a significant threat to Nintendo’s business, as well as over 1400 game development companies working to provide unique and innovative games. The primary goal of the Anti-Piracy Program is to reduce Internet piracy, availability of various infringing devices used to play illegal Nintendo game files, and the production and distribution of counterfeit Nintendo products around the world.

“Through education, raising awareness and legal actions, Nintendo is working hard to preserve the video game industry’s ability to make investments into developing new and exciting games, and to give all legally-sold Nintendo games a chance to succeed.”


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  • PattonFiend

    This is so old it’s ridiculous…

    This is what you get when you try and steal games…

    I hope everyone who buys one of these bricks their consoles…

    • Peter Korman

      Why? If I’m trying to play a game from another country, does that make me some sort of scumbag?

  • ShilaquilOneal

    Yeah, this is old news. However, its still a good idea to put the word out about these scammers from GATEWAY. Because that’s exactly what they are. Scammers.

    They added a code into the $80.00 card to make sure it would check for any tampering. And after a certain date, it would brick any handheld that was guilty of such.

    The longer people use the GATEWAY card, the more likely that they’ll eventually end up with a $130-$200 paperweight on their hands. Because they’re going to be using it a lot to breach region locks and to play games. Its inevitable.

    The solution: avoid piracy and doing business with the people behind the Gateway.

  • larkin yang

    got my gateway 3ds from and till now, it was still ran flawless. The 2.2 omega will not brick your gateway 3ds, i have tested, if you are worrying about your console being bricked,you can backup your N3DS/XL NAND sytem files with gateway 3ds first. GW3DS was the best 3ds game card with powerful features, IMO, just take easy to go for.

  • superjuny

    Gateway 3DS is the world’s first 3DS flash card! If your 3DS/3DSXL firmware version is v4.1~v4.5 I got my gateway 3DS card from perfectly work with my 3DS.

  • Still like gateway 3ds from better than other 3ds flashcarts

  • Robert Lew

    just speaking my own experience, I bought my gateway 3ds cart from half a year ago, have yet to have a problem with it since I bought , it is the best working 3ds cart I’d say.