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How to get Celebi from Pokemon Bank

Posted on February 9, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, 3DS eShop, News

Now that Pokemon Bank is out in the wild, Pokemon X/Y players can receive a free Celebi once they use the application. But how do you go about getting your free Pokemon?

Here’s a quick, handy guide:

1. Download Pokemon Bank from the eShop
2. Insert Pokemon X/Y game cartridge/keep downloaded version on your system
3. Purchase a free 30-day pass if you haven’t done so previously
4. Put one of your Pokemon into the bank
5. Boot up Pokemon X/Y and select “Pokemon Link” (receive your free miles or battle points)
6. Launch Pokemon Bank and receive Celebi
7. Boot up Pokemon X/Y once more and select “Pokemon Link” again, receive Celebi

That’s all! Pretty simple, no? Try Pokemon Bank before December and you can receive Celebi by following the steps above.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

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  • Edgarska

    I have a question regarding the regular pass, how do I buy it?
    Do I have to wait until the free pass expires?

    • Carlos

      Why would you want to buy it early?

      I Believe the way it works is that when it expires and you try to use Pokemon Bank it won’t let you unless you buy a pass. I believe you buy the pass through the eshop. You use money that you have on your balance to purchase it.

      • Edgarska

        I want to buy it before it expires, since the year gets tacked on to the 30 day trial so there’s no loss.
        But I can’t find where to buy the pass on the eshop.

        • Lolo

          You get the option to buy or not buy the pass when you go into Pokemon Bank.

  • Lolo

    Thank you! This clears it up completely…I was completely lost on how to get it. Now I know how to actually receive gifts and miles.

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