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Image & Form seems to be teasing something for Switch, possibly SteamWorld Heist

Posted on November 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

On its social media channels yesterday, Image & Form posted a mysterious video that might be hinting at upcoming announcements.

Towards the end of the video, the date December 10, 2015 is highlighted. Right after that, we see a Joy-Con flying off-screen. SteamWorld Heist happened to launch on December 10, 2015… so perhaps that game is coming to Switch?

In any case, here’s the video in question:

Other fans have been throwing out other possibly theories. Some believe that Image & Form might also be hinting at an amiibo based on what’s shown towards the start of the video. No matter what the studio is cooking up, hopefully we’ll hear about their plans soon.


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  • linyuqiang

    It has been confirmed on TGS that Steamworld heist will be released next year by circle ent.

    • Dylan W

      I’m a little shocked that the Steamworld Collection isn’t coming to Switch. It got a physical release on Wii U and it would help those who haven’t played the first Steamworld Dig if they are interested in the sequel.

  • Arm

    Sweet. Heist was the first turn-based tactics game that I didn’t bounce off of. Bought it on PC, bought it on 3DS, will definitely buy it on Switch!

  • link2metroid

    The amount of ports from Wii U to Switch is beyond obnoxious at this point. It’s a disease. Great game, own it digitally and physically on Wii U so I’m definitely not buying this again. This goes for all developers, not just Image & Form, make some new games you lazy, greedy [email protected]§[email protected]|)$.

    • SM

      i guess you missed Steamworld dig 2 then???

    • Indielink

      Dude, the first year of ANY console is full of ports. Chill out. Also, Image & Form are great and also just released Steamworld Dig 2 a couple months ago.

    • everyone wants NEW games, and they’re coming, but there’s something Magical and NEW about playing these ports on Switch. I’m looking forward to more ports and NEW games!!

    • AJK

      Not many people owned the WiiU. They are releasing a great game for a new audience. The game coming to Switch doesn’t mean you have to buy it, nor does it stop other games being released on Switch. Its, you know, an option, like all games.

    • AJK

      I’ve just looked through your other comments. I’m very confused as you constantly go on in various threads about ‘not supporting’ various Switch games and saying that you refuse to support rereleases, and how you feel you as a Switch owner feel ripped off…but you also said in the Rive thread 2 days ago “I haven’t bought the Switch and won’t be for a long time”. What is the truth? Do you even know yourself? Lol

    • Darkamlight

      Then buy the new games. Like Steamworld Dig 2.

  • AJK

    Loved the game on 3ds. Cross buy discount would be really nice, but I will probably cave and buy it any way.

  • Zeebor

    Okay, what does Boba Fett have to do with anything?

  • JJ

    If they release Heist, I hope they also include the DLC pack as well as all new content game is great, but I don’t want just a straight port as I’ve already beaten that game on Hard for 3DS.

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