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Is this the starting roster for Smash Bros. 3DS?

Posted on August 30, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Rumors

The image above comes straight from a listing on the Japanese 3DS eShop. Might it reveal the starting roster for Smash Bros. 3DS? It shows every character announced thus far with the exception of Lucina. Only time will tell!


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  • Clumsyman

    This looks great! Can’t wait. Only one more month! (Almost)

  • Operative

    Dang, that would be a huge starting roster! Meaning there must be a quite a few unlockables

  • Tylos

    36 characters right off the bat? Hmmmm… Dunno whether to be happy or sad. I’d like unlocking the characters better.

    • Guest

      The full roster will be between 50-53 characters, so I think that’s okay

    • tp13goron

      37. The Mii Fighters aren’t on there because the customization button is turned off.

      • Tylos

        You mean 39. since there are 3 types of Mii Fighters.

        • tp13goron

          That’s within the customization of the Mii Fighter, so it is 37.

  • Nocturne

    so fake

    • LordDisco

      Definitely not fake. Just took this off my phone.

      • Clumsyman

        Yeah, I mean how can this be fake? It’s on the eShop. And it looks pretty dang official to me. 🙂

        • LordDisco

          It might not necessarily be the starting roster, but it’s definitely a roster at some point. Ness, Duck Hunt Dog, and Ganandorf are missing from that earlier leaked photo, so basically, all of the announced characters are shown.

          • Shadowknight1

            Except Lucina. I am a little sad that I’ll have to unlock her, but hopefully she won’t be annoying to unlock.

          • Guest

            probably finish classic mode with marth

            I’d love it if duck hunt dog was unlocked by completing target smash for all characters :U <3

      • Nocturne

        i was talking about fake as a starting roster

        • LordDisco

          How can you say “fake” to anything when nothing was confirmed? It was only suggested, and it is one of the three pictures used for Smash on the 3DS eShop.

          Fake makes it sound like this is a doctored picture, which it’s not.

      • Sleeping Booty

        Wait how did you get an early copy?

        • LordDisco

          I didn’t. I have a Japanese 3DS, and I took this picture directly off of the eShop.

  • Timothy Zaremski

    i hope not, melee started with 14 characters, i’d prefer we had to unlock lots of characters, that’s my favorite part of the series

    • Marcelo Cardoso

      Mr. Game & Watch
      Dark Pit
      Duck Hunt
      Dr. Mario
      And maybe 3 more newcomers…

      Also… this game will have something around 50 characters, why we should start with a low number?

      • Guest

        Ice climbers
        Rhythm heaven character

        • Tylos

          Sakurai said the 3DS can’t handle Ice Climbers in the case of having 8 models onscreen at once.

  • Chaos_Knight

    I really doubt that’s the starting roster.

    Personally I would of taken out Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, Shulk, Lucario, Palutena, Luigi, Ike, and Toon Link for unlockables.

  • Glenn Davis Jr.

    Not going to say this is fake or not, but possibly all these characters are unlocked for demoing purposes? I could believe in that idea more than having so many characters available from the start.

  • Mr. Foogy

    I doubt that’s the starting roster, I think they would want to have a lot of those as unlockables.

  • Shadowknight1

    re: everyone saying this can’t be the starting roster…why is it on the Japanese eShop screenshot that way then? And don’t say “well, they put all the confirmed characters on there” because Lucina and Mii Fighter aren’t on there.

    • Mr Ninty

      it isn’t fake, but so many characters from start are just to mush for most people. i think this screenshot of the Eshop tells people who aren’t following the news which characters will be in the game a side from a few.

      • Shadowknight1

        If the roster is truly up into the 50s for this game, then this many in the start isn’t too much.

        • Guest

          full roster is between 50-53 characters

  • JustGleek47 .

    I’m kinda 50/50 on wanting this to be the staring roster.
    In one part, I would love to jump straight into maining Palutena, Robin and Pac-Man (and the rest that for sure are unlocked from the start like Villager, WFT and Rosalina)

    But I also wanted to work hard to get them! And I highly doubt that Shulk, Pac-Man, Captain Falcon, Tobin and Palutena are unlocked from the start.

    But hopefully the starting roster will be something like this. A high number of characters from the get go but also a lot of characters to unlock 😀

    • Guest

      36 starting characters
      full roster is between 50-53 characters
      seems about right to me

  • Windstar

    So I can’t just start with all of them? Ah, phooey.

  • So the leak is real?


    • Guest

      YES! and because the leaked roster wasn’t the full roster there are still like 3-5 characters we don’t know about! 😀

      • Well I knew the leak was real, since the beginning but this confirms it!

        Dixie Kong?


  • Diaond

    I don’t know… it seems like too many characters for being the starter rooster. from that picture i would take out rosalina, diddy kong, toon link, palutena, meta knight, lucario and greninja and make them unlockables… maybe there will be 50 characters as someone here said, but with my modifications you have 29 characters (which I still think are too many for the starter rooster) and you would have more unlockable characters to fight for.

  • Joseph Klemm

    While I can see this as an eventual screen with certain characters still needing to be unlocked (i.e. Lucina, the characters that appeared in the leak, and those who have yet to be revealed), this being the starting lineup would feel somewhat odd, since you would expect playing needing to unlock Luigi and Toon Link before you can play them.

    Meanwhile, when compared to the leaked picture, it does add more proof to it being legit (with hopefully five more characters yet to be revealed).

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