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Kimishima on 3DS, movies, sleep-tracking device still in development, more

Posted on January 9, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch

Kyoto Shimbun published a new interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishina. Kimishima talked 3DS, movies, confirmed that the sleep-tracking device is still in the works, and more. 

First, when asked about Switch’s success, Kimishima said it has surpassed Nintendo’s expectations. The method of play in which the system can be carried outside despite being a home console has been accepted by people. Once again, Nintendo wants to raise its sales forecast to over 20 million units this year, exceeding the FY2017 expectation of 14 million units. If the goals for FY2017 are reached, then Kimishima thinks Nintendo can change the business flow (from the slumping Wii U), so Nintendo wants to improve this momentum.

When asked about the prospects for the 3DS business, Kimishima noted how some may believe that it might have shrunk due to the Switch also being portable. However, he says that’s not actually the case. The sales amount is just as planned, and 3DS has its own appeal. Nintendo will continue to sell it in the future.

Kimishima later reiterated the the smartphone games business still hasn’t become a pillar of profit. Nintendo wants a scale where they have some degree of existence by releasing about two to three titles per year. The smartphone game market expanding doesn’t mean customers are getting snatched away; it means the business territory has expanded.

Regarding movies, Kimishima said there was some news that had been  shared (reported plans for an animated Super Mario Bros. movie), but Nintendo hasn’t announced anything. Nintendo is thinking about the method of delivering movies in a broad way – including thinking about the movie itself – and it’s called “movie business”. Kimishima wants to quickly reach an agreement with a partner so that news can be announced. Nintendo intends to take good care of its content, so they don’t simply give out the license as they’re also getting involved in the production to some degree. If Nintendo reaches an agreement, he hopes it can be finished by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Super Nintendo World construction in Universal Studios Japan is going to begin. Eventually you’ll get to see how it will look like from outside. Kimishima hopes you’ll be surprised when you see it.

On the sleep measuring device announced a few years ago, Kimishima noted how Nintendo releases products when they’re in a phase in which they’re complete, look interesting, and make people want to buy them. The division in charge of that is still developing it.

On the topic of China, Kimishima said Nintendo has wanted to expand there and have tried for several years. The authorities have their own thoughts on software, so Nintendo has to carefully consider how to go about selling games. For smartphone games, it’s a matter of receiving support from a Chinese company that would distribute them there, so it’s by no means a negative thing.

Finally, on the keyword for the new year, Kimishima said “originality”. This way of thinking is considered the most important by Nintendo, and had been conveyed by late president Hiroshi Yamauchi. In this year and next year, Nintendo will always pursue products that will surprise people in a different way than other companies. Nintendo wants to continue creating things that people in a broad range of ages – starting from children – find to be interesting.


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  • Mark

    The sleep tracker? Really?

    I have a Fitbit. It, like almost every other non-budget step counter out there, has a sleep tracker option in it. It’s really rather cool. It shows when you went to sleep, when you woke up, how much you were fully asleep and how much you were restless, etc.

    Unless this thing straps to your cranium and records your dreams while you sleep, I think that you’ve kinda missed the boat on this. It’s OK. Let it go.

    • amak11

      Then its not for you. Fitbits are expensive as all hell for the tech thats in them.

      • Mark

        Or you can buy a Misfit Shine for under $30 on Amazon, which is also a good quality tracker.

        My point is that the tech is everywhere, not that Fitbit did it.

    • Mr Ninty

      i heard that if you scan a toad amiibo on the device a mushroom will come out for some extra sleeping power

    • Dany Targaerys

      Mark. It can still be done in a different way. I’m not familiar with that device, but you said the sleep tracker was merely an option. This is where Nintendo makes the difference.

      Before the Swtich, the Vita could do TV play, but it was a secondary feature. Before the Wii, the Eyetoy on PS2 could already do motion gaming reasonably well, but it was a secondary feature.

      Nintendo takes these ideas, fine-tunes them, and puts them at the very front. This is what makes the difference. Most people may not even notice that option, but if Nintendo can make it a point of the device, people can discover a new habit they didn’t even think of before.

      The opportunity is definitely still there.

      • Eyetoy = Kinect, =/= Wii

        • Dany Targaerys


          kinect was marketed very aggressively, but it was still a secondary concept. You didn’t get mainline Halo and Call of Duty using Kinect exclusively. But the Wii had Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and more, all using the controller. Like I said, the concept was at the very front.

          Switch is the same. The different ways in which you can use it, aren’t added as a secondary feature. All games take advantage of it, and they are the trademark of the entire system.

          For QoL, it doesn’t matter if another device already does the feature. If Nintendo can make it compelling, they’ll find a way to make people actually want to use it, by giving the feature center stage.

    • Vive

      I’d be interesting on a Nintendo fitness / sleep tracker if it is cheap and it has the Nintendo spin on it. (interesting activities or a game related like what they did with Wii Fit back in the days)

  • Mr Ninty

    If Nintendo can crack the Chinese market and has a good supply of games and switches a milestone of 30-40 million units can be sold in the upcoming fiscal year. Atleast that is what i believe. They will have sold 15 million by march 3 with supply constraints so making it to 20 million without it would be considered easy. 33 millions is my guess

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    I like how nobody is noting he was once again reiterated that the 3DS will continue to be supported and sold going forward.

    • Mr Ninty

      Nintendo doesn’t have to support it other companies can and it is still selling so why stop producing it?

    • Indielink

      I think everyone has just stopped arguing it.

    • MajoraMan28

      They said that about the Wii U and look at it now.
      Few people care about it anymore.

    • Fushigi Koppa

      A lot of people think that the switch is Nintendo’s new handheld market period. But in reality, Nintendo has gone out of their way on several occasions to clearly explain how a cheaper dedicated handheld device has it’s own market. Expect to see some new games for 2018, and some late localization throughout 2019. Expect a true successor to 3DS that will be officially known about in 1.5-2 years

      • Mark

        Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. Absolutely.

        I don’t see Nintendo ever abandoning the two-system strategy. However, instead of differentiating between console vs. handheld, they would differentiate between markets – either children vs. adult, or budget vs. premium. Their financial returns are much more reliable and regular when they stagger launches – retiring and launching one system while the other is at its peak.

      • R.Z.

        I’m pretty sure the entry price is basically the only reason they are keeping the 3DS around.
        To me the big thing about the Switch is that Nintendo can concentrate its software making efforts on one platform (the WiiU’s run just proved they can’t really do two platforms on high specs gens).
        A cheaper form factor of the Switch as a 3DS successor is the only thing that would really make sense to me. A new handheld would need to be in the same waters specs wise anyway, so segregating the market would be a pretty strange move from them.

    • Tlink7

      Yes, because Nintendo high-ups have never ever said devices had a ”long life ahead of” them before, only to stop supporting them a few months later 😛

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        You’ll be proven right only when it happens, so…

        Would hold off the haughty talk there T.

        • It’s happened multiple times in recent years to both consoles and handhelds.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    They tryna figure out how best to incorporate Darkrai/Cresselia into affordable Sleep Mechanisms I see. I hope they break ground and hit their stride with the Chinese market, very said that the country continues to miss out. I’m fine with Nintendo testing games for kids if they in turn remember to do the same for people of my age/higher too.Equal representations and all that Jazz.

    • shani

      Couldn’t agree more regarding the Wii U!

  • Roto Prime

    3DS lives!!!! oh yeah <3

  • awng782

    Nintendo has literally been talking about their sleep monitor project since 2014. Time flies, I guess…

  • dang69

    Nintendo will continue to support 3DS until they crack the mobile phone/tablet market. That’s your 3DS successor.

    • Touchscreens will never compare to dedicated controls, and the only stopgap would be an accessory that gives traditional controls to smart devices and is wirelessly compatible with all of them. I don’t see that happening.

      • dang69

        That’s why the Switch will be successful – but for a budget option that kids and adults in a rush between things, have easy access to, I see mobile replacing something 3DS sized/priced.

    • Dany Targaerys

      gang69that’s what it seems now, but I hope not.

      I really think there is a place in gaming for dedicated Nintendo handhelds. They still have something to offer, that you can’t get on a mobile phone or tablet. It’s not just the controller, the whole ecosystem is completely different. If(hopefully not) they “crack” the mobile market, it’s gonna look A LOT different from what you see on DS systems. The business there is completely different, and frankly I don’t like it much.

      • shani

        Yup and that’s the place the Switch is occupying now.
        Just ask all the developers who are interested in developing for the Switch and the first reason they tell you is that it’s a mobile/portable console. No one of them cares about stationary use.
        Or just take a look at the statistics Nintendo released a few months ago. About two thirds of Switch users use it mostly as a handheld. That’s where its success comes from.

        It’s a shame Nintendo abandonded the stationary console market…

    • Nhat Anh Hoang

      Compare Pokemon Go to Sun/Moon or Fire Emblem Heroes to Echoes Shadow of Valentia, see the different?

  • R.Z.

    I wonder if Kimishima got coached by Reggie on spilling zero new info in interviews or whether the guy was experienced already.

    • shani

      No he just has no clue whatsoever so literally nothing is the only thing he’s capable of saying.

  • shani

    Well if Nintendo would just open the floodgates and allow apps (including browsers) on the Switch, that would give them a way of distributing their movies or shows.

    But who cares what Kimishima says anyway, he’s just a banker with no clue. The only thing he’s capable of is making vague meaningless statements like “we’re interested in [XY]”.
    If you ask me, the Quality of Life products died with Iwata because he was the driving force behind them.

    • DeltaPeng

      Nintendo doesn’t really have a (good) collection of videos yet, they’re primarily gaming, so opening up video apps doesn’t really help them in that manner, at least

  • DeltaPeng

    You gotta test the device somehow, amirite?