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Kimishima: Switch games using HD Rumble and Joy-Con camera next year, started thinking about next console, much more

Posted on December 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has conducted new interviews with a few different outlets this week, including Asahi.

In its first article, the Japanese newspaper quotes Kimishima saying that, next year, Nintendo would like to offer new kinds of gameplay that make use of the Joy-Con’s features such as HD Rumble and the motion-tracking camera. He unfortunately did not elaborate further, but the tease itself is interesting enough. HD Rumble allows for more realistic vibrations while the camera can detect the shape, movement, and distance of objects.

In a separate piece, Asahi goes much more in-depth with Kimishima. He spoke about Switch sales and supply, Super Nintendo World, and much more. Kimishima also spoke very vaguely about Nintendo’s next console. 

Here’s a summary of what was shared:

Switch sell-through during the holiday season

– The numbers haven’t been fully determined yet, and Japan still has the New Year week
– Thankfully it has been received well in the most important period both domestically and overseas, as Nintendo expected
– Nintendo has either reached or slightly surpassed the projected amount

Switch supply

– Nintendo did its best to produce units and meet the projected amount
– The company isn’t sure if customers have been fully satisfied, but Kimishima believes they were able to deliver a lot of units to retailers

On why Switch is becoming a hit

– Kimishima says even if you make something new, it doesn’t mean it’ll always be accepted
– He thinks Switch’s play style, which is different from before, has been accepted by customers
– Nintendo changed the concept of home consoles
– You can play it not only at home, but also carry it outside, and you can even split the controllers to play with friends
– New features on the controllers such as HD Rumble and the camera are interesting, too

On the type of userbase the Switch has been accepted by

– At the launch in March, it was sold with the highly anticipated Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so it was very valued by people who like games
– Kimishima says “this is a big factor”
– After that, Nintendo released Mario Kart, Splatoon, and Super Mario, so the family userbase (which includes those who don’t play games often) also grows larger

On whether Switch is going to be one unit per person rather than per household

– Kimishima has heard several cases of a household having multiple units
– On the other hand, if you consider pricing, buying multiple units along with games would require quite a lot of money
– In that case, there is a reason for it to coexist with handheld systems like the 3DS
– That’s because it’s relatively cheap, and can be safely played by children who are experiencing games for the first time

Expanding games in 2018 and beyond

– To those who have bought a system during the holiday season, Kimishima asks to please play the games already released
– For those who like games and have had the system from launch, Nintendo has been providing DLC so they can be played in the long term
– Next year Nintendo would like to provide games that make use of Switch’s new play styles

Possibility of using Switch as a tool for various entertainment, including videos

– The most important thing is to see how interesting Switch can fare as a game-only console
– On top of that, Kimishima thinks there are those who prefer convenience with more features
– However, such features may already exist on other devices in households, and perhaps it doesn’t mean having a lot of features would go in the direction that Nintendo’s customers want

Possible VR and AR support

– Both technologies already exist in the world, so the important thing is how to use the tech to make Nintendo’s content more interesting and also have people play leisurely
– If Nintendo can do that, then VR and AR could be used
– Currently nothing tangible to announce

Mobile games

– Nintendo has proof that by creating mobile games using each title’s characteristics, people can grow more familiar with its business
– On the other hand, Nintendo still has some leeway to consider how to raise profit as a business
– By wanting to release around 2-3 titles per year, Nintendo has set up a dev organization in the company, and has a dev plan for that
– On when to release them, Nintendo would like to decide on that while looking at the timing of the release of other new products

On adding more partnerships than with DeNA

– DeNA has been supporting Nintendo in various ways, and Nintendo isn’t dissatisfied with them
– Nintendo wants to expand more on mobile games and it may be possible to add more partnerships if needed
– But at this time, there is nothing tangible to announce

Expanding on the business that uses IPs like characters

– Kimishima says there has been quite a good response here
– Things like t-shirts made with Uniqlo and shoes with VANS are quite popular
– These types of initiatives provide licensing income, so the profit is not as big as game consoles, but being able to promote IPs this way is important
– If Nintendo has a future partner that matches well, they’d like to work with them

On Super Nintendo World

– It’s proceeding well according to schedule
– Nintendo is about to be able to see the big picture soon
– If you fly a drone there, you should be able to see it yourself
– On whether there will be more characters other than Mario Kart: “You’ll also get to know that soon.”

Expanding characters to movies and more

– Nintendo is currently negotiating with partners
– Acknowledges that many people are interested in this
– If Nintendo gets the “OK” sign, they’ll make an announcement

On the next console

– Nintendo has started thinking about it
– However, consumer preferences always change, and technology also continues to evolve
– Ex: AI has been used more often, such as the AI smart speaker
– Nintendo has to keep thinking about whether to include such technology until the very end
– If Nintendo has already decided right now on how the next game console would be like, they would no longer be able to take action
– Nintendo needs to think about the release timing in a flexible way

Opinion on new businesses and M&A (Merger & Acquisition)

– As a company, Nintendo has been around for over 100 years, but the theme that has been consistent is entertainment
– Nintendo has many staff who excel in that department and are eager
– That’s why rather than going to another business type, Nintendo would like to do something on a new axis in the entertainment segment
– Previously Nintendo had been progressing towards the health subject, but the company is still continuing to look towards providing people with enjoyment and raise their quality of life


– Many of Nintendo’s fans are interested in eSports
– As for Nintendo, they would like to seriously consider an approach that fits the company well

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  • Michael Richardson

    It had better be an elaboration on the Switch concept. This hybrid approach is too good.

    • Aline Piroutek

      The hybrid console is a dream of a good number of people who like games.
      “What if I can play Super Mario Bros. on a portable device?”
      That’s how the Game Boy was made.

    • Force

      Let me change that around a little so it’s more genuine with how the docked part performs. “This poorly executed “hybrid” approach is lacking on one side while awesome one the other”.

  • theFooFighter

    Just make a switch 2, nothing fancy or special. just wait 5 or 6 years then throw the most powerful mobile chip you can get for less than $300 into a switch shell and call it a day. This should be Nintendo’s bread and butter, no need for the weird ideas and innovations just keep doing this

    • Noo Badie

      I don’t think that is what nintendo is all about, but we will see

      • theFooFighter

        They have a winning idea so they should stick with it. Does the snes suck because it’s just a more powerful nes?

        • Noo Badie

          I agree with you but won’t they become just like ps4 or xbox one where they create a similar console every console release but stronger? The switch got to where it is because of innovation and it would suck if Nintendo lost that in my opinion but if they do go the route that you suggest, I will still buy their consoles.

          • theFooFighter

            They have a niche and that’s all that’s matters. That’s why Nintendo is so innovative because they’re constantly trying to find that niche or that market that no one else has tapped into. Can’t make a more powerful gba because thats what the psp is, can’t make a more powerful GameCube because that’s what the 360 is ect. With the switch they practically control their own chunk of the industry and they shouldn’t mess that up

          • Noo Badie

            So you think this is the right niche for Nintendo? I can see that, nintendo becoming the go to company for portable gaming, though I still feel they won’t ride that train but as I said we will see.

          • theFooFighter

            Well someone has to fill this niche and it sure as hell won’t be Sony or Microsoft

          • Force

            They’re already riding it. The home-console piece is as minimal as it is with Switch, and some people don’t even use it at all. Just wait for the inevitable Switch only pack without dock to be certain.

          • Devlin Richberger

            It is weird to see people saying that everyone uses the Switch as a mobile console when a vast majority of people use it as a hybrid console. Maybe you guys should look up the study that looked into that. I know I use it mostly as a home console and occasionally as a handheld while my friends just use it as a home console. Most people I meet when I travel for work(which is often) and I see playing one say it usually is on their TV.

          • Force

            Ironic, considering all the technology is housed in the screen, and the dock is mostly an empty plastic shell. I guess they’re not the type of people to want more out of their product.

            To me, Nintendo’s hardware is the necessary evil I must acquire to get to those brilliant games. I’d take any stronger piece of hardware over the Switch though, or whatever measure is required to otherwise resolve the issues I come across in these games.

            I play it home-console 100% of the time, never even remove it from it’s dock save for inspection and occasional cleaning. As someone who uses the Switch as a home-console, I’m well aware that I’ve paid quite a bit for a feature I don’t use, and I feel that’s a shame.

            Plus, as to that survey, keep in mind that it’s only counting those people who actually answered the survey. We don’t know how many people didn’t bother with it, and thus, are unaccounted for.

    • AJK

      I’m hoping the Switch becomes a brand for Nintendo. Hybrid really feels like the future. I’m hoping all consoles go hybrid now.

    • GoldenTriforce

      I certainly don’t think they need to do something crazy, but I think not doing anything different would just lead to a lack of interest, and a slow decline in sales. That was one of the factors that led to less interest in the GCN & N64 (not the only thing of course). I also think that is why the Xbone is struggling, not enough to set it apart from the PS4, and in turn Sony’s cheaper price, larger marketing budget, more exclusives, and better interest in Japan and Europe have lead to Microsoft falling behind.

      • GoldenTriforce

        But I most definitely think there is a difference between something different and major change. No need for the next system to change completely like the Wii, or the Wii U.

    • ShadowX

      they can upgrade the “tablet” but keep innovating on the joycons.

      something like GC to WII where they used the “same hardware” but with new controllers

      • Eagle367

        They can make the screen better add something like a headphone jack on the controls so you could listen when playing on TV but don’t want to make the noise or Bluetooth support. They could even make some sort of dual screen setup as well if it works since there are screen being designed that are flexible and not thick at all. I don’t think they should mess with the rail system since magnets and the like are not reliable but they could make more ergonomic even larger joycons that are more comparable to the pro controller. They could improve motion controls and hd rumble and could do things I can’t even think of cause Nintendo is so creative. They could explore a lot of avenues with this concept hold on to it for three or two generations maybe by then we have some weird holographic technology that doesn’t even need a screen imagine something like a controller being the whole console

      • Vigilante_blade

        GC to Wii was a downgrade though.

    • Tlink7

      Nah, Nintendo needs to keep innovating, they can’t keep up without it

      • Vigilante_blade

        But the Switch was not innovative and sold…?

        • Tlink7

          Point me towards the other portable home console with two detachable controllers out there then 😛

          • Vigilante_blade

            Cannot go on youtube right now, but look for the Aikun Morphus X300. It came out before the Switch. A tablet with detachable controllers that can be connected to a TV using USB.

            The Switch copied its design almost completely.

          • Tlink7

            …that’s pretty hilarious. How did you find that device?

          • Vigilante_blade

            It was all over the media when the Switch was announced. I saw it on rabdom Youtube videos and many use this s ab argument wheb Nintendo fans claim that Nintendo never copies others.

          • JasonBall

            Holy wow. Thank you for that, I had no idea.

          • Vigilante_blade

            No problem mate.

          • JasonBall

            I mean, I suspect they got permission or something nice like that or else they’d be sued just like with the current Wii thing, but I still am fascinated to learn of that thing.

          • Vigilante_blade

            They really did not need to ask permission. Detachable controllers have existed for a really long time. Heck, the Dreamcast’s VMU’s had buttons to control minigames on them. And docks have existed for over a decade for phones and tablets. There is a point where tech is so commonly used that it cannot be copyrighted anymore. All the Switch really did was use existing tech and apply it in a more streamlined way so that it is more easy to use for consummers.

          • JasonBall

            So, what do you think of the Wii lawsuit thing that happened recently?

          • Vigilante_blade

            Honestly, while I am glad they lost, it is primarily due to me not liking that controllerl. However, the Wiimote is just based on the same tech as the Powerglove, so Mattel would honestly be far more deserving of compensation. Even then, this tech is so common that Nintendo has not been innovative in the least. The Wiimote is frankly just a glorified TV remote with buttons and a gyro.

          • JasonBall

            Okay, you don’t like it, yeah, but you say the Switch is generic enough to not get in trouble, don’t you think motion wands are generic enough to not be sued for?

          • Vigilante_blade

            Objectively-speaking, probably not. However,t he law isn’t always 100% objective. Soe go through the cracks and some get caught. There are many kinds of accelerometers out there. If Nintendo uses the “exact same” (or almost) accelorometer tech as iLife, I could see them losing.

            “iLife said this system of measuring movement was the same as the technology it had developed for monitors that could spot if old people had fallen or babies were at risk of cot death.”

    • mma

      Make it waterproof so you can really play it anywhere

      • Ektoras Kalderis

        This isn’t easy unless they use a smartphone cpu

        • Arthur Jarret

          I don’t think the CPU has anything to do with waterproofing. It’s usually done by lining the edge of the bezel with a rubber strip, ensuring all openings are sealed, using specific waterproof speakers (as these require gaps) – I do think heat dissipation would be a problem in a device like this if it must be closed off for waterproofing.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I’m against this… waterproof electronics are much harder to customize 😛

      • Justin McQuillen

        I can guarantee that won’t happen. Ever.

      • mma

        guys it was a joke

    • Hatesandwich

      “Nothing special”

      Isn’t the whole Nintendo goal to make a special product that differentiates itself, though?

      Isn’t that sorta why the DS, Wii, Switch, were all hilarously successful? Because they make special and unique hardware instead of “lol throw the most powerful chip in there no need to innovate”

    • Justin McQuillen

      I remember a lot of people thinking it was a good idea for Nintendo to make a Wii 2. Was it? I think so, and I like the Wii U, but a lot of people disagree.

    • Xstream

      “No need for weird ideas and innovations” when the Switch wouldn’t exist without innovative thinking.

      Ask the Gamecube how being a powerhouse with nothing new about it fared for them.

      • Vigilante_blade

        The GameCube was an amazing console hampered by a terrible storage medium, not its lack of “innovation”, whatever that word means today.

    • Vigilante_blade

      Innovation is thing but a silly buzz word, indeed. I would just make it truly for everyone and remove all instances of forced gimmicks. Make thrm all optional things you can buy into if you want them. Reduces the price for us out there who just want to play regular ild games on regulat old controllers.

      • Force

        Like a bundle with just a dock, the Switch, game and pro-controller? It’d be nice, but it’s nothing but a pipe dream. They couldn’t possibly risk having the Switch be seen as less portable after all.

        • Vigilante_blade

          Or one without detachable parts.

          • Force

            For the handheld people, of course. But where we may have the “freedom to play how we want” according Nintendo’s advertisement, we’re still forced to buy the entire package regardless.

          • Vigilante_blade

            By removing gimmicks like sensors, need for wirelessness and movable parts, you drastically reduce the cost of the console. Then you add a pro controller without gimmicks to it, and the cost of manufacturing would be similar. However, you get to save up on money from not having to buy things you do not want to use.

          • Force

            Course, but as the majority has already proven, they don’t have to make such bundles: people will buy it all regardless, which is just sad.

            Sure, the majority use it both ways, but I don’t see the harm in making a bundle that goes either side, though there isn’t much of a side to docked-only, is there? I’ve seen quite a few people say they haven’t even unpacked their dock…

          • Vigilante_blade

            People who work from home might just want docked. However, I am of the oppinion that where they could simply cut is gimmicks. There is no way it should be deemed acceptable that a controller costs nearly 100$. By default, controllers should simply be traditional and those who want to pay for additional options like a gyro can shell out the cash. They want extra, they pay for it. No reason I should have to pay for something I throw aside immediately.

          • Force

            Isn’t that arguably the same for those who only want the Switch’s screen, the Joy-Cons and the stuff to charge them with? They’ll probably be a large enough amount to consider.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Selling without a dock should indeep be ab option. However, selling controller gimmicks is far more egregious.

          • Force

            But then selling it without a dock would kinda devalue the name, wouldn’t it? After all, Switching between handheld and tabletop isn’t big enough of a Switch is my guess. So they need it to retain the name’s function and meaning, but it’s barely enough to really qualify as an asset.

            The Joy-Cons are a near-mandatory inclusion in that whole Switch click thing though, aren’t they? And it couldn’t be seen as portable without them, so that would also be a problem. The more I look into it, the more I see that everything’s tangled together, like a Frankenstein monster 😛

          • Vigilante_blade

            Yes the joy cons do not need gyro sensors. IR cameras and other needless thibgs that drive up the price. If you wanted a motion want, it should be sold separately.

            Also, please fix your website, Nintendo Everything. I had to rewrite this comment 4 times because your site keeps redirecting me to sites with malware and lewd content.

          • Force

            So, Vigilante, do you think this scenario below should tank the Switch’s frames below 10 in XC2?

            In case you’d say no, it does.

          • zelgadis greywords

            for your sake, dont answer his posts, he have an antimotion controls crusade in a nintendo syte, who used motion controls since the wii in 2006. whenever hi cant it will continue to try to convince anyone to get in his side of the antimotion control mantra

  • carlos holguin holguin

    i remember i saw a prototype that works with a projector.. like a few motorola smartphones.. they can implement that..

    • Arthur Jarret

      My Switch already works great with my projector.

      Actually, I think you’re thinking of the kickstarter – which is a switch dock with a built-in projector. It was quite expensive, though (more expensive than my full HD acer projector) – and the projector only offered 480p resolution.

      • carlos holguin holguin

        im not talking about that.. there is a prototype made by nintendo.. a tablet that has a projector built in

  • Chip Corley

    Sorry Kimishima but HD Rumble and controller cameras was not a selling point for anyone lol

    • zelgadis greywords

      Talk for yourself. I want games who uses those two key features.

      • jaymacx .

        yeah I wanna see what they come up with

      • Vigilante_blade

        The very idea of playing this way makes me want to vomit. Sitting down on a couch and pushing buttons is all I want.

        • zelgadis greywords

          then what are you doing with a nintendo console? the last 3 home consoles and last portatil have motion controls in them. Is like a key feature for nintendo incluying motion controls in their consoles since the wii. And by the way, you can play with the traditional boring way all you want, but please, stop chasing me with you antimotion control mantra, is sickly.

          • Vigilante_blade

            You are being the type of person that makes everyone disdain the Nintendo community. I am not wasting my time with you any longer.

          • zelgadis greywords

            so, im answering to a person that have an antimotion control crusade and im the bad guy? wow, such maturity. And thanks for leaving me alone outside your antimotion control crusade

          • Chip Corley

            Is saying “antimotion control crusade” your catch phrase or something?

          • zelgadis greywords

            Nope, only telling the true about him. If you look at his post history wherever he can post something againts motion control, wherever is relevant or not for the news.

    • Xstream

      All the more reason to try and make games utilizing them well TO make them a selling point.

      • Vigilante_blade

        If you have to “try” to sell a concept, the concept it bad.

    • Force

      Portability certainly is, quite likely the main selling point.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Maybe you can actually explain why you even put an IR camera in the joycon in the first place. HD Rumble adds something, but unlike the IR Camera, its adding more than just extra development costs.

    • Exy

      I wonder how many people even remember it’s there.

    • Hatesandwich

      Several games use it, and IR cams are hilariously cheap.

      They’re so cheap in fact that the original PSP model never had anything that used it but it wouldve been more expensive to remove it on that model than it was costing ’em in parts, so they waited until the first total redesign to take it out.

      Same reason the 3DS and n3DS has an IR camera, it’s nice to have the option there if you want to use it, and it’s cheap enough to ignore the cost even in a massive scale.

    • Jaxon Holden

      I loved the reloading feature in Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. Such a slick use of the IR camera.

      It’s hard to imagine it being used in other games though. Still, who cares. It probably cost like two dollars to add it in the controller so, whatever. I’d rather have it than not

      • zelgadis greywords

        The genre of shooters on rails could use the camera.

    • R.Z.

      I’m envisioning some things, but I think they would need to be sold from behind a counter after an ID check.

    • Arthur Jarret

      But… then we wouldn’t have the sandwich-eating minigame in the best Switch game released so far, 1-2-Switch

  • Aline Piroutek

    Release Wario Ware to Switch to make use of all it’s sensors and câmeras.

    • キロ

      Was going to make this comment if nobody else did! xD Thank you~

  • Tlink7

    I wonder what Nintendo film they’re cooking up…

  • FutureFox

    “If you fly a drone there, you should be able to see it yourself”

    Hahaha. Kind of sounds like he’s promoting espionage against his own company.

  • dbizal

    Please make the Joycons better. I have played on about 5 different Switch consoles in different living room set-ups and every single one of them has the disconnecting issue. I still have it and I have sent mine to be ‘repaired’.

    I don’t mind it as much as I have 2 Pro Controllers but it is very irritating when you have more than 2 people and want to play without any worries about being more than 30cm away from the console.

    The fact that in this day and age that this is an issue is beyond me… I never had issues like that even on last gen’s consoles/controllers!

  • Kenshin0011

    “– If you fly a drone there, you should be able to see it yourself”

    ….thanks for the tip?

  • Tomo910

    I want more features on my switch that don’t have anything to do with gaming. Come on nintendo don’t be stupid and not add these wanted features because you think we don’t want them. Also I know they probably won’t read this but writing it anyway

  • Snackster1001

    Nintendo should just make a tournament series for their own games at this point. Smash, pokken, splatoon, and ARMS (to an extent) have a healthy competitive scene but would benefit so much from more sponsorship/exposure from the company itself.

    • Xstream

      Did they not spend like 100k for Pokken Tournament Rewards when it launched, only for no one to care?

      • Snackster1001

        here’s the thing about pokken, The Pokemon Company also butchered the potential it had. The twitch chat for the tournaments was muted (which, for good or bad, is important to a healthy fanbase), players were divided into age groups (which isn’t good for competition), some players were not allowed to be themselves during interviews (AKA, be “PG”), and a lot of the 100k tournament distribution was not done at most traditional fighting game (where there’s a lot of multigame players, even for non traditional fighting games like Nintendo’s), TPCI instead choosing their own Pokemon specific events, isolating a bit of the playerbase. In the end, lots of the more popular players (like shofu) stopped caring about the game for many of these reasons. Yet despite these problems, the game still has an active player base and the game itself has sold over a million copies on wii u alone (nearly 2 million if you include the switch version). If Nintendo were to fix these issues, I believe Pokken would be way more popular (esports wise) than its current state.

  • JacksonLOVESNintendo

    I’m definitely excited for 2018 and Switch, especially with how insanely successful it has been this Christmas season, but I’m having slight PTSD about the motion and camera thing.

  • I don’t give a damn about video apps.
    But one thing they should get on which is Discord since they said they are open to it.
    Having Discord will automatically eliminates the need for having separate feature for messaging, video chat and voice chat.

    And one final thing is incorporate My Nintendo into the home menu and the ability to stream to Twitch for those who don’t have Elgato

  • R.Z.

    It’s cool they want to release games that really make use of the extra technologies included in the joy con, it would be a shame if it just stayed at 1-2 Switch, repeating the WiiU gamepad pattern where the extras cost a lot and were rarely if ever used.

    Kimishima’s comments about people having to look back at 2017 releases or consider DLC don’t bode well for early 2018, a dry spell seems very likely to me.
    Not that I care, I’m actually hoping for one since I have several MASSIVE games on Switch that I have yet to play or barely touched.
    However, since there are some pretty big games scheduled for next year on the competitors’ systems, I have to wonder what megaton releases Nintendo has in stock if they are hoping to make a comeback big enough to reach 20 million sales by the end of the next fiscal year.

    • Philip Akkerman

      Metroid Prime 4?

  • Matthew Grant

    New console? I’m curious if the 3ds will ever have a sucessor. Or will Nintendo be scrapping handhelds and sticking with hybrids? While I love that the Switch can be played anywhere, because of that the 3DS is becoming more and more irrelevant. I know its 6 years old, but still. Everytime a new game released for 3DS this year, people would complain about it not being on Switch. Considering Pokemon is moving to the Switch apparently, I guess Nintendo’s handheld age is over.

  • heavenshitman1

    I think a very plausible and likely way forward for Nintendo’s next console would simply be a Switch 2. Maybe with like a Tegra X2.

    If Switch maintains this success, Nintendo doesn’t need to stray from the path. Every Playstation has been a near exact repeat device.

    Switch with more efficient powerful hardware, a better screen etc could surely reel the masses still

  • Vigilante_blade

    Just don’t use the motion tracking cameras. It’s a pointless addition. The Switch could have cost at least 50$ less at launch without that pointless tech.

    • zelgadis greywords

      Or use it for shooters on rails and other games that benefit from it. Us gamers would like to have more type of games to play

      • Vigilante_blade

        Us gamers would also like the option to not use features we don’t want. If you want motion tracking, then Nintendo can just not sell it at launch and make you pay for a motion controller.

        • zelgadis greywords

          Not all people is a motion control hater like yourself. I don’t know for sure how many people want them but I think is a lot of more than the 50% of the player base like them.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Considering Nintendo fans not half the the playerbase and a significant amount of people dislike motions, the numbers are drastically below 50%.

            Besides, why would ot be all right to force motion controls on people that don’t like them? That line of thinking feels hypocritical.

          • zelgadis greywords

            First of all, Nintendo is not forcing you to use the motion controls, you can play without using them if you want.

            Second, I didn’t include only Nintendo fans in my answer, you did, and even them both started our personal opinions and unless you provided me with an ample survey I think my answer is the correct one ( and you the other way around).

            Third, ¿ Do you use all of your smartphone functionality? ¿ Especially the motion controls for a loss of games? That is hypocritical, because you criticize one option in one jars and not in another. And by the way I suppose you criticize the extra functionalities that you don’t use in it because the same, ¿ Why I have to pay for functions that i don’t Luke/use?

          • Vigilante_blade

            Lying doesn’t look god, my man. Nintendo is in fact forcing motion controls down people’s throats if we want to play their games in full. Breath of the Wild has shrines that literally cabbot be beateb without them. Mario Odyssey has moons that can only be obtained using motion inputs. Plus, you are being handicapped for choosing not to use them instead of them allowing non-motion button presses. 100% completion is locked behind a motion wall. You are literally being denied the satisfaction of completion if you choose to play the way you want to play.

            Your second argument is nonsensical. I included gaming at large. Motion is the niche, not the mainstream. You are the one who claimed that 50% of people liked it (which is far lower than the 99-100% that like moderb button inputs). Prove it.

            Smartphone games are bad. 100% of them. Even FE Heroes, I am aware is an addiction, not fun.

          • zelgadis greywords

            God, how stranger/stupid your reasonings could get? First, when i talked about the 50% was of the nintendo consoles user base ALL ACCORDING TO MY PERSONAL BELIEFS, i never try to sell that as a 100% TRUE affirmation like you are trying to do with your answer.

            Second, what ZBotW/mario odissey/any game with ( on your opinion)motion controls did you played? because a could play all the game without ussing motion controls, same with mario odissey and Splatoon. Motion control only make them easy to do, but not forbiden.

            Third. ARE YOU FUC**** SERIOUSLY SAYING THAT THE 100% OF MOVILE GAMES ARE BAD? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? doesn’t like =/= bad games. With that assesment all the thing someone ( like you with motion controls) could say that everything is bad because yes. I don’t like titanic, that makes titanic a bad movie?

            And last, this is the last time i answerd to you, because neither you nor me will get along with our interpretations and the discusion wasn’t about motion controls, it was about the posibilities for more type of games and you tryed to get to your zone making an offtopic and me ( silly me) answered your absurd ( and hate fueled) opinions about games with motion controls

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    Nintendo’s new console needs to be on the shelves when ps5 appears. They musn’t delay it.

    • Xstream

      Switch didn’t need to be on shelves when PS4 or Xbone appeared to be successful. They’re completely different markets, you can barely compare them.

  • On why Switch is becoming a hit
    – New features on the controllers such as HD Rumble and the camera are interesting, too

    Literally no one in the world bought a Switch for HD Rumble or the IR camera.

    Possibility of using Switch as a tool for various entertainment
    – The most important thing is to see how interesting Switch can fare as a game-only console
    – However, such features may already exist on other devices in households, and perhaps it doesn’t mean having a lot of features would go in the direction that Nintendo’s customers want

    It’s succeeded as a game-only console. Pre-orders alone should have told you that.
    Oh you lazy piece of work, just put those apps on already.

    Possible VR and AR support
    Don’t bother, the Switch is too weak and VR has never surpassed “party trick” value. Not even its “games” are games.