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Koizumi on Mario Odyssey – DNA from previous 3D Mario games, travel theme, taking advantage of the Joy-Con

Posted on October 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

In the latest issue of GamesMaster, the magazine shares some choice words with Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. Koizumi weighed in on how the Switch game encompasses previous 3D Marios, the theme of travel, and wanting to take advantage of the Joy-Con.

Below is a roundup of the various comments:

On Super Mario Odyssey having DNA from the previous 3D games games…

“I’ve been involved on pretty much all the 3D Mario titles since 64. And as you design and develop those games you’re constantly making discoveries about what works in a 3D Mario game, so I would say they’re all kind of connected. It’s like Super Mario Odyssey has the DNA of all of those in it.”

On the theme of travel…

“One of the main themes of this game is travel. You’re traveling to a place for the first time and you encounter people or inhabitants there that have characteristics you’ve never seen before, so it’s surprising. Creating those new characters and new enemies was a really important part of the overall game design.

When Mario is in New Donk City, he’s quite a lot shorter than the real people that live there, but that’s something I’ve also felt in real life when traveling. You know, the differences in the size of people is something that makes you feel, ‘Oh yeah, I’m abroad now’.”

On taking advantage of the Joy-Con…

“One of the first things that I showed to the Odyssey development team were the Joy-Con. And I said to them, ‘Please make sure you make use of the Joy-Con when designing the game, the fact that you can hold them in both hands separately, the HD rumble.’ All the functionality, I asked them to take it into consideration.”

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  • Sinara Centeno

    Taking advantage of the joy-con.
    taking advantage of the joy-con.
    taking advantage of the joy-con.
    This is so delicious!
    One more time:
    taking advantage of the joy-con!!!

  • Vigilante_blade

    Stop. Make a good game. Stop basing your design around gimmicks.

    • KnightWonder

      Considering the game is good and the gimmicks are optional, there’s no problem.

      • Vigilante_blade

        We hav eno confirmaiton on whether they are optional or not.

        • Nilesse

          Except that there is confirmation. It supports all controllers and motion control is optional. They’ve said this before.

          • Vigilante_blade

            We don’t. They only said you could throw the that without it, not that there won’t be forced motions.

        • AJK

          You need to read more before commenting

          • Vigilante_blade

            You know what? Prove to me, and I’ll admit I was wrong. It needs to be a solid case though. Go ahead.

          • AJK

            It says it uses the pro controller in the game page on the shop.

          • Vigilante_blade

            The pro controller has a gyro. Therefore, pro controller being enabled no longer signifies no gimmicks. And Remember. Breath of the Wild on Wii U, Tokyo Mirage sessions and Xenoblade X also claimed full pro support and forced you to take out your gamepad at various times. Don’t make bild claims without evidence.

          • AJK

            Lots of people have also played Mario Odyssey and reported their experiences. I have a suspicion you have something wrong (autism possibly) and I feel like arguing with you is a bit cruel.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Are you actually serious…? AJK, first, I do not have any form of autism, and I should know, because I’m a psychology major… And I want to say, using “autism” as an insult towards people who disagree with you is… unkind. Those people don’t choose to be born with autism. Have a little respect for your fellow men.

          • AJK

            I didn’t say autism was anything bad, just that I didn’t want to debate if you had something like that wrong as it wouldn’t be fair. Just go and read the mini reviews by people on reddit who have played the game.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I have read them, and they have not provided conclusive evidence. i ams till waiting for it. If they exist, you should easily be able to find them. And be careful with what you say.

          • AJK

            You don’t tell me what I can and can’t say lol. I’m not wading through comments for you because frankly I don’t care enough. Simple solution for you is to wait until the game is out and stop getting yourself routinely worked up over dumb things.

          • Vigilante_blade

            It’s true, I can’t tell you what to do. However, i may correct you on lies you may have said. You messed up, it’s fine. Youc an apologize and no one will criticize you for it. Or, you could stay stubborn on the matter. Whichever works for you.

            However, you may not make absolute claims without backing it up with evidence. You have failed to present me said evidence, so I must come to a few possible conclusions: You are likely either wrong, or flat out lying.

            I will be forced to wait, sure, but I don’t like that. I’d like to be excited for games, and a bit of honesty and transparency from Nintendo’s end would go a long way.

          • AJK

            Wtf? I haven’t lied. It’s what I’ve read several times. You definitely seem to have something wrong with you mate. Your message history reads like a go-to list of issues.

          • Vigilante_blade

            You know, I’m tired of you kids using ad hominems and throwing them around like they’re frisbees. My message history shows a fairly calm and collected man who’s trying to have discussions and keeps getting harassed by a bunch of wailing fanatics who can’t accept that people can have divergent opinions from their own.

            You have claimed that the motion inputs are confirmed optional. Prove it, or accept that you were wrong. Those are your only two options.

            As far as I am concerned, I also sometimes read your posts and go “What the…?”, but I don’t really go around telling you that “something is wrong with you”. I don’t believe in defacing someone’s reputation in a debate. it is poor form.

          • AJK

            Here you go. This article mentions that you can play without any kind of motion controls. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2017/06/16/hands-on-with-super-mario-odyssey-on-the-nintendo-switch/#10a771da7255

          • Vigilante_blade

            It’s a June article, so I’ll reserve judgement. Recent articles counter its claims, like the Verge. We have no clear evidence yet. I’lla dmit, it does say they ar enot in, but we have a lot of opposing testimonies. Mor erecent ones seem to claim that you cannot to things without motions, like attacking with a cheep cheep.

          • Vigilante_blade

            It is true, but the verge says otherwise, and is a more recent article. So we are still unclear on the subject. There is a lot of conflicting evidence.

          • Please don’t refer to or frame autism as something “wrong.” I have autism, and my child has autism. It’s a spectrum, so even if one person exhibits lacking social skills and some “deficit in intellect,” it doesn’t mean others may. Having autism means a variety of things, and none of which could apply to someone ability or inability to hold a proper debate with someone else.

            Instead, you can just say someone is biased, ignorant, unaware, or just crappy at arguing. Not directing these particular words at anyone specific; but please consider how you frame mental illness and disabilities when there are other words, that applies to all of us.

          • Vigilante_blade

            While I agree with the first part, I’m not sure I agree with the second. Calling someone biased is not really conductive to anything. You can’t really prove bias; you can only infer it. Plus, once could argue that every single person is biased, so it’s really pointless to even bring it up. I think you should always go after the arguments, not the person behind it. as a general rule, don’t give attribute an adjective to an individual when debatiing. What it comes off as is: “I don,t have a way to counter your arguments, so I’m just going to insult you and hope others rally against you because they are emotional”. As a whole, use your head, not your heat when arguing, IMO.

          • AJK

            I’m sorry if it seemed like I was being insulting. I know lots of people on the spectrum too. But I also know that getting into arguments with some people on the spectrum can be really upsetting for them as thry take it personally. I just didn’t want to cause stress if the person was on the spectrum. I could have phrased it better

          • Vigilante_blade

            I assure you, I do not stand on the autistic spectrum. However, I would ask that you stop making such assumptions about people you do not know.

          • That’s understandable. You definitely want to watch out for painting generalizations or thinking in them though. Some people on the spectrum have an easy time with arguing and debating, and it’s true that some on the spectrum have a hard time with it.

            Although, all of that applies to people in general, regardless of being autistic or no. I’ve definitely seen some people get upset, take things personal, and blow a fuse offline and online during arguments, and they weren’t autistic. Some people just can’t handle opposition. x’D

  • MagcargoMan

    The moment I say the words “taking advantage of the Joy-con” in the headline I just dreaded what sort of storm would brewing the comments section. Fortunately this time there isn’t 200+ comments.

    Also, lol at the part about being shorter while travelling.

    • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

      maybe people are starting to grow up

      • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

        this is unrelated to the “feeling shorter” part hahahaha that was funny too

  • Sir Dippingsauce

    I don’t need to travel to be shorter than everyone else.

  • R.Z.

    “Real” fact* : Attack on Titan was inspired by Isayama’s trip to Sweden, now you know !

    *I really just thought that up a minute ago