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[Let’s Talk] Fire Emblem Heroes impressions

Posted on February 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Mobile

Nintendo’s next mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, arrived this past week. It’s the debut appearance for Fire Emblem on smart devices, and the company’s first real attempt at a “gacha” game.

How many of you have downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes and tried it out? What are your thoughts thus far? If you have anything to say about the game, be sure to share your thoughts with us below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: The future of 3DS


I do think the future of the 3DS will be bright if Nintendo wants it to be, after all, they are marketing the Switch as more of a console rather than a handheld. They’re probably doing that so it doesn’t infringe on 3DS sales

Nintendo should make the 3DS’s successor (AKA the 4DS) a companion to the Switch. Give it a name that compliments the Switch brand, like “Switch Mini”. The 4DS will have a better battery life and be smaller so you can play it in a long car ride. The 4DS can play 3DS, DS, and Switch games, so there will be 2 different cartridge slots. Let the two go hand-in-hand with all the same configurations that can be shared, like online play and a cloud service.

So if I want a more immersive experience, I’ll dock my Switch. If I want a more social experience, I’ll undock my Switch, put it in tabletop mode and take it to work, family gatherings, parties, etc. If I want a more intimate experience, I can use that same cartridge and play my game.

Edit: I hope they keep the 3DS as sort of a back-up plan in case the Switch doesn’t do well (Which it’s not, according to the overwhelming response from the internet).

I would expect the 3DS to less than 2 years. After that Nintendo will most likely announce their next console/handheld/hybrid

hi v3.0

I believe that this is the final year for supporting the 3DS. By early/mid 2018 first party support for 3DS will stop. Nintendo is going to focus on Switch 100% next year. 3DS will live for 7 years by then and that’s a great time to end the console’s lifetime ! C’mon we all know that Switch is going to be super successful in Japan with the 3DS and Vita market combined !

Velen (Not WoW)

Considering how strong the 3DS still is in the market, I don’t really see it going anywhere for a while. Besides. The 3DS and the Switch offer two very different gameplay experiences.


My personal opinion is that the 3DS NEEDS to die if the Switch is ever to be succesful.

The past few years have proven that Nintendo isn’t capable of making enough quality software to support two widely different hardware propositions.
Another aspect is that I don’t think Nintendo can make a succesful dedicated home console anymore. Western third parties are too big on that market and getting their full support (partial support is of no use) doesn’t seem to be possible given the clash between theirs and Nintendo’s philosophy.
Plus let’s face it, the Switch isn’t attractive at all as a home console only.
Finally the 3DS has really gotten technically indigent these past few years. No other portable device has screens with such lousy resolution, and as much as I actually love the 3D screen and the Dual-Screen concept, it seems devs both within and without Nintendo have forgotten about them.
So long story short, if the Switch doesn’t take over Nintendo’s handheld segment, I don’t see it working, and Nintendo needs to drop the 3DS ASAP to fully concentrate on Switch.

Now for the reality check, Nintendo has factually confirmed its support of the 3DS for 2017 at the very least and third parties are still there too. No wonder given the console’s install base.
The Switch is also pretty expensive for now, and way beyond the entry price to the 3DS family, so dropping the 3DS would cut Nintendo from a pretty big market.
As much as I would like Nintendo to abandon the 3DS right now (which actually means they should have dropped it over a year ago given dev times etc.), it would be extremely risky.
So the 3DS isn’t going anywhere in the short term, even though you can see development of new software slowing down. It will vampirise the Switch throughout 2017 at least and a bit beyond probably.

In conclusion, I think We are in a transition period between the 3DS and the Switch (while there has been no transition between the WiiU and the Switch) and I think it will be pretty delicate for Nintendo because the longer it lasts the longer it will jeopardize their new “home” console’s attractiveness which I consider is mainly reliant on Nintendo’s handheld offer.
Now it’s fully possible that the Switch in its current form is not destined to take over the entirety of the handheld market that the 3DS covers. It is possible that Nintendo will release a dedicated handheld at a lower price range to cover the 2DS segment. But I believe (and hope) that even if such a piece of hardware is to be released it will be completely integrated within the Switch ecosystem and share most of its software library.


Personally, it has been very difficult financially to support 2 systems. As I imagine it would be difficult for Nintendo to maintain 3 teams-Switch, 3DS, Mobile (I know DeNa is taking most of this on) I would love to see the 3DS stick around in ’17/18 and by then Switch should have enough user base to sustain the transition to Switch and mobile. In late ’18 or 19 I think you would see an upgraded Switch 2/+ etc.. which would be like they did with all of their systems to date. I also think that by the end of ’17 they will give Switch owners access to their mobile games-easy as it has a touch screen.


3DS support is still fairly strong, but it IS showing signs of slowing down, which is why I predict it will largely die off this year. It’s ending off with a bang with the new Fire Emblem remake in May and FE Warriors on New 3DS. There’s still a few games coming to it, but I don’t think we’ll see anything major for 3DS after this year. I’m betting that online support for it (and possibly Wii U) will die off somewhere between late 2018 to early 2019.

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  • Vigilante_blade

    I’ve tried Gatcha games before with Final Fantasy Record Keeper, form the same company (DeNA). I got hooked on it but wasn’t actually enjoying it.

    When it comes to Fire Emblem Heroes, I can see that it is on the upper tier of phone apps, probably the best I’ve ever tried. Mind you, “best” when it come sot mobile means “ok”. The strategy has a bit of depth, albeit not to the extent of a real Fire Emblem game. Collecting heroes is addicting, but it’s a bit of an issue when trying to get heroes that you want. Sure, they have to make money somewhere, but this is the kind of game I’d rather pay a flat rate for. It is extremely stingy with its resources, more so than even Record Keeper.

    I would say that you can redeem platinum coins on My Nintendo for more stamina is you so desire.

    I would also say that you should upgrade your castle right away to get more permanent EXP. Heroes can come after.

    I’ve been using Bluestack to try it out, which removes the annoying touch screen aspect. Using a mouse, you really can easily move your units around without the fear of the screen causing you any problems.

    Always online is a large issue, since you need to use mobile data to stay up to date. I think it would have been better if your stamina pool could get a bit larger like in Record Keeper. It can still be limited, but give you enough so that it can recharge during your work day and you’re not wasting stamina.

    The lack of Tellius series representation is staggering.

    One good thing about it is that it makes me want the shove command to return to this series..

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    • ForeVision

      Any thoughts on whether this game will do the same as Pokemon GO did for Pokemon as a whole? Also, are you looking forward to the Switch FE game?

      • Vigilante_blade

        The Switch game is a no-brainer, I’m looking forward to it. I just hope it takes some of the elements introduced by Binding Blade and Path of Radiance.

        Like any game on mobile, it will lose a lot of popularity quickly. I do think it will see a much slower descent though. Being deeper than Pokémon Go means more user retention. Accessibility gets new people into gaming. Depth keeps them there.

        • ForeVision

          I feel these apps are the accessibility you mention, with the depth being in the dedicated gaming machine games. What do you think they’ll do with the Switch game?

          • Vigilante_blade

            Honestly? I think they’ll make Awakening 3. While Awakening isn’t a bad game, it is one of the worst in the series. The dating game aspect will remain prominent and the story will suffer for it.

            I think however that it will be better than the recent entries on account that the home console playerbase tends to be a bit more hardcore. I would imagine that with more power, they could introduce better, more in-depth map design.

          • ForeVision

            It will be intriguing to say the least.

          • SOMEGUY7893 .

            “The dating game aspect will remain prominent and the story will suffer for it.” The worse part is they aren’t mutually exclusive but to make the dating aspect attractive they make characters basic archetypes which damages the story. So they could do it but just don’t seem competent enough to not have one affect the other negatively.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I think the big issue is that they pretty much just read the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and pasted the entries on various characters.

            Making deep characters is by no means easy, but it would behoove them to try.

          • SOMEGUY7893 .

            Especially considering they made a character a psychopathic murder that never really redeems themselves.

  • Darrin W. Harr

    I’m on the fourth chapter right now and have completed the normal and hard mode levels for 1-3. I haven’t bought anything, nor do I plan to. It’s a fun game. I’ve never played Fire Emblem because the gameplay looked tedious, but this app may get me to dive into the series. I’ll have to play some more and think some more.

    • キロ

      Please keep us updated if you do decide to venture to the main series!

  • JasonBall

    Being a huge Nintendo fan, and a sucker for free things in general, of course I downloaded it. I expected to be totally lost when it comes to gameplay, not be able to play it because I’d not understand the mechanics, and only use it as an anime girl gallery. Well, it turns out I was wrong on all counts. While every time I’ve tried an FE game has led to confusion and boredom, this one is different. Well optimized for phones, the game design is surprisingly good. I was expecting text box after text box of in-depth mechanic explanations to appear at the start, never appear again, and leave you wondering what the **** you just read. But no! For once, they teach through gameplay, and the stupid long text boxes of mechanics are optional. However, this smoothness of teaching only applies to the main story. Whenever I enter a different mode, yeah, its text boxes of crap I don’t understand. But I have fun trying to figure out whats happening, and eventually it does click, and now I’m happily exploring different modes. I spent two bucks on orbs because I had some money leftover on a gift card, and because why not. I spent every orb I have summoning, trying for Lyn, and then got Lyn. I am now going for Tharja. After that I think the game will be beaten in my mind, there are no other women in the series that come close. So yeah, when it comes to summoning, it is an anime girl gallery. Oh, and summoning. It is SO poorly explained and WAY too convoluted a system. Only through ****ing up and then reading an online guide did I comprehend how exactly it works. As for orbs, yeah, way overpriced, and it’s painfully obvious they’re trying to get you to spend large sums of money the way summoning works. So yeah. Um, in other news, My Nintendo integration is lame. Was expecting more complex missions akin to the in-game ones, and those only give out random items that I have no clue what to do with. But I do like the way you’re kind of forced to dabble in different modes to level up in order to progress through the story. Right now I’m on chapter six after breezing through the first five, and now I’m stuck on hard enemies, requiring me to level up in other places. So I’m having fun overall, yes.

    Great music, graphics, controls, but sometimes there’s too much on the screen and a lot of things could use more explaining. I also wish the weapon triangle appeared on the Edit Team screen and other places, not just battle screens because I can’t remember it. Also, great art and voice. I am a little concerned as to how the game seems like it will be “done” after a certain point. I don’t see people coming back in following months to replay the same maps to get the same rewards. But we shall see what Nintendo does to keep interest up. I give it a 8/10 so far, it’s really dragged down by the orb system (surely there’s a better way to integrate paid play) and the several areas mechanics are poorly explained. But I’m having fun playing overall, and viewing the artwork of the girls in order to, ah, get a sense of the artistic talent of the illustrators, yes. I look forward to reading you guys’ impressions, as this is my first venture into the public opinion of the game. And please don’t slam me for playing mostly for anime aspect, or being too slow to understand the game mechanics.

  • Bowsah

    Never really played a Fire Emblem game before, so when I downloaded this and started playing I was surprised that I actually liked it…like allot. It’s addicting, nuff said.

    • キロ

      Has it piqued any interest in trying the main games? : )

      • Bowsah

        It has. And I think that was the overall point of the game to begin with. To get people who never really played FE interested in the series…. It worked lol

        • キロ

          That is exactly why I am asking people, to see if it worked as intended. xD Good to know : )

  • Blackbishop

    I have constantantly issues with the error “LF3H-LF2p-au5n-0000-0000” and just for the record, that problem can happen to all kind of smartphones from what I read.

    Other than that it is fun. Made me want to play again FE in my 3DS.

  • Ryan Hainley

    So far, I’m hooked!

    Very much enjoying the experience. It’s a much simpler Fire Emblem experience, but VERY free. I rerolled until I got a 5*, however not once did it feel necessary on Normal. Hard difficulty so far has been a pretty strategic experience, but still in no way do I feel forced to pay money. Nintendo is very giving with the orb currency as well, and even throw in an extra 10 through My Nintendo!

    I think this is a great step for Nintendo in the free-to-play mobile game market. There is a ton of character and charm, and while the story isn’t all that interesting, the strategy gameplay of Fire Emblem is still very much in tact. Should be a great way to gain even more interest in a great series.

  • ShadowDragoon

    Not interest and not going to download it.

  • Addy

    I played a little bit of it, however Digimon Heroes is getting most time with me since a year ago when I started playing that.

  • キロ

    Better than I expected, having fun with it. But I worry what will happen when the grace period runs out and everything becomes stamina x 2. xD

    • Vigilante_blade

      Soon, just equipping skills will cost stamina.

      • キロ

        Oh okay, the cost of doing the missions won’t go up? I have to read the page again but thought they were currently half-priced.

        • Vigilante_blade

          They will. After a while, not only will arena battles cost more, but equipping skills after you learned them will as well (it is currently free).

          • キロ

            Oh, I see. Sorry I read your “just equipping skills will cost stamina” to mean that was going to be the only change so got confused. xD

          • Vigilante_blade

            I can see how I could have caused you confusion, don’t worry about it 🙂

  • ForeVision

    I’ve not tried it, and I have no intention to. Instead, I’ll simply hope it has the same effect Pokemon GO had for that franchise, as I’m eagerly awaiting the FE games (Warriors as well) for Switch and Echoes for 3DS.

  • FinalArcadia

    As someone who plays a lot of gacha games but stays F2P, I’m really liking what Fire Emblem Heroes has done so far. Obviously the well of story mode orbs will run dry soon, but the game is quite generous with orbs right now, making it very attractive for F2P players. Having rolling gacha is nice too, even if my luck has been kinda bad in only getting a single 5-star (Catria).

    The actual gameplay is fun; essentially normal Fire Emblem but on a smaller scale. I was surprised that some of the later chapters and difficulties have actually given me a challenge. It might help if I had any axe-wielders other than Anna, but I’ve never seen a green summon stone. I’m running the archer and thief party over here with all the grey summon stones RNG throws at me.

    My main concern with the game is the content. I hope they keep a steady stream of new maps coming so that it doesn’t get boring just running the Training Tower over and over while waiting for something new. Weekly events like in Final Fantasy Record Keeper would be nice, but guess we’ll see moving forward!

  • So I’ve never really got into Fire Emblem, although I do enjoy the heck out of Advance Wars, therefore I don’t have any attachment to any of the heroes which is probably for the best otherwise I would be summoning based on who I wanted versus what I needed. As for the gameplay I think it’s nice to have little bite sized battles, makes sense on mobile and I’m enjoying it. If I want larger maps and more enemies to battle I can just move on to a full sized Fire Emblem game which I just might.

    • キロ

      Would love to hear what you think if you do go on to a main series game!

  • chancetime

    I’m enjoying it so far, the fact that there’s more special maps on the horizon is a big plus. It’s unfortunately very addicting to summon characters; the temptation to buy more orbs is pretty bad.

  • Annie

    I think it’s a great way to get people into the series, a friend who I could never get to play Radiant Dawn because it ”looks like chess, omg so boring” actually downloaded it and is hooked rn

  • schlanz

    Only 3 lunatic missions left. Surprised at how easy it is to get to endgame without purchasing anything.
    Fun game.