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[Let’s Talk] Future feature additions on Switch

Posted on April 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

Switch’s launch took place just over a month ago. With that in mind, I thought it might be interesting to have a discussion about features we’d like to see added in the future.

Switch definitely isn’t a static system. Heck, no console is these days. Companies always update their platforms with firmware updates throughout the years.

Switch’s OS is incredibly slick and fast, but it’d be tough to say that it isn’t lacking a bit in terms of features. If there’s one thing I’ve seen, it’s that users want the ability to manage saves and transfer them. With Switch already supporting some browser functionality – such as when you connect to certain hotspots – a dedicated internet browser wouldn’t hurt. You’ll also always have some Switch owners who’d like to be able to watch video content on the likes of Netflix.

Those are just a few random ideas. What features do you hope to see implemented in Switch in the future? Share your thoughts with us below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – April 2017


I’m still playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild and chances are I’ll be playing it next month too. What a game.

Linkavitch Chomofsky

I’m playing and loving Zelda. Once I beat it, I’ll start again in hard mode.


Still playing Zelda. I just decided to tackle Ganon after 65 shrines. I am not a completionist so I knew I was never going to try to find all the seeds or all the shrines or upgrade all the armor. If Ganon turns out to be impossible for me, I’ll go work on a few more shrines.

All that said, I am absolutely loving this game. It has kept my full attention since launch and I will probably beat the story sometime here in the next two or three days. A solid month of gameplay for me is a total success and I am completely okay with waiting 28 days for Mario Kart.

This actually plays right into what I’ve said in the past about the indie games filling gaps between the major releases for me. While I wait for MK8D, I’m probably going to try Snake Pass and Frontier Days. This is a perfect example of why I’ve felt the Switch’s release schedule is pretty good. I feel like most gamers haven’t finished Zelda yet and by the time they do, they may have just a few weeks before the next big release comes out.


I have been playing a lot of Zelda. I’ve unlocked every section of the map and have most armor upgrades, but I still have two divine beasts and 40 shrines left to complete. I have so much fun just exploring that I am in no hurry to complete the game.

I hadn’t played Splatoon Wii U in months, but the testfire inspired me to go back. I have been playing a lot to practice for Splatoon 2, and I finally reached level 50. I mostly play with Shooters and Blasters, but I have been learning to use Chargers effectively. The limitations of chargers I think have made me a better all around player.

I haven’t touched my 3DS since the Switch came out, but I am definitely going to get FE:Echoes. I do play a lot of FE:Heroes though. The special events have been pretty generous with free orbs and I’m now up to seven 5-star characters.


Nintendo Badge Arcade.

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  • Exy

    I just tried to split the audio on the Switch docked using a 3.5mm splitter to my Elgato’s audio input and my headset so I can stream the audio without it going to my TV’s speakers, but doing this causes a ground loop that makes the audio unusable. I could fix this with a ground loop isolator, or a feature could be added to not bypass the HDMI audio output when headphones are plugged in, so the audio would go to both the headphone output and HDMI. With this, I would be able to have the audio in the headphones and mute my TV so the Elgato will still get sound. It sounds like a niche feature, but people like me who use a specific streaming setup would benefit from this.

    Aside from that, I would also like USB storage support to transfer not just save data, but screenshots. The only way to get them onto a PC is to power down the Switch to remove its microSD card. I would like not only for USB storage on the dock, but in the handheld mode with USB-C drives.

    And it’s been a month now, and even I have to admit that video streaming and web browsing would be neat to have on the Switch tablet. My phone can tether and there’s at least one report saying that Splatoon 2 plays fine on a tethered 4G connection.

    • I don’t know if I fully understand your audio situation, but my tv has multiple audio outs. Is that an option for you?

      • Exy

        My TV doesn’t have RCA out, if that’s what you mean. Even if it did, I would prefer to get audio directly from the system and not pass it through the TV. The common suggestion is to get an HDMI audio extractor, but since the Switch has 3.5mm audio out, that shouldn’t have to be necessary.

    • Jaxad0127

      There are several product from a variety of companies that extract analog audio from HDMI (most only have RCA/SPDIF, though I did find one that has 3.5mm). Put ones of those between the dock and the TV.

    • shani

      Man, that really sucks. On the Wii U you could just choose whether to output sound via HDMI, audio cable or both.
      So now the Switch just automatically switches (no pun intended) from HDMI to headphone output?
      That’s a perfect example for why the Wii U was an intelligently designed product (or take how they used the second screen for youtube) whereas the Switch is just a mediocre mass market tablet that was stripped of most common tablet features.
      And I’m still going to get a Switch as soon as Splatoon 2 and ARMS are released…

  • JasonBall

    Still waiting on those My Nintendo Rewards. Other than that, I want some personality added. 3ds has themes and badges, Wii U has miiverse posts and miis. Switch feels so bland. Like it’s just a machine. So yeah, personality.

    • Exy

      The ability to copy and share Miis would be a start.

    • Phoenix Wright

      I completely agree! One thing that could really help it is some music for the menu’s, eshop, and miimaker. I don’t like all the silence

      • Exy

        I’m guessing there’s no music because it would just be more data to keep in RAM for the system menu, so I can accept this if it’s what it takes to keep the menus so fast.

        • Hidden Flare

          I still think its possible but you may be on to something. Still there are more themes, why bother having a theme button on the settings if there are not going to be more.

        • shani

          A simple BGM loop – even more so if it’s compressed – doesn’t take up much space at all. So no, that can’t be the reason.

    • hi v3.0

      I really don’t like the idea of how you can only post on Twitter and Facebook, I want to share my gaming experience on a place that’s surrounded by Nintendo gamers aka Miiverse but with less BS restrictions obviously

      • Exy

        I don’t like how only one image can be posted at a time. There should be an option to post at least four at once.

        • hi v3.0

          But the most important part is that you can’t even record videos yet…SMH

          • Exy

            I have to wonder how video recording will impact battery life, if it’ll even be possible handheld.

  • theFooFighter

    I want themes. Something persona/shin megami tensei related would be nice

    • Kenshin0011

      Fully custom themes would be the best! How cool would it be to mix and match Nintendo IPs in your OS theme?

      • Exy

        User-defined themes would contradict premium themes. If they’re going with themes, every theme ought to be available internationally from the get go. Imagine a theme from the current popular anime populating the dozen or so system sound effects.

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    • Themes should definitely be something in the future. If the 3DS has them, the Switch certainly should be able to. Hopefully.

  • Nate1294

    I’m really missing streetpass so some sort of similar function would be fantastic. I always envisioned a feature for Wii U where there would be a “streetpass hub” where you could sync your streetpass data from a 3DS to your console and use a whole suite of more advanced streetpass games and features. I could imagine a pokewalker type pedometer that could charge via micro USB to get streetpass hits for a Nintendo Switch Streetpass hub(and maybe some streetpass coins since it is a pedometer). I also want to see mobile games sync with Switch software. Miitomo could benefit from a console based app that allows for more features, further customization of your home, and possibly a connection with the previously mentioned streetpass hub for Switch.

    • I miss Streetpass a lot, too. I didn’t think I would, but I really do. It was added incentive to take your system out on the go with you.

  • hi v3.0

    Various themes from Nintendo IP to third party games to anime with music please!

  • Ramon

    I expect to see everything the 3DS has now, themes, custom icons and folders. Things like a web browser or VoD services will probably be added early next year. I think Nintendo wants a good amount of games to be available before they add more features.

  • OverKing53

    Sorting the icons would also be nice. I mean sorting the icons on your own.
    This sorting by date (last time played) is just not my cup of tea.

  • Vigilante_blade


    – Save management and backup: I admit, since this console is portable, I am legitimately terrified of losing my progress in games if anything happens to my Switch. I also don’t want to save anything or buy anything on my Switch memory since it means that I am possibly wasting space on it. Give us more controls, and I will be very happy.

    – Enhanced virtual console: I felt like the emulation in the NES classic was actually a good step in the right direction. I think it would be great to have games from multiple platforms make it over with save state functions as well as multiple filters and aspect ratios. Cross buy and cross gen are necessary at this point, especially if they start charging for online. Furthermore, you should own the games, not lose them if you don’t pay your subscription. The only reason I don’t buy VC games is because I know they will not transfer over to the new systems. If I can keep an enduring library, then I will gladly buy a bunch of games.

    – Voice chat without the mobile app.

    Quality of life:

    – An ability to temporarily disable the automatic controller detection. I carry a pro controller in my bag, and even though it is in a box, it does sometimes interrupt my gameplay while on the train.

    – Bluetooth headphones detection: I know it takes battery, but I want to use wireless headphones. I already carry a large battery with me, and I can handle the drain. While I understand making the console stupid-proof, a simple warning about battery drain would be enough. There is no need to not have that option.

    – Complete control over button layouts. Allow users to do such things as remapping their buttons, inverting their sticks, turning motion controls on or off from the system itself. In other words, create a setup tied to your profile and allow you to do these things whether the creator wanted you to do it or not.

    – Mod support. Many mods are amazing, and I think that providing a controlled environment for modding (as to prevent piracy) would do much to add to already great

    – Themes: Don’t charge for them and allow users to make them and share them.

    – A grid menu setup. Being able to see more icons on one page.

  • Addy

    Games that aren’t ports of Wii U games. VC games that doesn’t have awful emulation. Games that are actually worth buying.

  • ForeVision

    Actually, for now just something very simple. The ability to shut the console off as easily as one puts it in sleep mode.

    Pressing the button on my pro has it in sleep, one button press on the console itself does the same, but I have to hold the button for 5 seconds and then choose an option to shut it off and I highly doubt they couldn’t make that a setting that just pressing the button shuts it off instead of sleep mode. I only just found out how to actually shut it off, and it’s been in sleep mode for most of the time, doh….

  • ShadowDragoon

    Even thought i don’t own a Switch, i can’t think on any particular feature i would like to see, to be honest the only thing i want a console for is to play games, i don’t really care for anything else it can do.

  • I definitely think there needs to be an improved user communication interface. I don’t know if they are saving all of that for the upcoming smartphone app, but as it stands now, there is no way to communicate with other friends who are online – nor even a way to send a brief introduction message along with a friend request.

  • R.Z.

    The current OS really feels like some kind of alpha version, there’s not much you can do beside playing games.
    A web browser seems to be the most essential feature currently lacking, then I also want to be able to organize my home menu into folders etc, have a higher density of items shown on screen (the current setup won’t be comfortable past some ten games or so). Themes would be awesome.
    Some option to interact with friends directly on the console is a must, and ideally I would like Miiverse to come back.

    Lastly I don’t really know if hardware is considered a feature, but I really want Nintendo to produce some ergonomic joy-cons. I don’t see myself playing the rumored Skyward sword remake with the current ones, they are very uncomfortable when held separately.

    • nemo37

      I personally feel the Joy-Cons are comfortable, but I guess people with different hand sizes will have differing experiences.

      I agree with pretty much everything else though. I love that the OS is so much more responsive then that of the Wii U. However, UI customization options, better communication options (everything from being able to add friends using the NNID to being able to communicate with friends, hopefully without the chat app), and some non-gaming features like a web browser and some video streaming services are all much needed. One area where I wish Nintendo was more like Microsoft (and this is probably the only area I would want the two to be more similar) is that they would disclose their general roadmap about future updates and take feedback from the community (which would allow them to modify and prioritize features).

  • Joe

    “…but it’d be tough to say that it isn’t lacking a bit in terms of features.”

    It’s lacking all standard and progressive features. Friend Codes, Users offline unless playing a game, no contact methods, no achievements. Is there even an online service? Outside of software updates and seeing an estimated “how long played” feed, I wouldn’t even being to say “lacking a bit in terms of features.” It lacks all “standard” online community features and with the chat going to be via mobile app, it lacks the foundation to be able to socialize without killing two devices at once.

    I currently own Zelda, Lego City, Setsuna, Snipperclips, Human Resource Machine, 1-2 Switch to give you an idea of my time spent with Switch. I can’t see how they are going to convince anyone to purchase their online service when they don’t even have one now. I figured they weren’t going to charge initially so people could get a feel on how it works and what changes they will need to make prior to soft launch ending, but this is terrible.

    Am I the only person who feels this way? Lack of faith maybe or do I have good cause?

    • nemo37

      There is definitely an online service, but there is only one game that uses it right now (and not really fully either, since it seems to only make use of matchmaking) and that is Super Bomberman R.

      I do agree with much of your comment though:
      -There needs to be an easier way to add friends than Friend Codes. Oddly enough, the Switch (unlike 3DS) is account based because it uses your Nintendo Network ID and lets you add friends that you have played with on Super Mario Run and Miitomo. However, you cannot search using account names. What is even stranger is that the Wii U allowed you to search for friends by just using their Nintendo ID.

      -The chat app only makes sense to me if you are playing on the couch (since it would be difficult to run a wired audio connection from the Switch dock to a headset). Of course, even then Nintendo should add wireless bluetooth headset support. The chat app would be cumbersome to use on the go, because you will have to use two separate pairs of in-ear headphones to hear the chat and listen to the in-game simultaneously. One thing to note though, Nintendo previously said that this chat app would be used to create matches online, but the MK8: Deluxe trailer showed that you can do it right now on the console; so I hope the chat app is similarly optional, with chat being built-in right into the system (although I doubt this will be the case for chat, at least initially, because Nintendo really seems to be pushing this app).

      -The eShop, which is also a part of their online service, works and has some improvements over the Wii U and 3DS iterations (like being able to purchase games from different regions albeit with different accounts, being able to authorize and deauthorize systems without having to contact Nintendo or doing a system transfer). However, there is very little in the way of categorization, which is going to become an issue, particularly as new games are added.

      -There needs to be cloud saving. Right now there is no way to backup save files; they should let users backup saves to SD cards and/or to the cloud (ideally both).

      -There needs to be a better communication system between players and friends, like a basic messaging system. Miiverse was a good system, but they removed it for some reason.

      I think we will get more clarification on these features as more online games are released (particularly with MK8: Deluxe, Splatoon 2, PayDay 2, and a rumored port of Smash coming), and the system should be far more fleshed out by the time they start charging for it. I believe they will add being able to find friends using NNID (since the system is already in place, it just lacks a search and add function) and the chat app should be out by then as well (probably with the ability to message friends). However, I doubt we will see things like an achievement system (since Nintendo sees them as incompatible with their game design philosophy) or an integrated chat system.

  • shani

    Well that’s easy. The Switch should at least offer what other tablets offer too:

    – full browser
    – display rotation
    – support for bluetooth stereo headsets, keyboards and mice
    – (video) apps
    – ideally also streaming via Youtube/Twitch, but I don’t think it’s powerful enough for that