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[Let’s Talk] How do you feel about ARMS?

Posted on May 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Nintendo had a big blowout of ARMS this week with its own dedicated Nintendo Direct. It really touched on almost everything we’ve wanted to know about the game. New characters were revealed, new modes were shown, and we even found out about ARMS Global Testpunch – an opportunity to try things out before launch.

Has Nintendo sold you on ARMS now, or were you already skeptical? Perhaps you’re waiting until the ARMS Global Testpunch until you really make up your mind. Who’s your favorite character? What mode interests you the most as of now? Share your thoughts about ARMS with us in the comments below.

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Granblue Fantasy. Just GBF, almost obsessively, lol. I’m a hardcore newb, but I am enjoying it and getting the hang of understanding everything. I adore it~. I like the anime adaption too, but I wish they captured more of the game’s essence. Not like they couldn’t have done an A+ job too.

I am going to be going back to the 3DS though. I have a few games I want to start, and some I want to return to.

Really hoping the One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition gets localized (for Switch) though, because I will just sit on it, all day, lol. Would be a great way to get my Law and Zoro fix while my number one hubby is shining in the manga. x’D


I’ve just bought my switch and Im playing tons of battle mode on Mario Kart 8. Having a blast with shiny thief. But i’m having problems with my connection so unfortunately cannot play online :/ at least I have my sister and my boyfriend to play with me but i’m hoping nintendo fix those issues, mario kart 8 on wii u i never had an online problem. But anyway, the game is a improvement in a kinda perfect game, just hope i can solve my online problems

Eric Flapjack Ashley

I’m still playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The mix of new and classic battle modes are so much fun. I play Puyo Puyo Tetris online with friends. I’m also enchanted with Wonder Boy right now as well.


PC games PC games and yet more PC games. My Switch has been collecting dust for close to a month now, since I can’t bring myself to play MK8D (as that feeling of “I’ve played this already, for a long time has irreversibly attached itself to me) for long stretches unless I’m doing it with friends, probably requiring something akin to Skype. That or local co-op, but maybe Disgaea 5 will bring some change in this.


Playing on PS4: The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, and Wonder Boy (Switch) while waiting for Zelda DLC 1, Yooka-Laylee and Rime, (the last 2 on Switch). The (waiting) struggle is real.

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  • I’m actually pretty excited for ARMS. What first felt a bit like a tech demo at the Nintendo Switch UK Premiere (a really good one at that) looks like it is turning out to be a pretty packed game, almost like the Splatoon of the fighting genre. Speaking of Platoon, anyone else getting a bit of a Splatoon vibe from ARMS? Would kinda be cool if it were set in the same universe. What if this is the return of the human race… or right before the watery demise of it haha!

  • Bruno_Ostara

    I was on the fence with Arms but expected it to be good at the same time. That’s because when Splatoon was shown I thought it looked terrible, and Arms had something to it that reminded me of Splatoon, and well, Splatoon became my favorite Wii U game. The announcement of Arms looked “meh” at best, to the point that I thought it was a bad choice to show this game at the system reveal, but after this direct I’m counting the days to be able to play it. At first I thought it would be shallow, like Pokken, don’t get me wrong, I love pokken, but there’s little content there, not many modes and all, it’s just straight to the point and I thought Arms would be similar. But they really worked on it, the grand prix looks fun and it has that mysterious boss battle, all those multiplayer modes, and those 2 on 2. It all reminded me that I haven’t really got hooked on a fighting game since Grand Chase. The characters are just awesome, really well designed and distinct, the gameplay looks solid and with enough twists to keep it interesting. I might be wrong since I haven’t really touched the game to really know, but I’m sold on it. The characters I’m more interested in are Ninjara, Spring Man, Twintelle and Minmin. Of course the test punch might change my mind but I don’t really think it will, for now it’s a day one buy to me. They are doing everything right now, free updates with maps, arms and characters, c’mon, just give me that already.

  • Toadlord

    It doesn’t immediately strike me as something that I’d pay $60 dollars for. I think Arms is being put in a position mostly as filler before Splatoon and Mario Odyssey launch later this year. But hey, maybe this will hit it bigger than I expect. It will be interesting to see the reactions from players coming out of the Testpunches, and where the hype goes from there.

    • Bruno_Ostara

      I don’t think it’s a filler position, it’s more like a safe one. They are making a bet with Arms but also playing safe, if it doesn’t make a good hit they have Splatoon to make up for it on the next month. It would be a fille position if it came after Splatoon, that would give the message that they don’t really believe on it since Splatoon would canibalize it’s player base and don’t really give it much of a chance of setting it’s on

      • Lance Devon

        Going to agree on you with this. This is no “filler” game, this is an attempt for a new IP, with the treatment it is getting akin to Splatoon on Wii U (the dip-fed freebies), it looks like they want this game to soar. With it’s placement it has Splatoon 2 to pick up any slack we may see if Arms does not do what we expect.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      It’s getting way too much attention from Nintendo to be called filler at this point. This is their big June game, no doubt about it

  • Burning Gravity

    ARMS should prove “handy” for killing boredom

  • DonSerrot

    It looks… I think the word “intriguing” fits in my case. It feels like they are trying to see if lightning will strike twice following how things went with Splatoon, and it looks like it could work out exactly like that for Nintendo with how things are going. That said, it hasn’t really caught my attention the way Splatoon did so at the moment I don’t really have strong feelings about it one way or another. That could all change once I have a go with the test fire, and I’m really happy to see them continue using test fire demos for games like this. Keep em coning Nintendo!

    • DeltaPeng

      It does remind me of Splatoon, it almost makes me wonder if the same team created this new IP. Love the style of it and looks fun, and agree that a demo for it is a good idea as it is pretty unique.

  • JJ

    I don’t think this game looks very fun- and certainly not worth $60 US Dollars.

  • ShadowPhantom

    Not interested, didn’t like it when it was first announced and my opinion hasn’t changed since.

  • JasonBall

    Looks great but not my thing personally.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I was pretty skeptical back in January, but I’m fully in now. Honestly I think that if they released only what they have right now, I’d think it was worth $60. But releasing new characters and modes for free on top of that is just awesome.

    I just hope the controls are as good as everyone is saying

  • Linkavitch Chomofsky

    I think it looks fantastic! But I’m so occupied with other games that I don’t think I’ll get it until possibly later this Fall. It’s the same deal with Mario Kart. I definitely want to get it, but I was still finishing Zelda when it came out and Fire Emblem Echoes just arrived. I only want to buy what I actually have time to play.

  • Locky Mavo

    I was already interested in ARMS day one, but that direct has me convinced that ARMS is a must have. And hearing all the reactions to it from those lucky enough to get the chance to have a go, hearing most them saying along the lines of, the videos do it little justice, you must have hands on experience to really get the feel of how good it really is and motion controls feel great, well the first testpunch is less than a week away and I can’t wait to try it! Hearing that it ain’t no Punch Out!!!/Wii Boxing gets me excited to play something new as well. The only thing I found disappointing about the direct was no amiibo, perhaps if it becomes a hit game like Splatoon did they’ll come later? Here’s to hoping.

    • Bruno_Ostara

      I think they saved the amiibo announcrment for E3

      • Locky Mavo

        Man I hope so

  • James Fox

    I believe it has the potential for greatness
    I preordered the game back in January in high confidence of it’s quality
    Not to mention ARMS can be beneficial for stress relief, think about it

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈

      Whenever I feel like beating the crap out of somebody, I can just play Arms… sounds good.

      (Not that I feel like beating the crap out of people often.)

      • James Fox

        *Hoping that’s not cynicism talking*

        No really, I do see ARMS as a great form of stress therapy

        • ≈ KobobKC ≈

          Yes, I agree, but that’s just videogames in general; there are lots of games that can relieve stress. For me it’s Splatoon, in fact I’m listen to it’s soundtrack right now to relieve some stress.

  • It’s been my most anticipated Switch title since it was announced. I never doubted it for a second.

    • Carolmsherrer

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  • Vigilante_blade

    It doesn’t strike me as a game that has legs to stand on. More seriously though, I am not closed to the idea of trying it out, but my immediate reaction is that it seems like a very casual party game that Nintendo tries to pass off as a competitive esports game. Certainly, if Nintendo pays up, it can easily make it to EVO, since they heavily rely on sponsorships, but the footage I have seen has severely bored me. A good esports game must be fun to watch, or it will never gain much viewership. Furthermore, the fact that it seems to have been built around motion controls, an input method that has a too significant input lag and margin of error for any kind of fighting game doesn’t really spark much confidence in me.

    On the other hand, it does have non-motion inputs, which I do appreciate. Furthermore, I remember people initially mocking Super Smash Bros. as a potential esports game, and now, Melee is a staple of famous fighting game competitions and remains one of the most watched today, so I am not going to completely write it off until I see more.

    I see this as a low budget, filler title that attempts to draw attention to the Switch’s gimmick features. I am not interested in these features. If I have to spend money, I’d rather wait for Super Mario Odyssey.

    • it’s “wii sports,” not “esports”

    • Tlink7

      Hearthstone proves any game can be an eSport if the game’s developer throws enough money at tournaments

      • Fore

        And Hearthstone has a very interesting position, considering that RNG is quite a hated feature in a tournament, where skill is “supposed” to reign supreme.

        • Vigilante_blade

          Yeah, you often see a player win a huge amount of money, to then never be able to replicate another victory. it seems random chance is far too prevalent to make it a potential career.

          • Fore

            Be that as it may, RNG does keep things fresh, though card games have a little of that in the draw, it gets mitigated as much as possible. I’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh on tournament level, and there’s very little fun or intriguing left when everyone just plays the top decks and knows exactly what everyone else has in their deck, when they’ve used X amount of Y card etc etc.

            My best moment playing that game was when one of those meta sheeps had to read just about every card in my deck, because they weren’t the same tired old meta crap, and I even beat him a round with it.

            Not to mention the prices. It goes as ridiculous at 100 euros for a single card, and you then need 3 of those. That’s 300 euros to get a part of your deck complete.

          • Vigilante_blade

            The issue with Yu-gi-Oh was with balance. You can’t just balance a non-digital card game as you see fit through patching it up, and so you’d have to add counter cards over time. The problem is that you also wanted to introduce cards people wanted and thus had to make more powerful cards. it ended up leading into very prominent amounts of power creep.

            Personally though, I like as little random chance as possible in my competitive experiences however. In Super Smash Bros, I really enjoy having a test of true skill by removing all items and fighting on neutral levels. I also enjoy Mario Party games a lot more when you can movew around the map independently and have fewer chance games.

            It is simply more fair for the most skilled player to win, and chance only serves to frustrate those who want more out of their games. When I lose (or win) due to luck in a game, I am always left extremely unsatisfied.

          • Fore

            RNG is what I find to be a good thing about Mario Kart, since it stops the “this guy has played a ton, and will win by standard, whoopee that’s really fun for everyone else involved” thing from happening all the time, since that guy can just as easily get hit by a blue and end up 8th instead. I get that it’s frustrating, hell it frustrates me at times as well, but I realize that this is part of the game’s appeal, giving everyone a solid chance, even if it’s through RNG. And that element of it keeps things fresh.

          • Vigilante_blade

            If someone trained to become better, then they simply deserve to win. It is unfair to have mechanics that would lead them to lose just because they are performing better.

            Personally, I thinkt hat the blue shell should attack every single person in front of you. As such, the top place person doesn’t get thrown into eight position. You get closer to them. but they don’t get thrown back at the end of a race. Furthermore, there should always be a variety of challenging, but reliable ways to be able to avoid blue shells. (Though perosnally, I would not want blue shells altogether). They are fine and dandy for a silly casual match, but there should always be a mode that makes thing more balanced for everyone and removes all rubber banding for those who wish it.

          • Fore

            I had a feeling you’d give a response like that. It’s exactly why I’ve begun to hate PvP games, because one’s way to the top, always has to be paved in other people’s efforts. Many are the times that people don’t have the time to be training endlessly to be good at a game, and those people would be unable to enjoy a game where this “”If someone trained to become better, then they simply deserve to win.” attitude rules. Such games are, I would say, doomed to become the playground of the “elite” few, while everyone else just can’t be bothered any-more.

            I’ll take myself for an example: I have a condition that, among many other issues, affects my reaction time to make it slower than the average person’s. I wouldn’t be able to properly participate in a fighting game tournament because of that, and hence I’ve not bothered/returned most if not all of my fighting games. If there’d been an element of equalization in it, I would’ve possibly stuck around, but since that sort of game has what you described above in it, there’s no room for that sort of thing, and thus I have moved on instead.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Not having time is just an excuse. I was a competitive smasher while writing a thesis and working two full time jobs. If you don’t want to train, then just accept it and lose… Or play a casual mode… Or with people if your skill level.

            As skill levels, there are plenty of people who have barriers who play very well. Broly as to use his mouth to play because he cannot use his hands. Some with slower reaction times use minds games. In fact, many great players are not in fact technical and can be the bane of overly analytical players. As for me, my eyesight was absolutely terrible before I got a surgery and I often was sitting too far from the TV and had to rely on non-visual cues to play.

            I also don’t play just to win. I play for the thrill of competition. For the thrill to exist though, I must play on a truly even playing field. No handicaps. If you want a handicap, make it a mode… Like how you can remove items in Smash.

          • Fore

            I’ve been the “top” player along with a friend of mine when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh at our local club. In the beginning it, may be fun to smash whoever is seated on the opposite side of you, that feeling, however, is short-lived as it quickly loses it’s appeal, since there is none of the competition you mention. Yu-Gi-Oh in particular, crushes the very notion of a fair contest by being inherently pay to win.

            As for the time thing being an excuse, not for myself, but people have varying degrees of being busy in their life, and not always do they have the incentive to put that time into a game like that. If a game immediately bites you hard, you’re less inclined to try and get into it, up to a higher level. Not everyone has that “souls” mindset of “I’ll keep going, I’ll bite through it, I’ll get there”, and as someone who has gone through some of the most boring PVE content an MMO could EVER conceive (Warhammer: Age of Reckoning was a game with 95% of it’s effort slotted into PvP, with PvE being but an afterthought. A buggy, messed up afterthought), for multiple characters including those of a friend, I know that mindset very well. Something you should keep in mind, though, is that perseverance in the face of such, as much as it may be admirable, is not exactly fun, which is what people usually play games for.

            If you have to persevere through something, persist through something, then you’re not having fun in it, as otherwise you wouldn’t perceive it as such. The perfect example of this would be a grind, as if the activity itself is fun, then the grind isn’t perceived as such because the boring, tedious aspect of it isn’t there. The reason I’ve gone through aforementioned content is because of the content that lurks behind that wall, but my friend couldn’t be arsed by so much relentless and boring grinding, so he asked me to do it for him.

            But, to wrap it all up, it takes multiple of every level of person to make a healthy playerbase, and scaring people off won’t contribute to that in any way.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I am and was a busy person. That never stopped me from enjoying the games. Besides, I don’t see losing as an issue. It is fun to lose. It only means that you have room to grow, which is exciting.

            I fundamentally disagree with your definition of fun. I like losing. I like having something to work towards. I don’t see a loss as a failure, but a new goal to achieve. If anything, a lack of challenge and randomness makes a game boring to me. I play games for fun, which is why I find the “for fun” and “for glory” distinction absolutely stupid and misinformed in Smash Bros. Sakurai in this instance has only worsened the community’s divide when he did that. I play for FUN. I find competition FUN. I find perseverance FUN.

          • Fore

            Fun is perceived differently by every individual. What I find fun, may not line up with another person’s and the same counts for you. Where you may enjoy losing and love competition, others may want to steer clear of that entirely, and play cooperative games instead.

            In a 1VS1, I can somewhat understand your point, but when you’re playing a game like Heroes of the Storm, or Overwatch, where you’re playing in a team, that changes the entire landscape as even one person messing around will ruin your chances at victory. A “fun” loss while sitting around in the base, knowing your chances were squandered right there and then isn’t something that exists in my book. The same goes when I see a match of competitive Starcraft. Rarely do you see a come-back, it’s 1 or 2 skirmishes then the other player GG’s and bails out. I can’t see how there’s any fun in that, you’ve barely even had a good fight!

            And as for your first comment, not everyone is you, not every person thinks like you, and that shouldn’t be so either, as it would kill variety. Room to grow is also not set in stone for everyone. I’ve tried my utmost best to get my drivers license, until my teacher told me that she no longer saw any improvement in me, and that’s when that part of my disorder literally barred me from improvement, from that “room to grow” you speak of.

          • Vigilante_blade

            The reason I reacted that way was because you refered to your preferred method as the “playing for fun”, which makes me tilt my head. No one willingly engages in hobbies they find unfun. Competitive players play for fun. I am thrilled when I am driven into a corner and thinking on my feet.

            Again, we go back to modes. Just like how you can turn items off in Melee, Mario Kart ought to have a recalibrated competitive online mode. This is fairly doable.

            I am not aware of your limitations, Fore, and I am perfectly fine if you prefer other methods of play, but adversity teaches perseverance, a valuable lesson in life. I am alive today because of this. I was taught that when things get hard, the only way forward is to keep pushing forward with newly-acquired knowledge and experience. The Melee competitive scene taught me to accept myself and self-respect. All individuals should learn this valuable lesson. I was taught early on by my peers in life that my existence was a mistake and that I was worthless. I did not accept that and I continued forward on borrowed energy. I continued to work myself to the bone without the proper motivation, to go to school even if I hated every second of it. After I had finally gotten a degree, I let myself crash for a bit, regain some energy and I did what no one thought I could ever do– not due to lack of intelligence since I am quite intelligent, but due to lack of self-esteem– I went and finished university. Dealing with the pressure of being called both worthless, yet a genius was crippling. Dealing with severe depression and writing a thesis for an unethical, abusive professor. I went through all of those things because I had both a purpose and what I learned from video games: a stubborn yet unbreakable will.

            I do wish you luck with whatever ails you. There are always alternate paths to your goals. It can be very discouraging to be plagued with a problem of some kind.

            But back on topic: games that provide adversity provide incredible amounts of engagement. Rewarding skill is a necessity to keep players coming back as most will naturally grow better over time and will realize the problem.

          • Fore

            Someone with a disorder is no stranger to adversity either, and I know perfectly well of what you speak, since it’s how I enjoy my Total War battles best: Outnumbered, preferably 2 armies to 1.

            I’ve always held the belief that there are no people who haven’t had a hard time in life at one point or another (save for a very select few, if at all) and your story proves my perception. That said, as much as it may have strengthened you in the face of adversity, no one should have to go through something like that, just as I’d never wish my disorder on anyone else.

            What ails me, in this case, is but an example for the subject, I know what it is, and I know how to handle it due to training and professional help (though it’s hard to pin-point, as I can play Mobas effectively, and Overwatch on competitive level, but fighters are too much of a hassle), but I merely meant that not everyone shares your way of thinking. I personally think there’s a place for everyone that plays games, whether “casually” and occasionally, or competitively, and daily.

            Yes, it’s quite the rush and satisfactory sensation if you overcome a great challenge, but people aren’t always looking for a challenge, it’s why sometimes people simply enjoy modding their games for an easier experience, or cheating to make themselves as powerful as can be (as long as it’s not in multiplayer’s that’s fine), and that’s fine to, as long as one enjoys their experience.

          • DeltaPeng

            I think part of it is finding a good group to play with, or playing with others who may be better, but who don’t mind scaling back a bit so it can be fun for others involved.

            I’ll say I’m the best Smash bros player of my group, by a fair margin (I could talk on multiple people and usually still come out on top). But I’ll try to scale things down when I play with others by playing with chars I’m less familiar with, or do those team battles, to try and even things up.

            That all said, if I go online I can find people who can crush me with fair ease. And while it is a bummer at times and it’s not ‘fun’ to lose, and some people who are really good are poor sports / braggarts, I do find enjoyment still when I have heated battles and I can put my skills to the test/limit. I think for games like these, everyone at some level has to deal with people being a lot better than they are, but wherever you’re at, you can try to find enjoyment in improving from whatever level you’re at. Most people will not be tournament level, similar that most people won’t ‘make the big leagues’ in sports, but people can still play and enjoy the games leisurely / competitively and gain something from it.

          • DeltaPeng

            Lightning is similar to the ‘attack everyone in front of you’, and I believe the effect time varies dependent on your current placing.

            Blue shells targeting first player at least have the boom box counter. A couple of times I escaped a blue shell in the past as well, by braking and letting the second place person be my scapegoat ;p

            Aside from that, I generally agree with you in that I prefer games of skill and wins to be won at least mostly via skill, but Smash is great in that it can be both a competitive or a party game based on settings (gives more variety of people a chance to enjoy it).

            I find that I’m the best at gaming among my group, but with that a lot of people don’t want to play with me anymore, so having or playing with balancing mechanics can be nice to even that out (as it’s no fun to lose all the time, either, and ideally there’d be a happy medium where we can all have fun). That, or I’ll play and limit myself in different ways, i.e. trying a character I’m less familiar with, not shielding, etc. Gives me a chance to vary things up and still keep it interesting and still learn some skills, without being bored or losing out on the enjoyment. But I’m ever mindful that a lot of other gamers are less experienced, so I try to play or find games that may more suit their styles as well.

  • Lolo

    To be honest, boxing games were never my interest. Arms looks like a boxing game that probably won’t hold my interest long. Since I live a simpler life and earn less money, I have had to be very selective over what titles I purchase. I am gonna have to pass on arms save my money for Splatoon 2. I am fortunate enough that I actually have a neon switch from toys r us.

    To be fair, Arms doesn’t look like a bad game, it looks really good and well polished. I am just not interested.

  • Reggie

    I’m personally not interested in it as fighting games are not my forte, but I think it has the potential to become the next Splatoon, in terms of surprising popularity. That remains to be seen though. We need more new IPs like this.

  • metalpants

    How do I feel about ARMS? Pretty good. Great in fact. I love fighting games, and I usually gravitate to ones that have ninjas and samurai (lookin’ at you, Ninjara), but this one just seems so unique, and shows off some control mechanics that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. The variety of ARMS, the strategy implemented by weight differences, each character’s unique abilities, etc. Etc. Etc. To put simply, it may not be the fighting game of my dreams, but the depth of the fighting system seems, well… deep enough to give this game insane replay value.

    ARMS also looks like it’s well on its way to be one of those titles you never knew you wanted… which is an art Nintendo happens to master.

  • i think that butt everyone is talking about is too big
    it is a fat butt – wobbly and gross
    looks like baking bread comin out the pan

    • R.Z.

      You’re one to talk uncle Phil …

  • metalpants

    How do I feel about ARMS? Pretty good. Great in fact. I love fighting games, and I usually gravitate to ones that have ninjas and samurai (lookin’ at you, Ninjara), but this one just seems so unique, and shows off some control mechanics that I can’t wait to fiddle with. The variety of ARMS, the strategy implemented by weight differences, each character’s unique abilities, etc. Etc. Etc. To put simply, it may not be the fighting game of my dreams, but the depth of the fighting system seems, well… deep enough to give this game insane replay value.

    ARMS also looks like it’s well on its way to be one of those titles you never knew you wanted… which is an art Nintendo happens to master in game development.

  • masterjedi

    I think Nintendo wants this to be their next big IP and I think they’re going to succeed. I think they are going to push this and Splatoon as esports and nobody else is really offering experiences like this. For that reason, I am all in on Arms.

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    I’m excited for ARMS but I’m seriously considering not buying it on Day One: since January I had a clear idea of what I would have bought this year: Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2, yet here I am wanting to play ARMS and owning A LOT of Nindies that I’m loving, now there’s a Mario RPG that will likely come out by the end of the year and, while most people seem to hate it because of the Rabbids, I have a feeling it will be the best Mario RPG of the past 10 years. Hoping (and fearing) that Nintendo will drop some bombs for this fall that we don’t know anything about, my wallet couldn’t take the hit so I’ll wait for a pricecut for ARMS. Still Hoops looks rad

  • FutureFox

    Well I’m typing here aren’t I? So ARMS must be good for something. ; )
    All kidding aside the game is pretty full featured especially with the different game modes. The basketball one is going to be a riot. Dunking your opponent? Let the trash talk ensue. And I loved Tekken Ball since Tekken 3 and the volleyball addition for this looks like it’ll fill that void as well.

    I don’t think it will be earth shattering but I do think it will be largely entertaining enough to warrant sequels.

  • AJK

    I was really skeptical when I first saw it at the January event as it looked like it would be just Wii Sports boxing all over again. But hearing the buzz of people who got to play it at the Switch events and then seeing all the modes and content revealed for it has given me confidence in it. I have pre ordered.

  • DeltaPeng

    Looking forward to it, like the style and looks like it’ll be fun (particular 1v1 and 2v2 online, in which I hope you can tag team with a friend on a single Switch in the online battles). Reminds me a bit of Splatoon per being very stylized.

    Nintendo already has a lot of great IP, but they can tend to just keep re-using/rehashing old franchises a bit too often. Though, we all know Splatoon (as a new IP) did fantastically well, and ARMS look like it could follow in it’s footsteps, that said, I hope it does well and that Nintendo makes experimenting/creating new IP’s a more regular thing.

  • Gamingfan

    Gimmicky crap like wii sports.

  • Tlink7

    Indifferent. I like some of the characters though, like DNA-man and hair-ARMS woman 😀 the genre isn’t really my thing and BotW will keep me busy for months (I have 60 hours in the game now and have explored four pieces of the map)

    • Fore

      How do you feel about it VS Splatoon? I know a lot of people are over the moon when it comes to Splatoon (no that was not intentional) but I’ve tried it, and it’s not my thing at all. I’m guessing ARMS may just take the space where Splatoon could’ve been for me 😛

      • Tlink7

        I am more interested in ARMS than I am in Splatoon. I’m not really a fan of shooters (on consoles especially), so. I also prefer the ARMS characters. The squid/kids just creep me out a bit xD depending on the price of ARMS, I may or may not buy it at some point

        • Fore

          Will you be participating in the Testpunch? Maybe we can play some matches then, or some after if you do happen to purchase it.

          I’d agree on the shooter part, and the preference of ARMS characters. We think alike in that regard 😛

          • Tlink7

            When is this fabled Testpunch?

          • Fore

            Multiple times, (fires up Switch to check on Eshop):

            27-05/28-05/03-06/04-06 02:00/14:00/20:00 all of em CEST and all of them the same times. At those times you’ve got 1 hour of play time, so 3 hours a day, though more realistically speaking 2 hours a day.

          • Tlink7

            Nice, I’ll see if I can give it a go one of those days! 😀

          • Fore

            It’s a good way to demo it, so certainly do.

  • Fore

    Personally, I feel that you’re asking this too soon. You should ask this when the Testpunch is fully running, so people can give some actual impressions as then they’ve at least tried the base game. I will wait until I’ve done some Testpunch rounds, and then update this post accordingly.

  • Διονῦς84

    Somehow I can’t get over the fact that these characters have freakish limbs. I’d prefer it if they just had regular hands holding extendable arms?

  • reverandjames

    I didn’t buy my Switch to pass up on Nintendo IP’s, especially new ones, so I’m definitely giving it a go. After the direct, my hype definitely intensified and I’m excited to try the global test punch next weekend!

  • Carlos

    Before the direct I had very little interest in Arms. Now that the I’ve seen this latest direct, I’m pretty much sold on the game. What’s going to finalize I feel I actually get it is the Global Testpunch.

    They’re really trying to do what they did with Splatoon to Arms. If Arms is anything like Splatoon then I’ll probably be putting hundreds of hours into it.

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    Interested but wondering if the eventual online coming this fall will be worth it along with the game.

    I will say this though, the fact they said they’ll be adding more content via free updates has me excited and wanting to know more about what’s going to be coming.

  • R.Z.

    I missed most of the direct (got in just in time for the ending trailer and the splatoon 2 trailer) and am not too big a fan of versus fighting, so I still feel about the same as I used to.
    It looks fun and stuff, but I’m not into duels. I will definitely try to play the testpunch though, maybe that will change my mind.
    It will alos depend a lot on whether ther is some type of player progression similar to Splatoon and such. That’s the only thing that can keep me interested in an online game for long.

  • Evan Baranowski

    Arms is a fascinating prospect to me. As someone who missed out on the Wii U Fighting Game Exclusive (Pokken), I am really excited to attempt to approach this new title from a more serious, competitive standpoint. While I think that the game will require balancing patches, I think the slow trickle of new fighters may prove to generate enough metagame wrinkles to keep discussion interesting and players returning. Count me in as both a longtime fan and a future hopeful of the concept.

  • Don’t have any interest in it whatsoever.

  • This game lives and dies by how good the traditional controls are

    I want local multiplayer and I’m not buying anymore Joy Cons

    Therefore Testpunch sells the game for me

  • Boiken Gjurgjeala

    my favorite type of character would be byte & barq as they are 2 in 1 character but hey at least its awesome when i saw this at nintendo ARMS direct. And my favorite type of stage might be ribbon ring which is pretty unique.what i also love about ARMS is that it can be playable in all play modes for the nintendo switch and even non motion controls. but with that said i really am excited when the ARMS global testpunch event will be available. but still this will always be my favorite nintendo switch fighting game of all time!.

  • Hermione Granger

    arms is garbage and it clearly have been hyped to much for its own good. you asked i gave the reply…