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[Let’s Talk] The Game Awards 2017 reactions

Posted on December 9, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Just like that, The Game Awards have come and gone. All of the winners have been chosen, and many announcements were made along the way. Nintendo played a very big part in it all.

To get things started, The Champions’ Ballad DLC was properly unveiled for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If that wasn’t enough, it launched right after The Game Awards ended.

Nintendo didn’t just stop with Zelda. Bayonetta 1 and 2 were announced, which was a somewhat surprising announcement. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime then appeared for a brief interview… and promptly revealed Bayonetta 3. How many people saw that coming?

Aside from all of the reveals, Nintendo took home several different awards. The crowning achievement was for Zelda, which won “Game of the Year”, and beat out a few different games – including Super Mario Odyssey.

So with another year of The Game Awards in the books, how is everyone feeling about it all? What’d you think of Nintendo’s announcements? Were you surprised or disappointed with any of the winners? Let us know how you feel below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – December 2017


Majoras Mask 3d (first time playing MM on any platform…it’s amazing) and Kirbys Adventure 3d, when I have only a few minutes to game. Then about 50 other games in my backlog


Resident Evil Revelations 1. Loved it on the Wii U. The frame-rate is excellent on the Switch.
Will be playing Revelations 2 soon. Can’t wait!

Daring Dirk

Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’m only 7 hours in but it has been absolutely magical this far. I will also play the upcoming Zelda DLC this month. I also casually play Rayman currently. I bought it during the sale but I have played through it before. It’s a good game to have on the Switch though. It really offers a lot of replay value and the art direction makes it a pretty timeless game. I would like to get Resident Evil R 2 as well but it simply has to wait a little longer because I want to fully dedicate my limited gaming time to XC2 and BotW. I still can’t quite believe how good they are.

Roto Prime

I like Xenoblade 2….but the UI options…or lack of makes me so sad, Can’t play it on my TV and all Joy cons are at Nintendo ;______; I wish and expected it to have the same options as Xenoblade X for the display…..I will keep playing Skyrim and Resident Evil Local <3

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  • Aline Piroutek

    I was impressed Splatoon 2 didn’t won the “multiplayer” category. Is that PUBG that fun?

    • Splatoon isn’t that massive like PUBG imo

    • Delina

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  • Bart

    Bayonetta Trilogy (I love the sound of that) was an awesome surprise obviously. It seems sometimes we actually can have nice things. So happy.

    XC2 is better than BotW. πŸ˜€

  • Death Stranding looks amazing! Hope we can see more gameplay footage next year on E3, looks like the game very demading on graphics can’t be port Switch sadly. kinda off topic Cuphead should won Best Score/Soundtrack…..

    • nemo37

      Well even if it wasn’t demanding I doubt we would have seen it on Switch or even Xone. It is being funded and published by Sony.

      • Sure thing, hope Kojima production will make games for Switch, Kojima is very talented in the gaming industry, also seems he likes some retro stuffs from Nintendo. We’ll see in the coming years if Kojima support Nintendo.

        • nemo37

          I think Kojima really likes greater emphasis on cinematics and high graphical production values. As such, I personally doubt he would like bringing the types of projects he is working on now to Switch. With that being said though, I would also love to be able to play some of his games on Switch. Though after the Konami debacle, I am just happy he is in a place that gives him more creative freedom and respect in comparison to his former employers.

          • Always Kojima characteristic focus on cinematic universe (MGS universe) so far the lasted cut scenes/tease/trailers seems the game will be a futuristic horror game their own β€œsilent hill PT”. Actually will be disappointed if he won’t support Nintendo on some form in the coming years, he showed some love for Nintendo classics, I understand Sony funded his project but the comings project I would love to see on the Switch. Totally agree with you he at least is happy with his projects without budgets restrictions.

        • R.Z.

          Kojima did direct Boktai back in the day, so maybe there’s a chance that he will step aside his big cinematic-games and do a different thing on the side.

  • There were tears. I absolute love it when Nintendo surprises me, that is my favorite thing about them.

    It was awesome that two Nintendo games where in the top and I loved that Zelda won because it is just a joy to play and not just for certain types of players.

    I still have no interest in Death Standing. There cutscenes are strangely interesting but I can’t judge a game on them. I’m not a fan of the creator even though I see how much if a creative artist he is. I will likely never play the game and what was shown was more confusing than anything.

  • Odyssey is Best Game 2017. I love BotW, and have for over 300 hours, but Mario is so tight, so perfect, so unique that I have to take Zelda’s trophy away and crown the true Champion. Whereas BotW showed its seams and flaws about 20 hours in, Odyssey only looked better and better from every angle. I hardly ever said “I wish they’d” or “That shoulda” in SMO, but BotW gets that a lot due to a severe lack of enemy/puzzle/dungeon variety, plunging difficulty curve, and lame plot/sidequests (and where tf’s the music). Everything feels good in Mario. It is a solid masterpiece, an ideal toward which all games should aspire. The Game Awards failed to realize that.

    • R.Z.

      I still thonk BotW, for all its flaws was the better game, at the end of the day, but I agree with what you’re pointing out.

      • How? What does BotW do better besides having more stuff in it?

        • R.Z.

          Zelda is a big immersive adventure that dares to do some new stuff and is technically very impressive, while Mario, being very well polished is still just a fun platformer, a logical evolution of the series post 64/Sunshine. It also has a lot of filler content just like Zelda.
          Of course it’s still about my personnal preferences, that I’m much more sensitive to a great epic adventure than I am to a fun semi-linear romp.
          Both are high quality games anyway.

  • JasonBall

    The show itself was a completely r******d joke of a pr fest. **** the guy that went up and off script, insulting everyone. Completely embarrassed to be a part of gamer culture when there’s guys like that making games that act no better than salty kids on Xbox live.

    The awards are passed over, commercials predominant, and world premieres way too hyped up and plentiful. And Death Stranding was given waaaay too much time that showed literally nothing. That “game” is going to be @$$ for sure. It’s the Pinnacle of stereotypical modern games that are too cinematic and just not fun. And it gets so much time every year because Keighley is in bed with Kojima, and people eat it up. They don’t even know what they’re eating up.

    There were fun times though. The BotW dlc reveal was done great. The Lynda Carter segment was hilarious and relevant, as was Dwayne Johnson and company trashing their old game roles and reviews. Also, was delighted to see an idol of mine, Andy Serkis, present such a relevant award. He wasn’t there to promote $***, and he delivered his lines with grace and sincerity. Bayonetta was eh, not a fan of the games so it does nothing for me. I did love the orchestra by the way, was both good music and a sight to behold, all the female violinists in crop tops, short skirts and high boots. Plus the front cellist in half a dress.

    As for awards, I think they were mostly fair choices, I just wish they didn’t breeze through a dozen of them. Have less categories if you really can’t fit them all between ads and premieres. I firmly believe Ever Oasis deserved best handheld and even more, but just no one played it. Which highlights the issue of quality taking a backseat to spectacle and mass hysteria over the next supposedly big thing. Oh well, society as it functions is mostly great, it just has a few costs.

    The dlc is excellent by the way. Worth 20 bucks on it’s own.

    • FutureFox

      “And it gets so much time every year because Keighley is in bed with Kojima, and people eat it up. They don’t even know what they’re eating up.”

      ^ This!

      I’m of the opinion that the game won’t even have those actors be playable or even NPC characters. The CGI is pure marketing.

      • JasonBall

        I don’t even know if it’s going to be a game. I’m honestly ashamed to be in the same species of people that gawks and throws money at this stuff “because Kojima”

        • Exy

          Here’s a take for ya: Hideo Kojima was better while he was at Konami. As soon as everyone involved removes their you-know-what from each other and start describing gameplay, instead of just saying it does have gameplay like that’s supposed to reassure us after years of nothing but meaningless edgy imagery, I’ll start paying attention.

          • JasonBall

            I feel the same way.

          • It’s telling when the only concrete proof that Death Stranding is actually a video game is the fact that Sony paid for exclusivity. Otherwise it’s just a pretentious CGI art film.

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    I think the Game Awards improved siginificantly in quality this year and part of the improvement was certainly due to Nintendo’s success with the Switch and their marketing: The Zelda DLC reveal, while starting with a kinda cringy cutscene from the final battle, reminded me of the Twilight Princess reveal whith Aonuma doing something really similar to what Miyamoto did back in the days. The Bayonetta announcements were correctly calculated with great pace and a good leadup to the final bomb and were by far the biggest announcement of the night alongside Death Stranding. Still even not counting Nintendo’s announcements, I saw plenty of interesting games being revealed: In The Valley of Gods, Witchfire and the new From Software tease all felt important to the show, so much so that many, myself included, said that if this event was a conference of its own at E3 it wouldn’t have disappointed.
    Talking about the Awards themselves I didn’t really like that some of the awards were just announced but I understand that for a show that relies so much on ads taking the time to get every winning game on stage would mean turning this in a 8 hours long event, still I would have prefered to see on stage the most important categories, best e-sports player could have left in favor of best RPG or Best Action/Adventure.
    Still the Awards were correctly assigned in my opinion, as for everyone I would have preferred a few titles winning over some others but I didn’t see any outrageous pick, which goes to show off the amazing quality the industry was able to provide during this stellar 2017.

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  • Locky Mavo

    I thought this year’s VGA was really good, much better compared to years past, though a lot of it is thanks to how good the games were this year, which it has been an incredible year, no matter what platform you play. So some pretty tough competition for each category, but I do think all the winners were well deserved. Personally I was backing Mario Odyssey to win GOTY, but BotW is an incredibly good game and well deserving of GOTY. A lot of great World Premier, the Bayonetta trilogy was my personal favorite reveal, a bit disappointed with no Switch version for Soul Calibur 6 as the rumours went, but we’ll see how Nintendo goes at the Bamco conference this week, a big Nintendo presence was reported to be there. As for Death Stranding, that was a huge “WTAF is going on?”, for me. I mean it looks… “interesting”, to say the least, but from what I saw, it doesn’t really feel like it’s something up my alley, though some actual gameplay would have been nice. Sony was surprising though, a lot of nominations, but no big wins. The couple of jabs about micro-transactions was pretty funny. And the orchestral music was great. And some big wins from Nintendo always a cool thing. Yes, I quite enjoyed this years VGA and I do look forward to next years and hopefully it’ll be even better.

  • R.Z.

    I didn’t follow the show because I was at work, but I was nicely surprised to learn of such a cool announcement as the Bayonetta Ports + Bayonetta 3.
    I thought the Zelda DLC and some minor thing would be all they show.

    I think I was disappointed with some of the other revealed games not appearing on Nintendo consoles, like the long rumored Soul Calibur I-don’t-know-how-many-eth and the DMC collection (not sure that one was part of the show though).

    I also expected Nintendo to get a lot of awards because they were very clearly high above the competition this year, and they did. So that’s cool.

    So …