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[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – July 2017

Posted on July 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

A new month is here! We just entered July last week, so that means we want to know what you’ve been playing.

Have you started up something entirely new for the month? Have you given Ever Oasis a shot? Or maybe you’re trying something on Switch like ARMS or the new Zelda DLC. Whatever the case, let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Master Trials impressions

Señor Cardgage

Started a new file on Master Mode thinking I could handle the enemies. Kept getting killed by Bokoblins.

Got a little farther, and suddenly there are Guardians EVERYWHERE. Like, a cluster of 3 of them right before Kakariko. I killed one by deflecting the blasts back with my shield. No big deal.

But the Guardians are trickier in Master Mode apparently. They have different firing patterns that stop you from easily deflecting their blasts. Some blasts are delayed, and sometimes they fire twice in a row. I gave up on fighting them for now.


It’s excellent. Really impressed with the Trials and some of the floor designs. It’s so much more in depth than a simple horde mode. I haven’t played in a while so I’m still shaking the rust off but, even in early floors, there is a challenge to be had.

As for the Master Challenge, I got spotted by a lookout on the Great Plateau and suddenly had floating platforms spring up around me, all manned by blue Bokoblins with bomb arrows and all I could think was f**k yes.

Also there was a white Lynel on the Great Plateau. It was great.


The DLC came out when I just finished the four divine beasts and got Master sword. So it’s a time to make a choice. Staying in normal difficulty level and collecting all the collectables or beating Ganon and leave for the Master mode. To be honest, I was hesitating heavily. Even for Zelda games, it is still annoying to start over one video game. But today morning I made the decision. I beated Ganon quickly and started a new save with Master mode. It was surprising that I didn’t feel much tedious when played the prologue part as second time. The new difficulty is fresh. I like it and I even look forward to harder in the left part. Hope this time I can finish all the collectables.

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  • Kalmaro

    Well, I’ve started ever oasis but then went back to playing puyo puyo tetris on my Switch. My baby brothers have been kicking my butt in that game and that is unacceptable.

    I’ve also solved an issue with my computer that was causing my GPU to overheat, so now I can play hitman again!

  • Reggie

    Cave Story+, and on PC actually. First time playing it. Decided to go on PC since it was a lot cheaper than the Switch port.

    Taking a break from it now since overplaying it has kind of wrecked my wrist…

  • theFooFighter

    Halo 2, ff tactics a2, transformers devastation, arms, disgaea 3 and Pandora’s tower

  • JasonBall

    Too much in too little time. I’m losing at life in general. I’ve lost focus.

    • Tlink7

      Happy birthday, mr Ball 😀

      • JasonBall

        Thanks! Your profile pics just get better and better

        • Tlink7


          • Fore

            Where do you keep finding these?!

          • Tlink7

            That is a very cute owl <3333333
            And do you really want to know? :3

          • Fore

            Not sure if I do actually. But give it a hoot anyway.

          • Tlink7

    • Supporter

      Happy Birthday, man! Today’s my birthday too. XD

      • JasonBall


  • I’ve been playing Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 and Etrian Odyssey IV, so i can polish-up my skills when Etrian odyssey V gets released sometime in Fall.

    Other than that, played Sonic CD on PC. Clockwork Knight, NiGHTS into Dreams…

  • Jay Bern

    Breath of the Wild Master Trials is keeping occupied, as is Arms. I was really frustrated with the controls at first, but once I got used to them, I had a blast. It’s a bit light on content, though, which is why I’m really glad Max Brass comes out in a few days.

    As for older games, I’ve been on a huge Guitar Hero kick recently. Forgot how much fun those games are.

  • SpaceLud35

    Finishing Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. On the last case but… I mean… how did no one point out that such a critical event was just about to happen. The writing for this case is very contrived. Still, it’s been fun getting all this backstory on the cast.

    Finished Snake Pass earlier. Got it on sale. Adapted to the controls pretty quick. Only 2 stages had me scratching my head searching for collectibles. David Wise’s music was awesome. Visuals could be sharper would be my only criticism as you can definitely tell it’s being upscaled.

    Will probably start AA Spirit of Justice next while mixing in some MonHun Gen as I try to get the small crowns filled in.

  • RoadyMike

    Trying to finish Sun. Plus some other 3DS games.Other than that, PC, Rocket League specifically. Sadly my laptop has been crashing every other week and intel integrated graphics can barely hold a steady framerate
    As for Switch, ARMS still doesn’t interest me much and I never got into Splatoon that much so I might not get 2. Personally, there is nothing currently on the Switch that I give a damn about and it’ll stay that way until the games I look forward to arrive in the fall/winter

  • Vigilante_blade

    I’m still playing Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia. It is a fantastically refreshing game in a series that really needed something new. While not perfect by any mean,s there are many features that I think could be expanded on. I love it.

    I’m also playing a bit of Darkest Dungeon and Ys Origins on PC, which are both quite enjoyable. Ys Origins is not the best in the series, but it is still good.

    Finally, I am Playing Seiken Densetsu 3 with a friend co-op. It is very fun to hang out every weekend and just chat and adventure together.

  • Fore

    Pokemon Moon, fighting this Eevee for 2 days now. Diablo 3, winding down on Shadow of Mordor and waiting for the 10th to play an indie game that caught my eye by the name of Antihero.

  • Tlink7

    I’m still playing BotW 😀 almost 85 hours in, just entered Vah Naboris and still love the game as much as when I started playing it <3 one of my all-time favourite video games

  • キロ

    I haven’t had much time for games these days, so, sadly, Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon Shuffle… xD

    • R.Z.

      Pokémon Shuffle, the game I wish I was capable to stop playing …
      But what if I miss a Pikachu with some kind of hat, huh ? All that effort I put in the game over the years would be ruined !

      • キロ



  • R.Z.

    I’m dividing my gaming time between Disgaea 5, Snake Pass, Gonner and Vaccine on Switch.
    Sometimes I do a FE Echoes battle or two as well on 3DS on top fo the usual Pokémon Shuffle.

    On the Switch side I’m still loving Disgaea 5. Yesterday I lost some four hours of item World progress (in which I miraculously managed to destroy an item world god thanks to a chain recation, the game over hurt all the more) due to cockiness and bad RNG. I went back to it today like nothing ever happened.
    I’m also having a quiet affair with Gonner. I love the game, the graphic design, the delicate music and the slow progress you make, learning by trial and error the way it should be in a good Roguelike. I still can’t manage to beat the second boss but I keep asking for more.
    I just got Vaccine so I only played a few rounds. It seems to be a very simple little game with little complexity other than what stems from it’s classic RE control scheme, but it’s decent.
    Finally Snake Pass is a game that I find myself playing in bursts due to how tense the experience can get because of the awful camera. I go through one or two levels and then I just “need” to stop. Of course since I’m going back to it the game is very much to my liking on all other aspects, but every time the camera corrects its position automatically (which seems to happen every ten seconds) I start cursing.

    On the 3DS side FE Echoes is still great, it could be my main game but it’s on the “wrong console”, the one that’s cursed by Pokémon Shuffle and has an outdated screen. I also got Ever Oasis but I still haven’t touched it.

  • Bart

    Mostly Ever Oasis, it’s pretty damn great.

    I also got started on Disgaea 5 but then I got distracted back to BotW because of the dlc. And there’s also Arms but it’s a bit too hot at the moment for my liking, to play such an intense game…